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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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omg so tired. I've been pleasantly busy but not getting much sleep, which is kind of a problem, given that I'm still consumptive. Lots of errands, lots of cleaning, not as much recap writing as needs to be done. My own Christmas shopping is pretty much accomplished, so I'm helping my mother agonize over what the hell to get for everyone else. Also, if anything needs to be ordered online, this is generally my department.

@cleolinda: My grandmother can't see her Bible well enough anymore, so my mother found the whole thing on CD, as read by James Earl Jones.

@cleolinda: This was my question. RT @swirlee: What, was the Morgan Freeman edition sold out?


Did leave the house omg and see Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which was... ehhhhh, I don't know. I mean, there are worse ways to spend two hours than listening to Ben Barnes' natural accent (apparently Caspian just ~got over~ the whole pseudo-Spanish thing). And they had to write in a plot structure that the book--a cheerful little wandering travelogue--doesn't have, and they did a pretty good job of bringing several of the episodes together with the theme of "temptation." I would complain about always bringing everything back to the White Witch, but... come on, it's Tilda Swinton. Much like Jello, there's always room for Tilda Swinton. Most of my problems with the movie involved the really obvious Now We Have to Have This Happen Because It Is Our Theme moments. A fifteen-second scene where Caspian tells Edmund he should have Peter's sword after all; a twenty-second scene where Lucy tells Some Little Girl, I Forget Her Name, It Kind of Sounded Like "Gail" that Some Little Girl should want to be herself when she grows up, because that is The Lesson That Lucy Has Learned. Like, these tiny little obligatory micro-scenes--hey, there's Caspian muttering about his father in his sleep for two seconds, because DADDY ISSUES. Have we had the White Witch whisper in Edmund's ear lately? Let's do that again. I don't know--I'm not even saying that little beats like these are bad; I'm just saying, if I'm sitting here thinking about how obligatory they feel, you could have done it more smoothly.

And the kid who plays Eustace--Will Poulter--is amazing. He absolutely acts rings around Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley, and I'm not quite sure how that happened. It's like their acting suffered when the series moved from Disney to Fox--and I always loved Edmund in the two previous movies. But most of their line readings and reactions now are kind of clunky and obvious--like they're reading lines rather than acting naturally. Were they directed differently this time? I remember reading that David Yates made Emma Watson do take after take on his Harry Potter movies until she stopped forcing the lines and got more natural; that's the kind of difference a director can make. I don't know. I just feel really bad, because I want to like this movie, because I love the books, and the movies--no matter which studio they're at--seem to have been made with a lot of love, and there is some really beautiful imagery in there, and Reep is awesome because Reep is always awesome. I just wasn't feeling this one, though.

Let's have a little linkspam. I confess, this is a catch-up pulled from my Twitter, but some really interesting trailers came out that I don't want you to miss. Plus, an update on The Arachnid Musical.

Spider-Man in serious/stable condition; Show resuming with new safety protocols.  

The trailer for The Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain.

The new trailer for Rango, voiced by Johnny Depp. 

'Thor' Trailer Hammers Its Way Online.

Watch a Teenage Assassin in the Trailer for Joe Wright's 'Hanna.'

The new trailer and poster for Your Highness.

The UK trailer for Paul, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. 

Watch Pattinson and Witherspoon in the 'Water for Elephants' Trailer.

@cleolinda: I like to think that Veruca Salt was the winner. "DADDY! I *WANT* A *VAMPIRE!*" http://tinyurl.com/27kgbc7

'Dark Tower' Casting Rumors: Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig & Jon Hamm. 

Actress Kelly Macdonald Reported to Portray The Grey Lady in "Deathly Hallows: Part 2."

New Looks at Fukunaga's 'Jane Eyre' and Scherfig's 'One Day.' 

Terry Gilliam's next project takes you into steampunk Britain of 1884.

Starz Sets Premiere Date For 'Camelot.'

George Clooney joins Sandra Bullock in Gravity. 

'Hunger Games' exclusive! Director Gary Ross talks about casting Katniss; Suzanne Collins on writing a 'Hunger Games' movie: 'You have to let things go.'

Giger Reteams With Scott for Alien Prequel. 

Emily Blunt dishes on time-travel flick "Looper," co-starring Bruce Willis & Joe Gordon-Levitt. 

'Black Swan' and 'True Grit' Scores Ineligible for Oscar, Is 'Inception' Next? Which would be sad, because I really love the Inception score, particularly "Mombasa" and "Dream Within a Dream."

And finally: 'Little Fockers' Review: An Obscene Act of Unspeakable Horror. 

