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omg so sick
twilight fever
I seem to have come down with a nasty stomach bug--the kind where you have those sporadic clutching pains--and so we're just going to put Secret Life off until Saturday. I'm in pain and surviving on toast and Coke at the moment, and it took me two hours to put this entry together. We'll make it through somehow.

Meanwhile, I don't think I'll be tweeting Varney the Vampire anymore. Some people loved it; others were annoyed. However, when I have more time, I might recap it properly (although quickly, because it gets incredibly paid-by-the-word repetitive).

I don't know when the new Made of Fail will be up, but queenanthai points out that it's nominated at podcastawards.com in the Cultural/Arts section.

Speaking of the new episode, Mark (who is on it) is now watching Firefly, reading The Hunger Games, and rereading Harry Potter.

Speaking of Harry Potter, there's a new Tonner Q&A up in which we are given hope for a Tonks doll. You put some changeable wigs on it, and I'll be all over that. Maybe. In a theoretical world where I have a money tree. Also: we're back to an affirmative on the Eowyn doll, which I at least want to see.

Also, briefly:

Veteran comic actor Leslie Nielsen, 84, has died in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner dies in LA at 87. 

James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host Oscars.  

Ian McKellen is back on aboard The Hobbit, thank Eru.

New preview for HBO's "Game of Thrones."

And finally: The Spider-Man musical on Broadway--now in mishap-filled previews--is "one of the most face-meltingly insane live spectacles I've ever witnessed."

Oh, oh! I don't think I mentioned this earlier--Bill Condon decided to troll Twilight fandom with the first image from Breaking Dawn, to the general confusion of mainstream movie news sites. I have a horrible feeling that the bruises have been photoshopped out.

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See, if they were BLACK feathers, or someone photoshopped them black, they could do double-duty for *Hush, Hush*.

...do I want to know? I mean, I know it's one of the angels-are-the-new-vampires books, but...

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I'm torn between wanting desperately to see the insanity that is the Spiderman musical and wanting to cry for the future of the Broadway musical.

If the Tonks doll comes with changeable wigs, I don't think I'll be able to NOT buy it. That would be awesomeness in doll form.

I'm trying to figure out if Ellowyne wigs (since Ellowynes have bigger heads) would fit a Tonner. Because they have some fun-colored wigs.

(Deleted comment)
Sorry to hear you're ill. Hope you get well soon.

Aw, I liked the Varney tweets. A recap would be awesome.

Man, I want to see what the main stream movie places said about that image.

One I saw was, "That's underwhelming." Honey, you have no idea. Cinematical gleefully explained the context of the picture, though.

I hope you feel better soon! Post holiday food poisoning/immune collapse seems to be going around, but hopefully you'll be back on your feet soon.

Honestly, I think I got it on my visit to a nursing home yesterday. Specifically, a doorknob that I remember touching twice. I know that sounds stupidly specific, but when you think about a nurse touching a doorknob, and then all the other doorknobs, nurses, patients, and visitors who have all touched various combinations of each other--God knows what was on it.

And then I came home and ate a couple of animal crackers, not thinking to wash my hands first, because who thinks about that? Smart people, that's who.

Feel better soon! I got a really bad stomach bug a couple of weeks back. It took me a week to properly recover!

I find Varney the Vampire hilarious! Well, your tweets on it anyway.

also Me WANT the Tonks doll

specially if it's Nat tena likeness done well AND it has changeable wigs.

although hopefully done by a company that doesn't charge $200 for a doll.

(also did anyone found it sort of Meta and amusing that the maiden initial of Nymphadora Tonks and Natalia Tena are the same?

Ouch. Sorry you're so ill. :( If you're experiencing an intermittent but excruciating stabbity pain in your side along with fluctuating nausea, it could be a dreaded kidney stone. For mine, drinking lots of water and hobbling around the house helped. Also, I had to go to the hospital and have ULTRA-ultrasound to explode the stone while it was still in my kidney, but most people don't have to do that.

I hope you feel better soon, whatever is ailing you!

Also, the Varney stuff was pure gold and I hope you'll be able to do a recap sometime.

Nah, it's very much in the pit of my stomach, no stabbing pains. I went to a nursing home yesterday, and I leave the house so infrequently that my immune system is sheltered and lazy. I should have seen it coming, honestly--a cold, at the very least.

Get well soon!

And RIP, Mr. Kershner. I'll be over here, clutching my worn out copy of the Star Wars trilogy omnibus, trying not to cry. I can't believe he's dead.

Me too. ;______;

I have a sudden desperate urging to watch ESB now.

really hope you feel better soon miss cleo!

Stomach bugs are Satan's curse on earth (i'm telling from experience)

drink plenty of Gatorade (not coke, coke is bad), chicken broth or veggie broth, and if you can hold solids, Turkey.
(Turkey is good for stomach flus for whatever reason)

Best of luck with a hopeful, speedy recovery!

and in regarding the mark reads news...

super happy on the hp re-reads because it will be interesting to see what he thinks the second time around

on the Hunger games reading- have an urgent protective instinct to warn him SERIOUSLY warn him about the upcoming BLOODSHED and Massacre of mockinjay and the sheer depressiveness of the entire book.

but his NO spoilers policy is holding me back but i want to warnnnnnnnn him....

Oh dear lord, Mockingjay. Never have I been more emotionally drained by a book.

also that twitter picture from twilight #4

i find it really gorgeous and soothing.
(which makes me feel so ashamed because the scene is nothing like that)

but the light and the essential softness look so prettyyy

I still cannot even believe that this Breaking Dawn movie is really happening.

I have told multiple people that I do not, under any circumstances, like Twilight and I cannot wait to see the lulz/sheer WTF-ery that will be this movie.

Also, Irvin Kershner's death makes me extremely upset. ;________; Rest in peace Mr. Kershner; ESB would not have been half as great if it weren't for you.

I still cannot even believe that this Breaking Dawn movie is really happening.

For real. It's like a nightmare of secondhand embarrassment I can't wake up from.

I hope you feel better soon. :)

I'm curious as to how, and I use this term in a tongue-in-cheek way, faithful the BD movie will be to the BD book. I guess the chance for making it slightly less horrifying for the mainstream audience is there. *shrug*

Oh my, feel better!

...I don't know what to think about a Spiderman musical, honestly. As much as I love musicals, and I like Spiderman well enough, it just seems really...odd. Though I suppose they've made musicals out of weirder subjects. :P

If they can make Batboy: The Musical then Spiderman: The Musical isn't too much of a long shot.


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