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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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What I decided to do...
... is a combination of options I mentioned in the previous entry, having weighed various considerations and y'all's feedback, etc. What I'm going to try is this:

1) Continue posting things, like the suggested Varney commentary, in smaller increments, and for free. That way, everyone gets to read it, and I continue to benefit from any incoming traffic I get from people recommending things to others. If this turns out to not be the best idea, I can always switch to a pay-only model.

2) When we've got a good bit of content accumulated--like, say, Volume 1 of Varney--I'll put it up as an e-book/bound book to buy at Lulu, if anyone wants that. Kind of like a trade paperback in comics. I may do that for a couple of other things as well; people said they wanted to buy hard copies of the Twilight entries.

3) I'm trying to revive the Cafe Press store; we're working on some designs. One of the things I used to do was put up a number of little things--stickers, magnets--so I would get the markup but you could afford a larger variety of designs. I feel kind of weird to think that "Cleolinda Industries" is getting to be less and less of an offhand joke, but... I don't know. Most people probably think I'm crazy for not doing this sooner.

And finally: it only took me seven years to do it, but voila: a tip jar.

So. Um. Here is a magical dollhouse. Thank you for your time.

Oh! I nearly forgot. Tonner just got the Marvel license. This should be interesting.

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Oooh, Tonner with the Marvel license. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. The possibilities are endless.

Just to combine the Varney and Cafe Press ideas: I can't be the only one who would be all over a "NO! TO BELIEVE WOULD DRIVE ME MAD!" magnet or button.

Heh, I'll see what I can do.

For what it's worth, I loved your Varney commentary.

I remember the Cafe Press store. I had some of your PoA in 15 minutes stuff from it.

I still have one or two of the buttons laying around...

That dollhouse is probably the most awesome thing ever...

Also, I guess I missed something, because when you started debating what to do with you Varney posts was the first time I had ever heard of it.

What is it?

It's just something from last weekend--I started tweeting about this epic vampire penny dreadful from 1847.


Okay, so why, when I go to the Tonner FB link, is my comment requesting Deadpool no longer there?

No, really - WTF? :(

I think these are all great ideas. My bank account is currently in the woe!peril!alas! stage but once it straightens out I will be all over a cafe press store- considering how often my friends and I quote your stuff it would be excellent for gifts too.

Don't sell yourself short, Cleo! We love your stuff, and you've provided more than enough free and accessible entertainment over the years. Don't feel bad about trying to be not-broke.


I demand it. I've got two of the Hot Toys dolls—Iron Man Mark III and Tony Stark (Mech Test)—and I don't just want one of Pepper, I need one. I'd like for Sideshow to do one, too.

Trevor Grove, an acquaintance over on deviantART, would be the perfect person to sculpt her face... He does work for the Sideshow figures and has done Indiana Jones so many times that he's pretty much the go-to guy for Harrison Ford sculpts. He recently completed a Temple of Doom sculpt and has been working on the Firefly characters and Aragorn..

I would buy a "M15M" bumper sticker. One of those oval-shaped ones.

I'm sorry, I keep looking at your icon and I can't stop laughing and it makes me cough and HALP *hack hack*

And lo, I did drop $5 in the tip jar.

Thank you thank you for putting up a tip jar. I'll definitely browse a cafe press store, but everything I love most from you already comes free on your blog. I only wish I could tip more. :)

Q: Are the Varney books going to be offered as e-books AND bound books, or only one or the other, depending on interest? (Also, thanks for writing the Varney commentary, I'm super excited for it!)

Off topic, but since you are where I get my surreal movie news, I had to share this surreal movie news I just discovered. Syfy has an original Christmas movie staring Victor Garber as part of a family that has to stop sub-glacier rivers of LIQUID METHANE from ruining Christmas. In this preview, Victor Garber is wearing a Santa suit and riding a snow mobile, all while trying to outrun LIQUID METHANE. It's more beautiful than anything I have ever imagined. If Victor Garber sings some Christmas songs in it, it will make my holiday.

... I require copies amounts of alcohol and this movie.

You may have discussed this before, but have you considered doing ads on your site? With the traffic you get, you'd probably generate some decent income.There's nothing wrong with making money on what you produce, so more power to Cleolinda Industries.

I definitely would buy hard bound Twilight commentaries, and then add them to my shelf with the books so that I could force my friends to read them.


This set-up is pretty similar to what most webcomic artists do (taking donations plus having a store), and it seems to work out for a lot of them, so...I think you've chosen well.

I thought of something last night. It's not something to consider immediately as it would require a bit of investment, but once you get some cashflow going...why not use those SLoD photos? Maybe caption them LOLcats-style and offer prints, shirts, mousepads, mugs, etc? (Of course, there might be legal issues to consider.)