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Because I'm written out on the serial for today...

I don't know who this kid in the polo shirt is, but they have apparently pulled some random intern up to interview the Van Helsing people (watch him actually be famous, now that I say this. In fact, I think he just mentioned that MTV might "pull his video" if he doesn't behave). My point is, he's about as good an interviewer as your average intern. So. He's asking Kate Beckinsale what kind of super power she'd like to have, and I forget what she says, but it might have been flying, and so this random guy interviewer is like, "I always kinda wanted to be invisible."

Kate Beckinsale: "So you could see naked ladies."

Random Guy: "Uh... wuh... uh... [laughs] Why you sayin' that, man?"

Kate Beckinsale: "Oh, it's true! I have four brothers. I know how it works."

Before that, I tuned in to find Richard Roxburgh doing "impressions of a dog in the distance."

I'm not going to ask.

Kid's final impressions: "Hugh Jackman, you know--he's live." Well, I should hope so.

I am so old.

This is their "Movie House" show, by the way--you know, the one where they let kids see an early preview and then get all up in their faces with mikes and klieg lights while they're trying to watch it. I remember them doing that for an early Two Towers screening, and how there was nearly a riot because NO ONE COULD WATCH THE MOVIE.

Seriously. There is nothing better than watching a bunch of people watch a movie, apparently. God. And here's Hugh answering questions from various kids on a video monitor--between this and the actors hanging out answering questions on the Sci-Fi Channel, these people are serious troupers, y'all. The kids watch Hugh answer their questions with glassy eyes. In fact, I have a feeling they totally can't see or hear him. Trivia: he's spent so much time on harnesses that he had his own made, one that wouldn't damage the goods, if you will, to cart around with him to action movies. Five bucks says he gets use out of that at home, too. The More You Know.

(Look, I spent all day writing. It's not like I have anything interesting about myself to tell you.)

They take Kate Beckinsale to the video store. She likes Aliens, Die Hard, First Blood... "When it came out, I was still into My Little Pony." OMG YOU TOO! She still knows the songs and dances from Grease, loves Dirty Dancing, loves Lantana (which is totally random, compared to the others). All About Eve. Jacob's Ladder is... her most favorite movie ever made? Okay!

Woot! Bloopers! I live for this shit. Lots of Hugh Jackman falling on his face.

The kids come out of the theater. "I think they stepped off the BOX, yo," says one of them. I don't even know if that's good or bad. "I ain' gon' front, it was OFF DA HOOK!" Okay, that's stale enough that I can understand it.


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