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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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So: I didn't get to visit my grandmother last night--well, let me back up. If you're just coming in, I now have both grandmothers in the hospital. My father's mother, the one who was in a car accident, is on a ventilator in ICU, but seems stable. My mother's mother ended up going to the ER yesterday because she had a very bad dizzy spell and seemed to get weaker and weaker. My mother sat there with her for nine hours before they got a room; she did get some x-rays or scans or something or other while they were waiting, which is how we found out my grandmother had broken her foot (but not felt it, due to her neuropathy). Well, when she finally got a room, we found out why it had been such a long wait: they wanted to put her on the neurological floor, because... she has a brain tumor.

The doctors are very optimistic; they say it's non-cancerous and "very operable," easily reached and removed. I am still a bit concerned about a frail 86-year-old having brain surgery, but apparently a church friend of hers had something very similar done last month, and she's already back at church. So. The doctor was telling her and my mother that neither her age nor the tumor itself present any extraordinary risk; there's just the normal risk that anything could go wrong in any surgery. Of course, we all know what a paradoxically stoic wreck I was when my mother had her knee replaced ("You just never know, okay? YOU JUST NEVER KNOW"). The marble-sized fever blister on my lip that time was particularly entertaining--even better than the spontaneous rosacea (have you heard my new band, Spontaneous Rosacea?) that I developed out of nowhere the last time I was upset about something. What I'm saying is, I'm going to be worried whether it's "very operable" or not. But it's not as bad as it could be.

So she's having surgery early tomorrow morning. I'm just trying to be as calm as I can.

Meanwhile, doctoraicha tells me that the foresthouseeyes auctions are projected to bring in roughly $3000 at this point, which means that Emily's eye won't get repossessed on Monday. Yay! There's still the $4000 for the other eye, but there's less panic about the whole endeavor now. I've put up two signed paperback copies of Movies in Fifteen Minutes, and will put up a third as soon as the comm decides to stop eating my posting attempts. I'm also thinking about doing a Year of Postcards, as someone suggested. Someone else suggested printing out a copy of one or more of the Twilight recaps and signing it, which--look, I don't know why you'd want that, but if you do, I guess I can do that. Maybe even get it printed up at Lulu or something first, I don't know.

I would also suggest browsing the "knitted" category, as I know there's a Jayne hat, a Doctor Who scarf, and Harry Potter scarves up there, as well as many other things I would fight you for if I had any money. You can browse all the tags (things like "collectibles," "baked goods," "end date: october 27," "sandman," "diane duane," "ia ia ftaghn") here. 

I was going to try to post some linkspam, but there are tornado sirens and I am tired, so: bring unto me the movie news (no politics) you think the people should know.

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I am sending good thoughts to your grandmother, her doctors, and you and your mom.

Does your grandmother have a 'meningioma'?

If so, the recovery rate is remarkably good. Usually they're just sitting there on the surface of the brain like a little golf-ball, pressing on the adjacent brain tissue. They're superficial, easily removed and afterward the brain re-expands to fill the space where the tumor was, and pretty much everything goes back to normal because it wasn't destroying brain tissue so much as just pressing on it.

Obviously, left untreated eventually that pressure can cause damage, but people usually get symptoms and are treated before that happens.

I didn't hear the specific term, but that's what it sounds like, yeah.

Good thoughts to your grandmothers, and to you, and the rest of your family, in whatever order seems best.

Also, you could do a year of doll postcards...I would bid on that. I am poor, so I might not win, but I would bid...:)

I'd bid on that too. Very cute idea.

which means that Emily's eye won't get repossessed on Monday.

...that was a joke, right? With health care I JUST DON'T KNOW ANYMORE.

Of course! They'd only repossess it if she'd had a transplant.

Prayers for both your grandmothers.

No movie news that I know of, but I've been locked in a practice room all day.

Best wishes for her. My grandmothers are both around her age and I can't imagine either one of them going in for surgery.

I'm really sorry about both your grandmothers. I hope everything works out ok for both of them.

Thinking good thoughts for your grandmothers and your family and you.

Thinking good thoughts for both of your grands.

wishes and....two funny links/news

Best prayers and wishes concerning the grandmothers (both in the hospital at the same time? What are the chances, as well as surviving the tornados (all of that is blowing our way - the native Georgians claim that nothing good ever blows over from Alabama, but I'm here so it can't be true, right? ;P)

And from the USAToday Pop Candy Blog:

The best thing Sears has come up with since they decided to have a softer side:

Don't forget to click on the translation button in the upper right-hand corner.


For a true Uwe Boll slot: Uwe Boll's next film? Blubberella, a movie about a fat female superhero.

Like I could make that up.....

Re: wishes and....two funny links/news

*is speechless*

Blubberella. Why couldn't I think of that? SERIOUSLY.

Aww geez.

I'll be sending good vibes to both your grandmothers.

My mother just had brain surgery unfortunately for metastatic cancer, however, the surgery itself only seems scary. She was up and moving and back to her old self within a day of the event. I hope everything goes well for her tomorrow and that both of your grandmothers bounce back healthy as ever. :)

If you develop spontaneous rosacea again, at least you can get hammered and not have to explain it.

Plus, you know: booze. Woo.

My thoughts are with you and your loved ones. *hugs*