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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Updates (good)
Mom has texted to say that Grandma's brain tumorectomy went well: "She's already talking to the doctor. She says she has a headache--imagine that!" Indeed. Also: whew.

(Update: now she says that Grandma told them to go ahead and shave her entire head rather than just the pertinent area. Since she's always been very dainty about her hair, this is both kind of sad and kind of amazing. Mom suggest that we help her find some stylish turbans.)

What I have taken away from this and foresthouse's eye surgery is that American healthcare is excellent... if you can afford it.

Of course, it was four hours before we knew if it would be okay, so I looked around for ways to distract myself.


@cleolinda: RT @comingsoonnet: Breaking! RT @20thFoxCC James Cameron has agreed to make AVATAR 2 and 3 as his next films.

@cleolinda: Watching Aliens on AMC while I'm waiting. Curious to see what they'll replace the swearing with.

@cleolinda: Are there, in fact, monkeyfighting xenomorphs in this Monday-to-Friday ship?

[Answer: they just muted Certain Words. No hilarity.]

@caroflanagan: @cleolinda Now I don't find the Marines as kick-ass or scary with that dialogue.

@cleolinda: @caroflanagan To be fair, Bill Paxton wailing that they're all gonna diiiiiiiie was never very badass in the first place.

@cleolinda: God, I haven't seen this in years. Say what you will about James Cameron, but Aliens is a hell of a movie.

[One of the best things about it was that I hadn't seen Aliens in years, so while I remembered stretches of it vividly, I had mostly seen it as a child/young teen. So I was seeing even the parts I remembered with very different eyes, and there were lots of parts where I ended up yelling joyfully at the TV: "OH, SHIT!" "GOD, Paxton, SHUT IT!" "FUUUUUUUCK." "AWWWWW, YOU GONNA GET ET!"]

@cleolinda: NUKE THE SITE FROM ORBIT #itstheonlywaytobesure

@Amaz0n_Princess: @cleolinda it's my mother's favorite movie!

@cleolinda: @Amaz0n_Princess It was my mom's favorite when I was about eight. She kept trying to get me to watch it. I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

@cleolinda: @Amaz0n_Princess I AM EIGHT YEARS OLD

@Amaz0n_Princess: @cleolinda had I watched it at 8 years old I think I would have curled up into a catatonic ball in my bed & never come out!

@cleolinda: @Amaz0n_Princess She watched it all the time on cable, so I actually bits of it over and over. This may explain a lot.

[Sometimes she would watch Alien, but that was an older movie and not on cable as often. For a while, I used to run in terror when the opening credits of Aliens would start. "No, no, come back! It's not bad!" She always wanted me to watch the part where Ripley goes back for Newt and omg the Queen took the elevator, WHY CAN ALIENS TAKE THE ELEVATOR THAT IS NOT FAIR and everything is gonna blow up, flames, FLAAAAMES and where is the ship, omg the ship, OH NO THE QUEEN IS ON THE SHIP, GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH. Which was awesome. However, I was also eight. This might say a lot about both of us.]

@cleolinda: I love how the little girl is so much more hardcore than the Marine wailing like a toddler. Need to retake that course in badass, Hudson.

@kitalita: @cleolinda I was watching that before I had to leave for class. GAME OVER, MAN, GAME OVER.

@cleolinda: @kitalita WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOWWWWWWW?!?

@kitalita: @cleolinda Paxton was killed by an Alien, a Terminator and a Predator. I think that's like the perfect 80s career.

@cleolinda: You know, it occurs to me that Avatar is Aliens if the xenomorphs were the good guys.

@cleolinda: Although it would be really funny to have the xenomorphs adopt Ripley and teach her the ways of their tribe.

@fullofstars: @cleolinda They'd always feel a little sorry for her since she doesn't have an extra little mouth that comes out of her regular mouth.

