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Internets, I regret to inform you that I am dying of blarg. You will know me by the trail of sodden tissues leading back to my bed, where I am too tired to get up and too medicated to sleep. It's one of those horrible ordeals where each day is like an entirely separate illness--starts with a bad sore throat, then a couple of days of fever (during which I got irrationally frightened that I was going to end up in the hospital or die or, God forbid, have to see our mean sarcastic family doctor, nooooo), and today, sinus misery. I hear that I have a hacking cough to look forward to. Delightful.

@cleolinda: You know it's bad when you're too sick to shop.

@TheSpeakman: Shop in the store or online in an Robitussin-induced haze where shoes, pants, and shirts all blend together?

@cleolinda: Online. It's that bad. I don't even have to leave the house but I don't even want to think.

@TheSpeakman: According to 50 Days Worse Than Yours, #40 (Flu, Day 5) the Duration of such a day is: "There is no clock in Hell." Oh my.


I wanted to have a little Varney recap up today, and really, all I have to do is code and proof it, so maybe I'll have that up later tonight. Maybe. Meanwhile, a new Secret Life of Dolls went up yesterday. I had been seriously concerned about how this one would go over, but there seems to have been a really, really positive response. Like, to the point where even I'm surprised. So.

More importantly, the long-awaited Harry Potter episode of Made of Fail is up, in which I take over for Dayna and Mark of Mark Reads Harry Potter (although he is currently Reading The Hunger Games) is our guest. We discuss:

The Deathly Hallows movie, obviously, but we touch on the previous movies a lot as well
Mark's experience reading and blogging about Harry Potter
Mark confesses that he read the last few chapters of Deathly Hallows in a paranoid marathon
Mark reveals what he'll be watching after Firefly. Yes, I'm going to make you listen to find out. I have not been nicknamed "Cleolinda, Destroyer of Worlds" for nothing
Yes, also Twilight, because both Mark and I have blogged about it and I wanted to talk shop with someone who could sympathize, although I do admit that "I like making fun of it still involves the words I, like, and it"
Me explaining to Mark why "YOUR INNOCENCE IS PRECIOUS TO ME" is not as creepy as it sounds. Maybe
I narrowly prevent Kevin from spoiling Serenity for Mark, so you can thank me later
A bunch of other things that are really interesting and fun to listen to that I can't remember right now because I have to go pass out

And also:
The result of the Made of Fail auction for Emily's surgery
What goes into creating a D&D game for dolls
The inspiring tale of young Katie the Stars Wars geek

@queenanthai: And you voted for Made Of Fail in Cultural/Arts in the today, y/y?

And with that, I am going back to bed.


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