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So. An entry that is actually about me, and not something that I saw on TV:

>> My Photobucket account is blitzed, and I don't think I'll get it back until something like May 16. I can't tell if people are hotlinking my caps or icons, or if I simply used up my bandwidth because I was hotlinking two trailers' worth of VH caps on the Digest (hey, that's what I got it for! Digest pictures!). So I have a new VH icon, but I can't show it off any other way but to use it myself. (In fact... I may get a separate account for just icons, since that won't run out of bandwidth as fast...) Which reminds me:

>> Speaking of actors, one of the Digest affiliates is, and I totally didn't realize that Kemp is "the Gap guy," because, clearly, I don't watch enough TV. (Not that you could tell from this journal. But seriously, everything you've read on this journal? That's all the TV I've watched lately. Who else out there gets to say, "You know, I really need to watch more TV"?) Basically, he's the hot guy playing Kate Beckinsale's brother in VH. I didn't quite understand what the deal was until I saw a few clips on that Sci-Fi Channel thing they ran and GOOD GOD. Anyway, he's a ballet dancer, which you can totally tell from the way he moves in the "how they filmed the transformation FX" clip (*open-mouthed stare*). If you are looking for a new guy to drool over, I highly suggest Dani's photo galleries (fnarrr). And really, most of my screen caps are over there or at Jackman's Landing, so there's plenty of picspam out there if you know where to look. So I just wanted to pimp those sites, because they're all very nice people.

>> I am still trying to figure out why, in "Sweet Temptation," there is a "voss" in Jewel's heart. I mean, can't she have something done about that? Like, a vossectomy or something? But then, I guess that's what I get for listening to JEWEL.

>> News you are less likely to care about: I am having a hell of a time finishing Black Ribbon V1 because mentally I've already moved on to BR V2, and the fact that I'm reading books on 1890s Paris (the setting) is not helping. Must! Go! Back! Must! Finish! Things! There are, in fact, very few things writing-wise I've ever actually finished, and I'm beginning to think there's a subconscious reason for that. Fear of failure or something. So I have to keep pushing forward and get this done. And while sometimes "When is it coming out???" makes me feel a little panicky sometimes, I have to say that knowing that people actually want to read the rest of the story helps, because it means that at least I was doing something right with the first three chapters.


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