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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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galadriel tonner

Harry Potter: 17" Dumbledore (Richard Harris likeness, which is probably the more... dignified... one, but I would kind of love to see what they would do with a Gambledore). Note: this is not the original Harry Potter oversized scale; this is back to the regular Tonner scale. Which explains why they're doing another Dumbledore, because this is actually the second; the original was 19". Maybe they finally realized that it was pissing me people off that their oversized Harry Potter and Narnia dolls weren't compatible with any of their other movie dolls. If you'd given me a 12" Ginny or Luna to hang out with Lyra, I would have gone with that in a heartbeat. Or--

Okay, look: this is complicated. Let me try to explain this.

Normal Tonner scale, as seen in The Secret Life of Dolls:

17" standard adult male (Edward)
16" standard adult female (Elizabeth, Serafina, Alice) (and new version Bella, THANKS A LOT)
15" teen female (unique to old version Bella)
12" preteen (Lyra) 

That's the scale we're used to. (I still maintain that the only reason they created a new, shorter "teen body" for the original Bella was so they could emphasize how lurky Edward is.)

Oversized Harry Potter and Narnia scale:

19" Dumbledore, Snape and Lucius Malfoy
19" Peter Pevensie
17" Harry, Ron (actually, it says that the Ron is 1/2" taller than the Harry, which made me laugh), Draco, Luna and Cho Chang
17" Susan and Edmund Pevensie
16.5" Bellatrix (well, she's listed as 17" one place and 16.5" the other)
16" Hermione and Ginny, who are apparently both shorter than Luna, despite Hermione being her age
13" Lucy Pevensie, who is definitely a child in the first movie, younger than Lyra, but a bigger doll

But now that they're going back to the normal scale, we've got 17" Dumbledore, 16" McGonagall, and 12" kids. See? Even if you were going to do slightly older students, I'd think they'd make 15" bodies for them. Instead, I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

So now they have 12" Harry and Ron out--but where is the 12" Hermione? I saw a prototype, and it actually looked really, really good! (Also, they're selling a 12" Hogwarts student robe separately. Lyra...?)

Wizard of Oz: Eh. Little tiny 8" Madame Alexander-style minis.

Clash of the Titans: The shit? I mean, I heard about this license a while back, but when the Prince of Persia dolls came out and these didn't, I wondered if maybe they'd just abandoned the line. However, since they're going to make a sequel... this is actually, probably, a more viable product line. Anyway: WHERE IS MY IO? I LOVE HER. SHE PRETTY. You ALREADY HAVE a Gemma Arterton likeness on file! The hell with Andromeda! She wasn't even IN the movie but for like five minutes! I know she's actually the character from the myth, but I want Io in a muppet pelt and I want her NOW.

(Okay, Andromeda's robes are very, very pretty.)

(Note: Five bucks says the pictures will quietly change to better-looking likenesses within a few weeks. It's happened many, many times before.)

Tron: Seriously? We're doing this? Tonner Jeff Bridges? We're doing this now?

(Is this supposed to be Original Tron? Because it doesn't look like what I've seen of Bridges in New Tron. I DON'T KNOOOOOW.)

That said, Tonner Olivia Wilde in Leather/Neon Catsuit will probably be badass.

Reimagination: Jacqueline Frost: You know, because "Jack Frost," and... sure, okay.

No new Twilight dolls, which is a shame, because I am dying to see the trainwreck that will inevitably be Jasper's Hair. I am serious: word on the street is that Hair Issues are actually what the holdup on a Jasper is. I was also curious to see if they'd up the ante on Jane dolls, since Mattel threw that card onto the table earlier this week. I'm also curious to see a Victoria 2.0 (and, once again, they already have a Bryce Dallas Howard likeness on file).

No new Lord of the Rings dolls either, but they've already come out with four in the second half of the year. Maybe we'll see an Eowyn in the spring, which would be pretty awesome. And for y'all Firefly fans, I bet they'll come out with a Kaylee next. I know we've discussed other licenses we heard Tonner picked up--what were the others, does anyone remember?

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Yes, that's the costume from the original Tron movie. Complete with shorty toga.

The half-tunic of a Conscript, yes. And the original detailing.

