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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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*flop* *again*
msauvage purple
Yet another day where I am exhausted for no good reason (unless it's the It Is Rainy And I Am Solar-Powered thing again), so I will be brief:

1) As appalled as people were yesterday by the FictionAlley Is Totes a Needy Charity, You Guys blowup, there also seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for voting for anything else many of the other charitable causes (you get more than one vote a day) to get the Pepsi Refresh grant. So please consider having a look around. superri says that she herself is interning for the Fourth Wall Arts Salon, and abbeykins' brother is involved with Green Futures. Feel free to suggest other worthy candidates in the comments.

2) Solely as a doll enthusiast, I am somewhat disappoint in Barbie Dakota Fanningpire. Needs moar eyeliner (and a smaller body--a Skipper?), certainly.

But what this does suggest to me is that Tonner might also make a Jane as well in the near future, if it's a character Mattel would bother with. Which... I still wouldn't buy. But hey. I like to see how these things turn out nonetheless.

Meanwhile, scroll down for some crazy-ass new (newish, certainly) Barbies they're coming out with. Apparently Cleopatra bore a distinct resemblance to Kim Kardashian, I don't know.

3. Quick movie news: The New Trailer for Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch!; More Black Swan Reviews; Harry Potter Leads to Mass Owl Kidnappings in India; 'Henry5' Makes Shakespeare Sci-Fi -- and Check Out the Cast!; Tom Hardy May Hunt Vampires for Abraham Lincoln; Franklin D. Roosevelt to fight Werewolves OKAY, THAT'S ENOUGH.

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Wow, Barbie!Athena is scary!!

She's BEAUTIFUL. Except...you know...Athena was BLONDE.Its mentioned a couple times in the Iliad and the Odessey.

That circus Barbie made me think of Satine in Moulin Rouge. (I want it. And the steampunk Barbie, because she's gorgeous.)

You'd think with all that eyemakeup the Cleopatra one would bear more of a resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor.

FDR and werewolves doesn't even make sense.

See, they actually did an Elizabeth-Taylor-as-Cleopatra Barbie a while back. And there was another Cleopatra in the late '80s/early '90s. And those are just the two that I know of.

(Deleted comment)

You said it, girl. How many more monster remakes are they gonna make for historical books/figures? I guess Hollywood is completely depleted of ideas by now.

Ideas, please come back! We won't bully you any more!

I apologize for my fellow Emerson alum for the rash of Classic Lit + Monster. I have such mixed feelings because I'm thrilled that one of us made it, but also, no.

(Deleted comment)
"Anne of Loch Ness"

I'm writing that. I really am.

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(Deleted comment)
Dude, that Jane Barbie isn't being sold in regular stores, by any chance? She doesn't look enough like Jane from the movies, but she's still creepy and I am sort of seized by a desire to buy one.

Probably not. She looks too nice for a toy store. :(

Oh, she will be; just not until February 2011. And entertainmentearth.com usually carries the Barbie pop culture dolls.

Oh man, Tom Hardy would be so rad in that film. I keep that book under my desk at work and read it with a flashlight when I build my coat fort to hide from my coworkers.

That pepsi thing is pretty irritating. There does not seem to be one single LGBT project. And then, when I finally gave up and tried to vote for anything other than FA, they tried to make me log in. SCREW YOU PEPSI I LIKE ROOT BEER.

Barbie Athena is scary and yet kind of awesome. Scarily awesome?

I feel the same way. And I stopped collecting Barbies YEARS ago, and have been meaning to sell the ones that I have, but as obsessed as I am with Greek Mythology...I kind of want her.

that news bit about the owls make me so incredibly Sad/depressed

i meant, i admit, when i was little i would have loved an owl as a pet.

BUT As i then had an bird vet as a neighbor, who had to take care of a pygmy owl till its wings healed, and i saw the poor thing bang his head against the cage he was in on the first day (the neighbor then putted it on the garage that he never used with a post to rest, but he had to get that set up first).

that got rid of my desire to have an owl as a pet in a flash.

I hope whatever animal protection organization they have in india puts a stop to this, and does an awareness program that says quite Clearly:

Yes Owls are Awesome but NO under no circumstances you can have one as a pet. it's not their nature.

I haven't played with a barbie since i was 13, but

all of them are GORGEOUS.

i'm really, really tempted to buy one if they're not too expensive

Can we talk about that Byron Lars Charmaine King Steampunk Barbie? Because my god, that is FREAKING GORGEOUS.

I really liked how they subverted the steampunk = brown cliché. And Byron Lars always has fantastic designs.

I've done the research and I'm here to tell you that there are far more sources of funding available to starving children in Africa than there are to fan-oriented websites.


I've done the research and I'm here to tell you that there are far more sources of funding available to starving children in Africa than there are to fan-oriented websites.

And this is a problem because--?

I have to say, I almost admire FictionAlley's gall. To go to the Pepsi Challenge site, and see the proposal from the Cystic Fibrosis people for a project to "help babies with cystic fibrosis breathe," and then to STILL think "our hobby is TOTES MORE DESERVING"--well, that's just very special. Very special indeed!

If anything, Teddy Roosevelt should be fighting werewolves.

that Would Be pretty awesome

*if done right of course*

and i kind of would love to see robin williams! teddy roosevelt take on that.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but the organization that I helped found and still work with is also up for a Pepsi Refresh grant. Please check us out! We train youth leaders in the skills they need to build green economy projects (like urban farming, energy efficiency, and sustainable transit options) in their communities. It's a green jobs training and building program that benefits the 15-30 year old participants as well as the neighborhoods in which the programs happen. We have little to no association with fan fiction. Feel free to get in touch with me for more information!

In the $50K Arts & Culture category, the Williamstown Theatre Company is run by friend of mine. Their budget was cut in half this year and without the money they might not get to have a season, so please consider them also!


Just voted for it. Hope it helps!

Ahh. Dolls. Love them, always have.

These are amazing as well. I couldn't afford one, but they are beautiful and one of a kind.


well other than the fact they're gorgeous and the details in them are exquisite.

are they made of porcelain?