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I've been really productive the last few days, but today I sat down with a ton of Black Ribbon notes and outlines--

@cleolinda: I am wading through a bewildering mass of "don't forget to put this in" notes right now.

@cleolinda: I am starting to understand why so many writers drink.

@cleolinda: Definitely with Alcohol In It. RT @bexone: @cleolinda i think this calls for a bag of something.

@cleolinda: Holy crap, I think I just solved the *other* massive plot hole in the novel.

@cleolinda: Found in my notes: "'This means nothing to me.' (Hey, we have something in common! Because I have no idea what I meant by this!)"

@cleolinda: Well, I just keep solving all kinds of plot issues today.

@cleolinda: ANOTHER PLOT HOLE SOLVED--dear God, what was wrong with me on this first set of drafts?

@cleolinda: I just realized that I have written in a literal Chekhov's gun.

--and solved ALL THE PROBLEMS. Well, all the existing problems. I may have created new ones, I don't know. All I know is, chapter five now happens somewhere between chapters two and three, and a completely different person gets killed (Secondary Character's Daughter, you can thank me later), we're actually going to get a lot more of the Mysterious Veiled Lady character, and chapters nine and ten may be combined, because much of chapter nine has been moved to chapter five which has been moved up there between chapters two and three. And all the notes I had about putting in more blackmail, magicians, catalepsy and opium? It's all in. POW! YOU CAN ONLY HOPE TO CONTAIN ME.

And then I was like, wait... is this a... a manic episode? Because I kind of don't want to eat much, and I'm really sensitive to noise (like, "WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING?" noise), and my scalp tingles, and I feel anxious--not creeping dread, but jitters, like I'm about to take an exam. And those are key symptoms for me. But I'm focusing really well, as opposed to being so focused that I can't stay focused. (That doesn't make any sense, but I can't put it any other way. It's like your mental focus is so intense that you can't hold it very long. You could bore a hole through a wall if you could keep your eyes on one spot for more than thirty seconds.) So I'm hoping this is a gentler hypomanic episode like the ones I used to have, rather than mania, which I had a couple of times earlier this year, and which was neither helpful nor pleasant. This feels manageable, which mania (a newer experience for me) doesn't, and that's how I differentiate between the two, personally. So. Basically, what I'm getting around to is that I finally went, "Wait... so if this is an episode of some kind... does this mean it's going to end?" So I'm trying to make as much hay as I can while the sun shines.

As such, there is no linkspam tonight, except one thing I am compelled to post anyway, because OMG JANE EYRE TRAILER. 

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