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The unifying theme of the day: interviews.

@cleolinda: Talking to a reporter later today about SOMETHING OTHER THAN TWILIGHT. #excite

@cleolinda: If you can't get someone of actual Potter importance, I am available for comments, interviews, birthdays and bar mitzvahs.

@particle_person: @cleolinda FTW!

@cleolinda: @particle_person I'm so happy to go on record about something other than Twilight, I can't even tell you.

@alliancesjr: @cleolinda Wait, you mean there are OTHER topics of conversation?

@cleolinda: @alliancesjr The answer is none. None more horrifying.

@alliancesjr: @cleolinda (Says the guy who will have had you on his show for one Watchmen and two Harry Potter episodes.)

@cleolinda: @alliancesjr And like four Twilight episodes...

@alliancesjr: @cleolinda So, that's still almost 50%!

Speaking of which, I will indeed be on the next Made of Fail, which records on Saturday. We will have a very special guest as well as a returning guest I've done a number of shows with, and apparently I am also going to be Dayna for the occasion.

@cleolinda: ...we also talked about Twilight. #sob

(Says the girl who is antsy-pants about getting a Tonner Alice for her birthday.)

@cleolinda: I should just accept my destiny. With great sparkle comes great responsibility.

Speaking of Tonner dolls, I have good and bad news for you guys, or at least bad for the Doctor Who and Firefly fans: Robert Tonner has had a three-part Q&A on Facebook. 

Robert Tonner's Q & A Part 1

Short version: "Eowyn is on our line plan"; the BBC license has ended, so no more Doctor Who or Torchwood; loves Buffy, almost got the license, may try again; possible steampunk and Elizabethan dolls; no current plans for True Blood or Star Wars.

Robert Tonner's Q & A Part 2  

Short version: No more Firefly, the license is up (and lo, the River and Kaylee fans did rend their garments); The Vampire Diaries sculpts "are some of the best we've ever done"; no more Narnia at this time (which is not what I heard last week, but this is Robert Tonner himself speaking, so I don't know); wanted to do Lady Gaga but the license is too expensive; a fan of the Sherlock Holmes movie but no plans to do dolls; the Marley child fashion doll is coming back with more articulation (I have to confess: this is possibly relevant to my interests); they're doing Rapunzel from Tangled; NO, STILL NOT DOING TRUE BLOOD. "Don’t you think we’re doing enough vampires?"

Robert Tonner's Q & A Part 3

Short version: "Eowyn is not currently on our line plan" (*RECORD NEEDLE SCREECH*) (BUT YOU JUST SAID!); would like to do Titanic, but no plans thus far, and Leonardo DiCaprio has also refused to license his likeness, not that we actually cared about anything but Rose's outfits anyway; "The Twilight figures have been some of our best-selling ever," and they will definitely be adding Jane, because I am always right, and "a couple are in approvals" at the moment and they may try to get through the entire family "in time" (this information comes from three different questions on the subject).

Word on the street is that Jasper is one of the dolls still in approvals. Mostly because of his hair. I am not committing myself to a Tonner Jasper unless I see a picture that makes me fall off my chair. IN A GOOD WAY.

Meanwhile, I'm going to Midnight Harry Potter tonight, so I am trying to get some sleep in, and failing miserably. We'll have a discussion entry this weekend, once people have had a couple of days to see it. That said, counter-programming for Saturday is pretty much ready to go.

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