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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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For some reason, I hate the idea of the first day of the month going by without an entry, so: I am tired. I have been strangely dizzy and chilly all day. I am going to leave the LJ ghost background up for November because it seems to make people happy. The third/last auction for a signed copy of Movies in Fifteen Minutes ends tomorrow at noon (EST). Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is going to make Devil in the White City, one of my favorite books, into a movie. EXCITE.

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Well, I'll be a five-legged hop-toad. I loved Devil in the White City. And now we get a movie too? This is great, it's only been November for one day and it keeps getting better and better for history buffs.

Another vote for keeping the ghost background up. I'm going to keep lighting up my jack-o-lanterns for the next week of dark evenings.

I did not know how much I would want Leonardo DiCaprio to play H. H. Holmes until I saw that link, but oh, sweet chocolate-dipped honey-slathered Christ, that could be AWESOME.


I just hope they do some kind of justice to the World's Fair angle of the story--I know it won't get as much weight as the Holmes stuff, but visually, it could be amazing.

And... that's another book for my TBR list.

And Google says this is non-fiction. Uh oh. *shivers*

I do like seeing your purple ghosties. I'm going to take down my own because once the month is over my sense of accuracy DEMANDS that they be taken down NOW. I'll go crazy otherwise. :O

In fact it's making me a bit crazy to still have them up even today. *runs to fix that*

I love your background and am happy you're keeping it for a while longer.

I've never heard of this book but I'll definitely check it out now.

Ok, I totally LOVE Devil in the White City.

But I'm not gonna lie, I don't get the movie thing. Is it going to be like...refictionalized or something? Or is it going to be kept mostly non-fiction?

I don't get it.

So after months of bugging me about it, my sister finally got me to read SLOD, and you are so amazing, I made a livejournal account just so I could comment on your blog when I felt the need. You are completely awesome! You made EDWARD and BELLA likable, sympathetic characters! I've started reading the rest of your posts as well, and I just wanted to say how happy I am that you and your blog exist. As an overweight, depressed, creative type myself, you're really an inspiration.

Thanks so much!
Noelley B
Seattle, WA

I love that book! So glad to see it coming to the big screen.


This pleases me. Yes.

My mom has that book somewheres. I keep meaning to hunt for it in order to read it. Now I have even more incentive...

OMG, that news makes me so happy! I love the role choices DiCaprio's been taking on. He's turning into one of my favorite actors...a fact I never would have dreamt of back in high school.

I am SO excited about this movie news. Yay! (And I will actually go see this, even though usually I avoid scary movies because: scary!!). :)

I've been wondering for YEARS why Devil in the White City was not yet a movie. I can't wait for him to Leo-Strut through a Worlds Fair setting.

I'll admit right here that I may spend parts of the film hiding behind my hands. Some of the scenes as written are straight out of a horror flick. :-o

Hmmm. I would be interested in the movie. I know I hated the book, because it really is not nonfiction. It is a very fictionalized account based on true events.
Also, as a Chicagoan, it made my head explode when the author mentioned the Miracle Mile. That's in L.A. The Magnificent Mile is what he meant. Sloppy, sloppy!
I should try and re-read it as a work of fiction. I bet I'd enjoy it much more.

I tried reading Devil in the White City a few years ago, but found myself skipping the architect/world's fair portions. Then I started feeling guilty about reading it "wrong" and picked up a cheesy mystery novel. However, this makes me want to pick it up and give it another try!

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