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'Dark Tower' Casting Rumors: Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig & Jon Hamm.

I was wildly and inappropriately excited by this until I realized that they meant only ONE of these lovely men would be cast, not that all 4 of them would be doing something together. Perhaps shirtless. Mm.


If all four of them were shirtless on the screen at once, the entire female population would combust.


I know exactly what you mean about Dawn Treader - I think the worst bit was the little girl, who was just. so. pointless. And deeply irritating (especially when they had to explain why only Lucy could break the Dufflepuds' spell despite the fact there was another little girl around!). Loved Reepicheep and Eustace though, they were brilliant.

Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and...Cristoph Waltz?

Two Oscar winners and RPattz...I'm torn between terror and fascination.

Well, better to learn from the greats than do crap star vehicles, I guess.

Terry Gilliam + steampunk = I am so there.

I am going to be watching Camelot just for the scenery because I will be unable to separate it in my mind from Merlin.

Same thing with Gilliam.

I love the man to bits, and will gleefully support anything he does.

Some Little Girl should want to be herself when she grows up

Yeah, that scene stuck out as superawkward for me, because it was just so pointless. I was like, "Really? A two-line scene? Why?"

I enjoyed the movie, but then there were only a couple of the Narnia books I liked well enough as a kid to read them repeatedly, and this wasn't one of them.

I think that was the worst example of the problem, yeah. I really don't understand why they had the little girl at all--"Stay down there until someone says you can come up!" Okay, so... she's here why? It's like she was there for the sole eventual purpose of that two-line scene. And "MUMMY!" at the end, maybe.

ALSO OMG all that appalling racist bullshit outrage over Idris Elba being in Thor is making me want to punch people over the internets even more than usual.

You know, my original reaction to that was, "Huh. Idris Elba was not someone who would have occurred to me," but it's fantasy. WHO CARES. (Wait. I mean, not that one shouldn't care about fantasy, but that you can do things like that in fantasy.) If that's where they want to go with it, then put on your big nerd panties and DEAL.

Edited at 2010-12-21 11:15 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
I'm with you all the way on Dawn Treader. I mean, I'm not gonna kid myself, I will spend $10 to watch Ben Barnes picking his nose for two hours, that's okay with me. But I think my husband and I spent most of the movie imitating Georgie Henley's "delighted and amazed" face. We'd just sit there and then all of a sudden turn to each other grinning maniacally, then try not to disturb all five of the other people in the theater with our laughing.

Oh my God, the scene with the snow. That was so bad. She wasn't like that in the first movie! What happened?!

Your Highness is probably going to be absolutely terrible, but some part of me still hopes it'll do well because comedic fantasy is a genre that deserves more big-screen love.

(Deleted comment)
Me neither! I even watched Avalon High, the Disney Channel movie. THAT is dedication.

TL;DR on Voyage of the Dawn Treader

As you know, my friend, I could talk FOREVER about Narnia. :D

So, VDT: having seen it three times (and totally, if you can see it in 2-D, do, it looks better), I have to give it a resounding "Meh."

Now I am a lifelong Narnia fan, I own six different editions of the books, and yet, I was perfectly fine with the changes they made to the Prince Caspian movie, because I thought it made the story work better on the screen.

But VDT is my favorite book, and I really think they didn't do it justice. I understand why they needed the new plot - about the 7 swords and creeping Green Mist of Stupidity - to move a really episodic book along. But it was just done so poorly. Way, way, WAY too much plot crammed into a short movie, so nothing really made that much sense.

Like, why are the slavers sacrificing people to the green mist? Don't they need them for slaves? And how, exactly, is there a thriving slave trade when everyone is either being sacrificed or is in hiding from the slavers?

And yes, it was nice, I guess, that they kept lots of details in there from the book, but in many cases, it just seemed like it was so they could say, "Look! That was in the book! And those dudes! No, they have nothing to do with the movie! BUT WE KEPT THEM FROM THE BOOK!"

And I am surprised at all the patting itself on the back that Walden Media is doing for keeping "the Christian message" in the film, because they had Aslan say one line. Honestly, I think VDT is the most spiritual of all the books, and they cut out most of that. I suppose that's because it was way more subtle than, "HEY DID WE MENTION THAT THE LION IS JESUS? DID YOU MISS THAT BEFORE? BECAUSE THE LION IS JESUS, YOU KNOW!"

That said, I agree Will Poulter as Eustace was fabulous, and basically made the film. His moments of friendship with Reepicheep, both in boy and dragon form, were fantastic and pretty much the highlights of the whole movie.

