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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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how I roll
This isn't a proper entry of any kind, but, you guys: this makes me happy. GIGANTIC SPOILERS: Watch All the Inception Dream Levels in Real Time.

Seriously, my plans for my birthday (next week! sorry, wasn't clear about that) are "curl up in my chair with my Christmas tree and my dogs and watch my Inception DVD. Maybe get a pizza." I have had this plan for weeks. (This was also my plan the year that The Dark Knight came out. I was foiled, but the point remains.) If there was a theatrical release I enjoyed more this year, I don't know what it was.

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Well, I need to clarify that--it's not my birthday yet, that's next week.

Seriously, my plans for my birthday (next week! sorry, wasn't clear about that) are "curl up in my chair with my Christmas tree and my dogs and watch my Inception DVD. Maybe get a pizza."

How odd, that is my post-exam plan for tomorrow! Although I should probably add "cheap gin" to the list to make it accurate.

My birthday is months away, but I have basically the same plan for the week (month of December, really), minus, unfortunately, dogs (my critters are all with my parents, while I am currently not).

And Alice Dollen, Y/Y? DELIGHT! EXCITE!

Also, didn't realize how close your b-day is to Christmas. One of my childhood friends was born ON Christmas and complained that she got ripped-off present-wise in the long run. Did you ever feel that way growing up, or did your family make a point of celebrating your birthday separately?

I actually had a pretty good time of it--my mother and her sister were born on the same day (...FIVE YEARS APART), so she wanted to make sure my sister and I had birthdays separate from each other and Christmas. (My sister and I are three days and seven years apart.) But it means that birthday/Christmas shopping runs like a military operation.

Dammit, now I'm getting caught up reading the Inception discussion post you linked. Such happy memories. I had such a good theater when I saw it, too. Laughed when they were supposed to, gasped when they were supposed to, silent every other time. And we all let out a giant collective "WAUUGGHH!!" when the screen cut to black just as the top started wobbling.

Sigh. It's never the same, watching movies at home. I feel like the only person that loves the theater experience more than the home experience.

Wow, that was a weird tangent...

I do love the theater experience, but then, I don't get to see movies in the theater that often. I did an unusually good job of it this year, and it was probably ten movies or fewer total. I love seeing it on a huge screen, and I love seeing it with a good audience who reacts well.

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I have yet to see a Christopher Nolan movie that did not become an instant favorite. (Granted, I haven't seen Insomnia. Well, the original, but not his version.)

Are you a fan of Arthur/Eames slash fic?! :icon:

Actually, not really. I like their interaction and all, but I don't really read fic anyway. I'm content to have it as a side element, the same as Ariadne and Arthur.

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I hope you feel better soon! I am attempting to get over a cold, but with school stuff being crazy, it's not helping.

God, Inception was so awesome. Yay that it will be out so I can ask for it for Christmas!

Happy (early) Birthday!

Man, that video is bringing me back to the summer. Inception is one of the few movie experiences I've been in where the audience actually reacted to things. Oh, and it was hilarious listening to people as we were walking out. These two older ladies were like, "It was good....I just don't understand what was going on."

Happy early birthday! I hope you feel better asap. *hugs*

My face is stuck on :D :D :D after seeing that video. I can't wait to get my family to watch the movie when I go home for the holidays. *is so happy the sister has a HD television and surround sound*

I KNOW ME TOO OMGs. I so want to show this to my parents even though I know they totally won't get why it's such an amazing movie. BLARGH.

friendly reminder....don't forget the werewolf cupcakes!

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See, that's the thing. I'm not a fan of the snow level, and it's not that I even thought the story was all that complicated (I thought the editing did a really good job of keeping things clear). I just love the way Christopher Nolan does fight/action scenes. I still sometimes put on The Dark Knight just to watch the big chase scene with the truck flip. I mean, among other things. But that's the part I'll watch three times in a row.

Happy almost birthday!

That's actually a really awesome video. I went to see that movie twice- and the second time is where my mind really got messed with because of our post movie discussions (do NOT get neuroscientists started on dream interpretation). I'm going to have to send this around to everyone now.

Happy birthday next week!

Also, THAT IS AN AMAZING VIDEO OMGs. ONly I don't understand why sometimes the speed slowed down and then sped up again... but, well. It's Inception-related, so I guess I shouldn't expect to totally understand it. XD

Well, the guy who made it put comments on the video, if you have that enabled, and he explains that he didn't have the same amount of footage for each level--the movie spends more time on the van, he said. So in order to sync the footage up to various plot points (like the gravity scenes), he had to slow some of it down to stretch it out until the next bit came up.

Seriously, my plans for my birthday (next week! sorry, wasn't clear about that) are "curl up in my chair with my Christmas tree and my dogs and watch my Inception DVD. Maybe get a pizza."

I highly approve of this plan!