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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Just to let you know...
galadriel doll
... that it's been a (pleasantly) busy week, and I won't be able to post the new Secret Life until tomorrow. Everything's fine; I'm just having some problems getting the entry to hang together. Also with getting pictures set up. As in, "I kind of need that bucket, you know... when you're finished with it. I mean. No hurry. Just... Do we have any Swiffer duster things?"

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Ah, the janitorial edition. :D Take your time, lovely.

I'll be waiting patiently. Maybe I'll read some older entries while I'm at it; I've been meaning to since the voodoo reveal.

Lord, those swiffer things are worth their weigh in gold. And they pick up everything.

They are the only thing I know of that will remove glitter from skin!

They get glitter off of skin? Really? I'm going to have to remember that. Every time I do a costume of any kind involving glitter, I am covered (and so are my clothes) for days.

(Deleted comment)
It's so true. Summer 2009 I played the Fairy Godmother in a production of Cinderella. The general area of seats I sat in during all the rehearsals (holding my glittery wand, with my glitter makeup from head to toe)? STILL covered in glitter. We have vacuumed, lint-rolled, shampoo'd, and whatever else you can think of probably eighty times between then and now. STILL THERE.

We call glitter disco herpes in my house. One girl wears it to the club and EVERYONE goes home with it.

This is why glitter is the Herpes of craft supplies (and... I suppose cosmetics?)

AGREED. I bet you it does.

I worked at a greeting-card/knickknack store for a while. Everything we sold had glitter on it, and the Swiffer dusters took it off the shelves no problem, so I tried one on my hand, mostly as a joke, and it ACTUALLY WORKED.

It would be awesome to work somewhere that was full of stuff that sparkled.

...So long as none of it was Cullen related sparkle.

A bucket ... not the Walrus's bukkit, I hope.

But a bucket and Swiffer things. Alright, Cleo, you have my attention.

Hee, I love imagining your life somtimes (... that did not sound this creepy in my head, I swear). "Look, I know the kitchen needs mopping, but there are people waiting for pictures of my doll with this bucket."


Oh. Just kidding. Heeeeeee.

I am so looking forward to SLoD that if my friends and family knew, they'd be worried.

This. It's bad...but awesome.

I'm just so happy (for you, for us, for the universe being more awesome) that you are in a place where you can write these again!

They are always worth the wait.

I think it's tomorrow now. We can has post?

I'm quite excited.

I'm still ironing out a stubborn bit in the middle, and also, two more picture setups. I was supposed to have the house to myself this afternoon, and... that didn't happen at the time it was supposed to. I mean, it'll go up this evening, I'm just running way late.

This is totally off-topic

Someone just shared this on my FB, and I totally thought of you.


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