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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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The time has come, the walrus said
msauvage purple
Internets, I have many things to tell you:

"THEY WENT TO THE WAR WITHOUT ME!" New Secret Life of Dolls thataway.

made_of_fail_pc's new Doctor Who episode is up.

foresthouse has posted an update on her keratoconus surgeries, and tinyplasticmeatis now auctioning off knitted goods of your choice (I have to say, the various arm warmers look fantastic). Meanwhile, I will be auctioning off a very cute doll (mint, unopened--no one's getting sold, Eowyn) later next month.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, the Write Christmas "imaginary Christmas movie synopsis" contest that I am judging ends this Friday, I think. Open to everyone everywhere!

More importantly, smadroniawrites in that "Aaron, a friend of a guy I went to school with, has terminal cancer. He and his wife have been doing a lot of things to help raise funds for their bills and his cancer treatments. As this point, he only has a few months left to live, and his wife ended up turning down a full time job because it would mean 40 hours away from him, now that his life is coming down to months. He's done some interesting things to raise money, he sold ad space on his urns, and done a comedy fund raiser":
Given just months to live, Aaron Jamison has set his mind on two missions.

The first is to spread a message of hope. Jamison, who has terminal cancer, hands out purple bracelets that read "Cancer Sucks ... Life is Good ... Choose Joy" to people he meets.

The other mission is harder. Jamison wants to pay for his cremation and urn costs before he dies so his wife Kristin won't have to worry about it.

His plan is to sell advertising space on two urns that will hold his ashes – one for his wife and one for his parents.

"I'm on different chemo now," said Jamison, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer. It has spread to his liver and lymph nodes. "If it works, I've got about nine months. If it doesn't work, I've got three. So I'm trying to get on the ball with the ad sales."

The plan and his sense of humor are typical Aaron, said his wife and friends.

When others might cry, the musician and comedian has found a way to laugh.

"He does quirky little things and this is kind of him," said his wife, Kristin Jamison. At first, she objected to the plan. Now, however, she supports it.

"I asked her to marry me after 30 days," Aaron said. "Ads on urns are no big deal after that."

You can get the Choose Joy bracelets (and t-shirts) or donate money at his blog.

To finish, I would like to bring you pictures of a tiny puppy who got frozen to the train tracks in Bessemer last week when it was 19 degrees (ETA: okay, so... not last week) and got rescued an hour before the next train came through and a lady adopted him and named him Track and now he is okay, because I think we need puppies right now.

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Oh my god, that puppy makes my heart break into 19 billion pieces because THOSE EYES HOLY GOD.

*grabby hands*

*cuddles her dog*

Aw man, Cleo. Thank you for putting the whole puppy story in one sentence; if you'd broken it for even the length of a period, I'd have freaked.

Thanks for the blog link, too. Off to go donate.

oh my goodness, that puppy ;____;

My name is Joy, so I was thinking about buying those bands for everyone I've ever met. But I fear that's egotistical. Hmmmmmm.

I think the ends justify the means in this case, as it were.


And the knitted things are awesome! Hats with EARS. I am always a sucker for hats with EARS even if I think I personally look silly in hats. Heh.

Hee. My sister has a hat with ears she's been wearing everywhere.

Bessemer was a strangely deserted place last time I went there. My brother and I decided it would be an ace setting for a horror film.

My sister went out to dinner there the other night, and my mother was telling her, "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T STOP."


Posted to my FB. So glad he came out of it okay.

Oh. Huh. The puppy got rescued way back in January. Still: winter puppy rescue, what could be better?

PUPPY. OMG, his name is Track. I love it. I WILL SAVE YOU PUPPY IN DISTRESS

(Deleted comment)
God, I am looking forward to the Christmas special a million times more than I am looking forward to, you know, actual Christmas.

Thanks for mentioning me and my cancer "struggle". Right now we're really trying to collect pictures of the "choose joy" bracelets being "used" by inanimate objects.

Happy holidays to everyone!

-aaron (the guy with the cancer and such)

When mine comes in, I'll send you some pictures. Good thoughts and best wishes, if those can help.

Oh wow, I didn't even notice the date on the article, I was just "OMG FROZEN PUPPY".


comments first,
both stories were heartbreaking, but good that the puppy survived and has a good hope! those eye make me melt

2. i'm getting a christmas bonus in the money department so i'll try to send some money over to Aaron, if not by christmas at least by new years. and hope that despite his situation he is able to have a wonderful christmas with his wife and family.

question- I been trying to pick two dolls for christmas (I admit I cave in, i mean i had caved in before with getting an Aragorn doll and a Dumbledore doll, but i never though i would be tempted to get any more dolls.

but the sizes available seem problematic (all the dolls i want are either in 15 inches or 17 inches and that.... seems to be a very huge doll

so in your opinion and expertise, is 15/17 inches too much? do you still have that most recent picture with all the shelfians in terms on height and an explanation of who is which hight?

because I mean, Im trying to get a guy doll (a harry potter doll) and a girl doll (who i dont know, but i'm leaning toward either pretty-face bella or Susan pevensie)

but i dont want the bella or susan doll to be Taller than the harry potter doll (I mean it's awkard enough seeing that in the movies)

so advice?

Re: Questions and comments

I know Cleo posted this entry talking about the size differences, I wasn't able to find picture references though.

That is an adorable puppy.

I imagine you keep an eye on dolls, but I figured I'd point this out anyway. I was rereading SLoD, and you were talking about Coronation Susan, and it is pretty cheap right now.

ooooooooooooooh perfect!


as the Bella I want is nowhere to be found on Ebay at the moment,
I'll try it with the Susan doll!

(is there just one left, or is there more than one at such low price?)

I have been hearing so many sad puppy stories lately :( omg.

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