Michael Apted directed this movie, as opposed to Andrew Adamson, who directed the first two films. I think this clearly shows in Georgie Henley's and Skandar Keynes' performance. They gave better performances as little kids in LWW than they did in this. To be fair, the script did them no favors, and made no sense in terms of character development and continuity - the issues it gave to Edmund don't work at all with what we already knew about his character. I had less of a problem with Lucy's character arc, but still, the performances were sub-par.

Ben Barnes I liked, but it was almost like he was acting from a different script than the rest of them. Kind of like Val Kilmer in Tombstone, I got the sense that Barnes had this whole movie going on in his head where Caspian was the star. :D

The scenery was beautiful, and the set of the Dawn Treader itself looked fantastic. I liked the scenes on the ship before the nonsensical plot kicked in, and wish they had had time for more of those - it might have helped with the character issues.

No complaints about Tilda, except I think they used that "Edmund...Edmund..." a few times too many. And in the big climactic battle, where they're not supposed to think of their worse fears, when Edmund said "Oh no!" I was half-expecting the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to show. :D

I did like the ending, which I think was gorgeous and well done, with the transition from Narnia back to England.

I don't know, like you, I wanted to love it, for so many reasons. And again, it's not about changes from book to movie, just that what it comes down to is that it wasn't that good of a movie. It wasn't horrible, but... I watched LWW and PC after I saw it, and god, they totally outshone VDT, in terms of performances and direction and production values.

Re: TL;DR on Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Oh, and I forgot to mention Gael, the little girl - why did we need her taking up time that could better explain the plot? Or give a little more depth of character to the ones we already had there?

I've seen people saying, "Yay! Lucy talked to Gael so the movie passed the Bechdel Test" And you know, I get why the Bechdel Test is a useful tool, but, seriously, I would have rather had a better movie than a character who served no purpose other than to talk to Lucy. Twice.

And it totally screwed up the scene with the Dufflepuds. >:(

And the kid who plays Eustace--Will Poulter--is amazing.

Yeah, I've only seen him in Son of Rambow, but he's terrific. He's one of those young actors that I get excited about seeing, because he might grow up to be a wonderful, beloved actor, and I will have been there right at the start!

I remember reading that David Yates made Emma Watson do take after take on his Harry Potter movies until she stopped forcing the lines and got more natural; that's the kind of difference a director can make.

That's interesting. I don't keep up with the HP movies (anymore), but I remember how Emma's nickname on set when she was younger was "One-Take Watson", and I've always had the niggling feeling that that isn't necessarily impressive. I mean, it's nice that she can get her lines in one take, but if that one take is largely eyebrow acrobatics, a few more tries might not be such a bad thing. It's neat to hear that Yates tried to push her.

(I like you, Emma, I do. Just not your acting. :-/ )

I love her, but the eyebrows were out of control for a few movies. They were terrible in the first two--I've always pointed to her performance through the series as a visible example of the difference a director can make to the actors. All of the actors got visibly better once Columbus was gone, but Yates seems to have really done a lot for Watson in particular.

i know what you mean with the movie. (havent seen this one, but i mean the issues)

a good director can get an actor to be their very best, and look easy. a director that either isnt that good, OR just doesnt work well with that specific actor. and ......not so much

I think trying to make Caspian something it isnt. is going to make it suffer no matter what.
far better to , for instance. do what woudl be NATURAL for the series. cut Voyage of the dawn treader short as heck and run it right into Silver Chair...

I did love the kid who played Eustace. It's probably for the best, Lucy and Edmund have had their run, and hopefully whoever they get to play Jill in the next movie will be excellent. The Silver Chair is more of an adventure story, much like The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, so it ought to adapt more easily. It's my favorite and doesn't seem to get as much love, so I am looking forward to it. ^_^

I think the Silver Chair is the most cinematic of all seven books, actually. It's a fantastic plot and the characters are good and have development and... they really better not ruin it, because it would be so unnecessary.

I haven't seen VDT yet and I'm really disappointed to hear it wasn't so good. I'm like Cleo – this is MY LOTR. Sigh.

'Black Swan' and 'True Grit' Scores Ineligible for Oscar, Is 'Inception' Next? Which would be sad, because I really love the Inception score, particularly "Mombasa" and "Dream Within a Dream."

Ugh that literally makes me want to die, the score for Black Swan is beautiful. The Inception soundtrack is my favorite score this year. It's just so epic, I hope it gets a nom.

Clint Mansell really did a lovely job. You can hear echoes of the source material, but only if you're really listening.

I'm going to, uh... respectfully disagree with you there about the Inception score. I... do not like Zimmer. With few exceptions.

I will sit with you on that bench.