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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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yahoo pirate2
New Pirates of the Caribbean trailer.

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I KNOW RIGHT? That was exactly what came out of my mouth.

I wasn't sure when I heard about them doing another one, but this looks like it'll be brilliant!

I wish they'd let this franchise end. :O It's so overkill.

Yeah, I have no desire to see this. I barely had any desire to see At World's End, I only did it so I'd have some closure and now they're just beating that poor dead horse to a pulp.

Even if it is the most horrible movie ever made I will probably see it at least twice. Stupid Johnny Depp. Stupid IMAX 3D.

...oh man, a trailer! A trailer means it's actually happening! And I still have not decided if this is a good or bad thing.

I care not if it is bad! It has Jack Sparrow! It has Barbossa! It has Lovejoy Blackbeard! And no KNightley or Bloom to pull faces throughout! I will see this with bells on :D

Oh, good, I'm not the only person who still thinks of Lovejoy first when I see Ian McShane.

I will watch it because I am so weak to Jack Sparrow. SO WEAK. Johnny why are you awesome. *sob*

What, nothing about Hugh Jackman in Rock Em Sock Em Robots: The Movie?

Pish posh with you and your piratical whatevers starring that Scissorhands guy or whatever.

(Oh, Hugh.)


I will now be first in line.

(I still desperately want SOMEONE to make a movie with Ian McShane AND Ray Wise. Every moment would drip with coiled menace. And snark.)

IDK about Ray Wise, but for me... just stick Ian McShane and Jackie Earle Haley in a movie together. Damn that would be awesome.

(and maybe Kim Coates as well, because... um, well, it depends on whether or not you're familiar with Sons of Anarchy...)

....two words.


(or, alternatively, WOO HOO!)

...dammit... this is going to be Deadwood all over again... maybe with less cursing though.

I think most things have less cursing than Deadwood, especially things with PG-13 ratings.

Still, IAN MCSHANE! seconded.

*so excited*

This film is gonna be total candyfloss. I expect no depth and no nuance, just two hours of Depp and Rush trying to out-ham each other. And while I'll probaly wait for it to hit the cheap theaters, that doesn't sound like a total waste of two hours to me.

Totally agreed on all counts.

Even when it is actually out in theaters, I will refuse to believe that this is real. That strategy worked pretty well with "Prince of Persia," so I'm hoping for another success.

This strategy worked very well for me also.

(Deleted comment)
I...have high hopes. That may be because I love the book it was based on (seriously, people, go read Tim Powers, he's amazing), and also because I think Ian Mcshane as Blackbeard is perfect. I mean, he has to do something to redeem himself for taking part in the horrible The Seeker, which shat all over my beloved childhood books.

Chiming in with the Powers love! (This is why I read through all the comments). It is a close-run thing, whether On Stranger Tides is my favorite Powers book or not; it's heavily in the running.

That said, I am also a POTC fan. And I am not expecting great fidelity to the book from the movie. I mean, even after you get past having to work in the POTC characters and plot elements. But I'm okay with that. I'm going into it NOT expecting a faithful adaptation of the book. I still feel that just their using the book as a jumping-off point might -- MIGHT -- just give this movie a shot at being coherent and awesome.

The thing I want most from this movie, I guess, is the most awesome Blackbeard ever committed to screen. And guess what? IAN. FUCKING. McSHANE. Case closed. Thank you very much.

(I am ALSO so very totally with you regarding the abomination that was the movie of TDIR, and I wept for McShane's involvement, because I love him to bits, but [a] he is not Merry, he simply isn't, and [b] not even for him would I see a movie that gutted one of the books I treasure most. The only bright spot I can think of regarding "The Seeker" *spit* is that it was SO bad and SO very much not the book that perhaps one day someone will realize "Hey! We could make a movie called "The Dark is Rising" and actually follow the book, and it would be so unlike the first attempt that nobody would even blink!")

I'm very happy. The last 2 were dogs, but that won't stop me from going to this one and enjoying it. Moar Keith Richards! Ian McShane! And in ditching all the other love interests and various straight characters, they've shifted this franchise to a kind of Saturday-at-the-movies 1930s Boys' Own Adventure series.

That said, I hope Jack means what he says at the end of the trailer: "I hope you were watching because I will not be doing this again."

I actually went EEEEEE! out loud when I got to the 'Moar Keith Richards!' part of your comment. Keef and Johnny as Keef are totally worth two hours and ten dollars to me! XD

Totally okay with this. The last movies weren't as awesome for me because they focused on Will and Elizabeth instead of on Jack, when clearly he was the Ensemble Darkhorse. This one seems to be much Deppier.