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The Cleolinda Industries tip jar
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We (and by "we" I mean "me") at Cleolinda Industries bring you a variety of goods and services, including movie news linkspam, TV and book recaps, award show liveblogs, Movies in Fifteen Minutes, The Secret Life of Dolls, and an embarrassment of sparklepire-related content. (You can also get The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards e-book at Lulu; there is a published Movies in Fifteen Minutes out there, but it's somewhat rare now.)

~*AND NOW*~ there is also a tip jar. This is it.

~*~ omg ~*~ look ~* it's right here*~ 
what? I just thought the button looked kind of lonely by itself

~*tap dance*~ omg ~*sparkle*~

You can also shop at Amazon and Entertainment Earth through my affiliate ID. In particular, I get store credit at Entertainment Earth, which I'm going to use towards Secret Life of Dolls. The Amazon Honor System (donation function) is no more, however. If anyone knows of another donation method they'd prefer, let me know.

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Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

Obviously Anne Rice had to make this video because SOME twihards didn't reacted well to the statement she made about the series. I was trying to make a joke. No to mention I don't think I can force anyone (even less Cleolinda) to do anything they don't want to do specially over the internet.

Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

Whoops sorry for the misreading on my part!

Re: Oh fudge I didn't knew about the amazon link :(

Heh is the internets! Misreading is part of the deal! (no to mention English is not my first language so probably the wording didn't worked out either) No problem.

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