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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
First of all, the foresthouseeyes auctions are going really well. I've added three--well, two, until I can figure out why the comm keeps eating my third entry--paperback copies of Movies in Fifteen Minutes (everything from me is here). Diane Duane has put up some signed books of her own; John K. Snyder III has donated a Sandman sketch; and there's a 1963 issue of a magazine featuring "the first ever published story by 14 year old schoolboy Terry Pratchett." I've also tagged everything with keywords and end dates, so you can browse "jewelry" or "fanfiction" or "harry potter" or "end date: october 28" (see all the tags here). You can also see a full list of all the auctions by going to the list of October entry titles. By doctoraicha's count, a projected $2600 has been raised, which is really close to the $3000 foresthouse has to cough up by the end of the month. So thank you so, so much.

Meanwhile, if you missed it, there was a ~shocking~ Secret Life of Dolls two-parter this weekend, 200 comments' worth of OMG WHAT, etc.

I've managed to catch up on all my linkspam news-reading, but will not be able to post any tonight (again), because now both of my grandmothers are in the hospital. My mother's mother, who we had to get 24-hour nurses and a wheelchair, is now in the hospital--still waiting on a room some six hours after she got there--with my mother. She's had an x-ray, and apparently she broke two bones in her foot in a fall the other week, but because she has neuropathy and can't feel much in that leg, she had no idea. And my mother took her in the first place because she had a really worrying dizzy/weak spell she didn't seem to be getting better from; we weren't even expecting that. I'm scared, honestly. So. I'm going to visit her tonight, and will try my best to keep on top of everything else.

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Sorry to hear about your grandmothers. All the best to them, your family and you.

Oh dear, your poor grandma. :(

You have my prayers for your whole family. I hope that your mom's mom gets the treatment she needs at the hospital. If you can, tell your mom to ask the ER docs for an orthopedics consult (because an ortho guy would be the best to deal with the broken bones in her foot). And I hope there's some very simple and fixable explanation for her dizzy spell.

Oh my god, girl. I'm so sorry about your grans.

Don't worry about the auction. I'll keep a close eye tonight to make sure everyone is behaving, and I'll send you another total later tonight.

Thanks. It does seem to run pretty smoothly on its own (knock on wood), since you knew how to set it up. I am having a problem getting a third book auction entry to post, though--I tried (twice, even), and it just never appeared. IDK. But I am tagging new entries as they come in, that's no problem.

::hugs:: Oh, that's awful. Thoughts and prayers with your Gramma.

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I kept laughing to myself in the attic while I was taking pictures, and muttering, "I am a terrible, terrible person." And the responses are fantastic. As a writer, you love to see people get that invested in something, and to be able to surprise them.

See if your mom can have your gran's doctors take a look at her medication. My grandmother was having dizzy spells that were originally diagnosed as small seizures but turned out to be drug interactions. As soon as her doctor changed her meds, no more falls. Like magic.

Massive hugs for you and all of your family. I hope your grandmothers are better soon.

Sending good thoughts for your grandmothers and the rest of the family.

Sending good thoughts to you and your family. *hugs*

OMG broken foot bones! That's a surprise. :(

*hugs and good thoughts and lots of love to you and your family*

All the best to your grandmothers.

(Deleted comment)
Actually, I was more impressed by it. (And trying to tempt people to go see what in the world could have prompted that.)

So damned sorry about your grandmother. You have had entiredly** too much on your plate lately.

**Appropriate typo that I decided to leave in.


[mad hugs for you and your grandmothers and best wishes for speedy recoveries]