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As soon as I hit post, I am pretty much going to bed

I am very tired and apparently developing arthritis in my left hand (index knuckle) (I'M ONLY 31, FOR GOD'S SAKE), which makes typing a bit uncomfortable, blah blah blah snore. HOWEVER, I will note that we are nearing the end of the current round of auctions at foresthouseeyes; here are the items ending tomorrow and Saturday. Specifically, my auctions for postcards from me (current bid: $60) and The Littlest Edward ($260) (seriously). Meanwhile, at savesnowssanity, a year of postcards/correspondence/dark portents from Galadriel ends on Sunday.

Speaking of dolls, my mother and I worked out some gift-acquiring details today. You see, both my sister and I have birthdays in mid-December, and Christmas is already srs bsns chez Jones, so things have to be coordinated. And also, my poor mother is like, "Look, I know you want this, but I have no idea where to go on the internet." So. I am simply telling you that Plans are In Place. And that I have cunning plans for making doll hair flip properly.

Meanwhile, this has been absolutely astonishing: Cook’s Source: When The Source is Plagiarized, The Source Should Feel Grateful - and Guilty.

@SmartBitches RT @Katmeyer: admiring cook's source bizmodel: purloin content; publish it w/o permission; charge author 4 editorial services.

@cleolinda: @SmartBitches 4. Send underpants gnomes to collect payments. 5. PROFIT.


Martin Sheen to Play Uncle Ben in Spider-Man; Sally Field Offered Aunt May. Which is to say, yes, we are doing that storyline all over again. Maybe Andrew Garfield can cry prettier than Tobey Maguire this time around.

(Does this mean I will actually end up doing two different versions of "Spider-Man in Fifteen Minutes"? I don't think that's ever happened before.)

Speaking of whom: Spike Jonze's New Short Film 'I'm Here' Starring Andrew Garfield and Sienna Guillory.

'Seabiscuit' Helmer Boards 'Hunger Games' Adaptation. 

Johnny Depp To Start 'Dark Shadows' In April With Tim Burton Directing.

Will We Really See 'James Bond 23' in 2012? WE BETTER, because I need Daniel Craig punching people in the head while things explode and I need it NOW.

'The Bourne Legacy' Casting Rumors Begin with James Franco. 

Speaking of whom: At '127 Hours' premiere, another call for paramedics.

Scarlett Johansson To Play A Man-Eating Alien Seductress In 'Under The Skin.'

Domestic Trailer for Peter Weir's 'The Way Back'; Domestic Trailer for Animated Oscar Contender 'The Illusionist'; The No Strings Attached Trailer with Portman and Kutcher. ...Huh.

Oscar Posters: '127 Hours,' 'The King's Speech,' 'The Illusionist,' 'Somewhere' and 'Morning Glory'; German Poster for Knightley and Worthington's 'Last Night.' 

Official Breaking Dawn Synopsis Revealed! Wait... what about this thing needs a synopsis? Are there people in the world who do not yet... know? Because, seriously, we already covered this. I have audio, even.

A Moment of Silence as The Newest Trailer for Yogi Bear Arrives.

And finally: First look at Uwe Boll's third Bloodrayne movie — featuring Nazis who want to make Hitler a vampire! Well, naturally.

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