(just a liiiittle bit of a TRON geek.)

I keep thinking I've imagined it but every time I look at the New Moon Bella I remember that, yes she does in fact look more like SMeyer than Kirsten Stewart. Or at least she does to me.

SHE REALLY DOES. The new Bella really unnerves me for that reason, she has that exact same smug expression on her face that Stephenie Meyer usually has.

Um, I think I read somewhere that they picked up the Vampire Diaries license?

Hm, interesting. Ian Somerhalder will be something to see in doll format.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I don't collect dolls and I would buy that in a heartbeat. (See also: my default icon. Give me a teeny dolly parasol and I will be YOURS, Tonner.)

So, I took a look at the supposed Sam Worthington Titans doll, and...buh? Normally I'm pretty impressed with Tonner's likenesses (I mean, the Jayne doll looks an awful lot like Adam Baldwin), but that's just...bad. I hope, I really do, that the promo photo on that one changes.

Either it's going to change--the Edward definitely changed--or it's just photographing really, really badly. Tonners are weird that way. Some of mine--you can tell it's the same doll as in the publicity photos, and yet they look so different in person.

I do not understand these new licenses, what. I mean...is there an actual profit in these, or...?

Knowing nothing of Clash of the Titans, Andromeda's costume is beautiful.

I seem to remember they got The Vampires Diaries license (Ian Somerhalder as a doll, I don't think the world is ready), and...something else television related? I'm not sure.

The scale confuses me, I didn't realize they had done that with the Narnia and HP lines. Strange.

Dumbledore, I must say, is pretty cool (love his robes), and the sentimental part of me still smiles at the fact that this is the 'Richard Harris' likeness. As kickass as Michael Gambon has been, there was something lovely about Harris' Dumbledore.

Eowyn needs to be made. STAT. And I cannot wait to see Jasper's hair. >:D

Perseus needs to be stripped down to raggy cargo shorts and given a volleyball called Wilson.



I, too, would like Muppet pelt Io. That outfit was rockin'. PLUS! Sequel vibe and Zeus being all "since you're my boy, here's that chick that refused me. Go have awesome adventures together" makes for better marketing.

I hope they do River soon. I'm curious if they'll make her look goofy. They got Inara's head sculpt down perfectly, but Jayne... Oh, my poor Jayne. What the hell, Tonner?

(Deleted comment)
Bahahahaha but that one is so accurate

If Tonner doesn't use reflective or iridescent paint for the detailing on the TRON dolls, I will be a sad panda.

It really is amazing, how Tonner will sometimes have a likeness so right it's almost eerie, and others they miss the mark entirely.

And call me crazy (wait for it) but is it just me, or does Andromeda look -exactly- like Emily Deschanel? Seriously, someone tell me if I'm seeing things or not.

THIS! she TOTALLY does!! that is what i came to comment on!

I feel dirty saying this, but are there any Jacob Black dolls action figures (at least give me that!))which come shirtless?!

Harry Potter- Cedric Diggory dolls?! Hello?!

Clash of the Titans- If a Medusa comes out, I will nab her immediately and turn my asshole neighbour to stone...

btw- nabbed a pair of DOCTOR WHO 5th Doctor era Cybermen, and a Jackie Earl Haley Freddy Krueger. My Robert Englund Freddies are eying him with suspicion...

I just have to be bitter for a moment, and say that I have never gotten over them discontinuing the Narnia line. I wanted a Prince Caspian and Susan in her purple dress so bad.

And yeah, the scale is MESSED UP.

I'm just hoping that River comes out soon. Seriously, Anna would love her! An axe-crazy girl with who goes into a violent rage when she gets subliminal signals via anime. It would be the perfect follow-up to "Project: Murder Edward" after the voodoo doll. Plus, Lyra would probably LOVE to learn some of her ballet-fu techniques.

Well, but having never watched the show, I wouldn't be able to write her.

I could get behind the Firefly ones if Mal stopped looking like Thomas Hayden Church. The Zoe one is pretty awesome actually. I have a deep, deep, slightly weird love forn John Casey so I don't think my boyfriend would want a Jayne doll around my place any time soon.

Loving John Casey is never weird. Just ask Morgan.