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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Yahoo is shutting down Delicious.com, the bookmark storing/sharing service.





maybe a little

This is what I've used to tag and organize my novel and Annotated Fifteen Minutes research. If I need to pull up, say, all my research from a particular website about a particular topic, I put in the tags "victorian-london-org/opium." If I needed all the Harry Potter notes about only the actors--same process. I have 5796 bookmarks saved and tagged. And consider this: I would have lost all of them when Betsy 2.0 died if I hadn't had them on Delicious.

I just. I don't even know. This is a major tool for me as a writer. I don't even know how to handle this. If Delicious can be closed, what else could be shut down? I just--I need this to live, Yahoo. Go to hell.

Where do we go now? I keep hearing about a Diigo something or other. Something. brb, exporting all my shit.

P.S. Unlike Delicious, however, Morgan Freeman is not dead.

ETA: So far, I'm hearing three alternatives: Diigo (which will import from Delicious), Xmarks (which will import from Delicious), and Pinboard (which costs $7 and I'm not sure if it imports existing bookmarks, but people who do use it seem to love it). (By the way, these sites are slow at the moment because all the Delicious refugees are panicking.) I will probably try at least two of them, if only to get my current bookmarks backed up into the cloud again.

I know of only one way to properly express my complete and total chagrin.

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Is it horrible that my first thought was "Oh my god, the kink memes!"? I rarely read them, but every one I've come across is allll about how often they update their delicious account.

Let me know how the delicious export to Diigo goes. I HAVE VERY IMPORTANT MCSWEENEY's BOOKMARKS.

*laugh* No, no, my first thought was "HOW WILL I SEARCH FOR VIDS OMG!!!" And yeah, the kinkmemes are really tied in to Delicious. :(

Like I said to Cleo on Twitter, I use Diigo, it works for me, but I know not everyone likes it. Its bookmarklet doesn't play well with Dreamwidth.

I'm importing to Diigo right now as well.

Nothing can replace delicious in my heart.


Nononononononnonononononono. NO.

My use of delicious is not very important (aka archiving fic I like to come back and read it later), but I'm pissed on behalf of people like yourself, Cleo. But also the massive lost of the cloud of information we got from there. Ugh.

First off, breathe. Second of all, install the extension Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) in your browser (it's got IE, Firefox, and Chrome covered). Then login at my.xmarks.com and one of the tools in the dropdown is 'Import Bookmarks from Del.ici.ous.'

Xmarks is awesome--it syncs your bookmarks across all the browsers on your computer and on other computers you login in to your Xmarks account with. It can also do password, history, and open tab sync.

I second this. Xmarks has been my savior through various browser changes when things got prickly. It almost shut down itself a couple of months ago, but so many people screamed and cried that they'd pay for the service that the company found a buyer. There are now supposed to be two tiers of usership under works as the buyout happens. A free tier and a pay tier.

I have so many recipes bookmarked I just don't know what I would do if I lost it. Xmarks is my cookbook!!!

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When I heard this morning I was all D: D: D: NO THIS IS NOT ALLOWED.

I'm importing to Diigo right now but it seems to be taking a while (and I have nowhere NEAR as many bookmarks as you do, cleolinda! Something to keep in mind?).

Another option I saw mentioned on twitter was Pinboard.IN. It's a paid service (one time fee) which is based on the amount of users who have signed up. So the more people who sign up, the higher the price goes. It started at $7.09 this morning - at last check it was $7.23. Which is still an okay price but just shows how many more users have signed up!

Just curious - why does the price go up with each person buying? Shouldn't more paying customers allow them to decrease the price?

I ONLY JUST HEARD THE NEWS AND I'M SERIOUSLY CRUSHED. I have like 2,000 bookmarks on Delicious. ;_;

Apparently there's a pretty good paid substitute run by guys who know what they're doing, here: http://pinboard.in/switch/

I've backed up my bookmarks and I'm considering paying the $7 or whatever to get pinboard but WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. D: D: D:

I've heard good things about Diigo. I'm trying out Zootool right now, but then again so are a ton of other people so their importer is somewhat broken. Looks promising, though. Other people have suggested pinboard.in but it's got such an ugly interface. Zootool has a rhino!

alternatives to delicious - evernote?

have you thought about evernote? a lot of people like it for doing web research. They have a pretty robust free version and an even more robust premium version.

Re: alternatives to delicious - evernote?

Huh. I use Evernote to sync notes between my computer and my phone, but it's mostly info I might need to use later IRL, like addresses or directions or to-do lists. I didn't know it had any bookmark capabilities.

It's one of those things where sure, you can always import your bookmarks somewhere else, but it's not the same. So many communities are linked to delicious, communities that might not still be running and probably won't update their links. Whenever I search for fic the first place I go is delicious. This site closing is really going to suck :(

Why does Yahoo want to shut everything down? This is ridiculous now.

I'm guessing it's because they've lost the search wars rather terribly, so they can't keep all of the side projects afloat. They've been treading water for a while.

Still... Seems like a weird thing to close down, for them, given that it's a searchable index of crowdsourced data. I understand shutting down 360 or whatever that was, but... huh.

But-- fiction searches?

Ugh. I didn't use it all that much, but it was seriously useful when I did. And you using it so much... :-(