Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

What I decided to do...

... is a combination of options I mentioned in the previous entry, having weighed various considerations and y'all's feedback, etc. What I'm going to try is this:

1) Continue posting things, like the suggested Varney commentary, in smaller increments, and for free. That way, everyone gets to read it, and I continue to benefit from any incoming traffic I get from people recommending things to others. If this turns out to not be the best idea, I can always switch to a pay-only model.

2) When we've got a good bit of content accumulated--like, say, Volume 1 of Varney--I'll put it up as an e-book/bound book to buy at Lulu, if anyone wants that. Kind of like a trade paperback in comics. I may do that for a couple of other things as well; people said they wanted to buy hard copies of the Twilight entries.

3) I'm trying to revive the Cafe Press store; we're working on some designs. One of the things I used to do was put up a number of little things--stickers, magnets--so I would get the markup but you could afford a larger variety of designs. I feel kind of weird to think that "Cleolinda Industries" is getting to be less and less of an offhand joke, but... I don't know. Most people probably think I'm crazy for not doing this sooner.

And finally: it only took me seven years to do it, but voila: a tip jar.

So. Um. Here is a magical dollhouse. Thank you for your time.

Oh! I nearly forgot. Tonner just got the Marvel license. This should be interesting.

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