@cleolinda: Yeah, I was about to say. But needs more love ballads. RT @laughacademy: @cleolinda That arguably happens in Alien 4.

@cleolinda: And now, Best Song winner of 1986, "I Eat You."

Meanwhile, I have Thoughts on the Marie Claire brouhaha, but I think I should post those in a separate entry. If you haven't heard about it yet, well... you're about to.

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...brouhaha? Really?

Re: Marie Claire...

I rarely participate in a pile-on, but I made an exception in that case. Cripes.

Jesus, a quarter of a century later and Aliens is still every bit as badass as it was back in the day. And I'm pleased -- not very surprised, though -- that it played such an interesting role in your mother-daughter dynamic. Your mom rocks.

Speaking of, very glad the grandma and foresthouse are doin' well -- best to both and all.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
"Get him away from my bitch!"

Oh god, I am cracking up so bad. XD

I'm so glad your grandma's surgery went well! You should get some crazy pins to put on the turbans and go around having her read people's ridiculous fortunes.

Yay for talking Grandma! And check the hospital gift shop for turbans, they usually have a good selection.

(Deleted comment)
Women's magazine. Originally French, now also available in Anglophonic Surround.

Yay for your grandma being okay!! And, if you can't find any turbans, head scarves are always cool. I know a few good websites/vendors for wigs if she wants to go that route too.

As for Marie Claire - I can't wait the waiting! I'm going to have to google now. I fear that it has something to do with Project Runway.

GRANDMA! GRANDMA! G-R-A-NDMA! She can be the Blue Rajah for Halloween.

I watched all four Alien movies last year, as my gf was writing (part of) her thesis on Ripley, and I almost died of boredom during Aliens. We skipped a large portion of it.

Fingers crossed for your grandmother!

Edited at 2010-10-27 05:56 pm (UTC)

Basically, skip to the part where they land and go into the colony. From there on out, it does not let up.

Hurray for the good updates!

Also, yay for positive grandmother updates!

Yay, so happy for your good news!

You know, I'm curious as to how 'healthy' the author of that article is; there's a mindset that generally seems to believe that thin=healthy. I might be overweight, but I walk umpteen miles a day, I swim, I do pilates, I box... I'd like to see what her blood pressure or cholesterol is like.

Well, apparently she's suffered anorexia in the past, so: probably she has had health problems at some point.

I'm 28, mostly sedentary and really fond of junk food, 5'6" and 230 pounds, which is bad. Yes. But I also routinely do very well on my annual physical. My blood pressure and cholesterol are in very good shape, even if the rest of me is... lumpy-shaped. I know that's not necessarily typical, and people will probably flame me for saying so, but the "FAT PEOPLE ARE USING ALL OUR HEALTH MONIES" business makes me laugh.

YAY GRANDMA! (far-out!)*

Also yay foresthouse, and yay auction! (I've been wondering whether she is also pursuing things with the hospital's billing dept. though to see if there is any way to mitigate the bill, as others suggested in earlier comment threads. It would be extra-good if instead of having to use all of the auction proceeds for the first bill, it might help in advance to cover the second as well.) (I also know people who work in hospital billing. I don't understand the ins and outs, but what the previous posters said rang true to me, that the hospital is just going to hit you with the whole bill, and its the billing/customer relations dept's job to handle the "okay, see, that is not going to happen" part.)

Finally: going to see Aliens in the theatre was the first and only date I had with a guy I had a major, MAJOR crush on in high school. I had not seen the previous movie, I had no idea what I was getting into. I also am not a big horror-movie person (and I'd class it as horror first, sf second). Wow. Did that scare the CRAP out of me. (Sadly, it was also the only date we ever had. Alas.)

*(if anyone can identify that quote, I'll... man, I don't know what I'll do. Make an extra donation to foresthouse or something. I don't think it's even Googleable.)

So glad to hear about your grandma, and I love the turban idea. Very Norma Desmond.

Yay for good grandma news!