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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I'm having A Day over here
yahoo christmas
Not doing so well today. I had two pleasantly busy run-around days of errands, and then I kind of crashed yesterday because I'm still a bit consumptive and easily fatigued, but I tried to get some writing done anyway. It was slow and sludgy, but I made some progress. I made, however, zero progress on the cleaning and decorating required for the next Secret Life. And today, my wrist hurts (like I've been holding it on the keyboard the wrong way, that kind of hurt) and my right eye is bothering me, like I'm about to develop an eye-strain eyelid twitch again. Also, I have run out of one of my medications and my doctor is being all passhole-aggresshole about not calling it in, possibly because I had to cancel my med check appointment last week. Like, if this pisses you off or you insist on talking to me again first, just tell me, rather than not call back or say anything and refuse authorization when the pharmacy calls you. Like, it's not even "Oh, maybe she's out of office, it's the holidays"; they said she actually refused authorization. She's never done something like this before. I don't even know. And now I'm doing this really childish omg is she mad at me? thing and being afraid to call her. But I'm going to have to, because I'm out of Lamictal and it is the scary medication that you do not want to fool with. So... Day Two of no Lamictal, that is probably a large part of the problem, actually.

In more pleasant news, my college friend David has a chapter in In the Peanut Gallery With MST3K: Essays on Film, Fandom, Technology and the Culture of Riffing, and he interviewed me for it. It's up for pre-order now (it comes out in March. "Will not arrive for Christmas." NO KIDDING), and I may buy a couple of extra copies and do some kind of giveaway. We're also trying to get foresthouse's rapidly imminent second eye surgery paid for, and I'm trying to decide how soon to auction off--well, let's go ahead and announce it:


Also pictured: the amazing blue plush blanket you WISH you had

Tag it #massivepersonalsacrifice (she said, tongue firmly in cheek), because I am giving up the Barbie Alice. Mostly because I didn't want to deal with yet another pair of the same character and I came to love the Tonner Alice once I made a few adjustments. I decided to quit while I was ahead and gave up on cunning plans to flip her hair, since the little bob she did come with looks much better than in the prototype picture, and I had to rig a little extension to get her choker on, but I managed it, and she is REALLY CUTE when you put her in a little dancy-dancy pose on her stand, SO. Do not cry for me, Shelfentina. I give Barbie Alice to you (one of you) of my own free will. And lack of shelf space.

Meanwhile, hybrid_xisha brings us news about the Last Unicorn Blu-Ray and good news (it looks like) about Peter S. Beagle's legal troubles.

And finally--using Youtube/Blip.fm/whatever as appropriate: bring unto me your favorite, legally available holiday music. My favorites, off the top of my head, are "Fairytale of New York" and "2000 Miles." And for some reason I associate "Toy Soldiers" with Christmas, even though it's about drugs or whatever, because there was this one Christmas where I got a pair of headphones with a radio built in and they were playing that every third song. Ah, childhood.

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Doctors should be shoved in a small, dirty hotel room and forced to go through antidepressant/mood stabilizer/sedative withdrawal before they can prescribe meds JUST FOR THIS REASON.

Jubal Early approves.

/Shouldn't a surgeon have to get shot, so he knows the pain his patients are in?

*is STRONGLY tempted to bid on Barbie!Alice. very strongly*

KT Tunstall's 'Christmas in Hawaii'. It has a kazoo solo. She did a Christmas CD--can you get Spotify in the US? If so, listen to A Very KT Christmas.

Thank you!!! I heard this on the radio the other day, loved it, and for the life of me could not find it!!!
*scurries off to iTunes*

Obviously Fairytale of New York is my favourite Xmas song (nothing gets me more in the festive mood than the line "you scumbag, you maggot") as well as Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby (I consider it a crime for anyone else who isn't Eartha Kitt to sing that song.) Santa's Sack by White Ghost Shivers is a new favourite I discovered because Eric Power Up from TGWTG directed the video. It's super naughty!


OMG I heard Madonna's version of Santa Baby the other day and it damn near ruined the entire song for me.

My favorite Christmas song is this now.

For no particular reason.


I...uploaded this a long time ago and yet it never ceases to be ace.

I present:

The Billy Idol Christmas Album

Did they offer that for download legally, or...?

One, "passhole-agresshole" is my new favorite phrase.

Two, definitely advocate for yourself. See if your pharmacy will loan you some (generally, if possible, they will loan you three days' worth - talk to the pharmacist, not a tech) until your doctor decides to stop being a bitch. I always feel like most doctors really need to experience the issues they treat so they're much more empathetic. For example, an ophthalmologist with 20/20 vision needs to find a different specialty.

I've had great success with this, too. My doctor actually has a rep for not returning his goddamn scrip faxes in a timely manner, and the local pharmacists all know it.

Oooh. Their version of "Carol of the Bells" is my favorite seasonal song. I get totally-unrelated-to-the-cold chills whenever it comes on the radio. (Who would have thought "rocking the hell out" could become a Christmas tradition..?)

My favorite xmas songs this year

a classic...

I hate the original, but i love this group, and they made it waaay better... :)

and the KT tunstall song mentioned before. :D

But I'm going to have to, because I'm out of Lamictal and it is the scary medication that you do not want to fool with.

Dude, what the actual FUCK. Lamictal withdrawl is dangerous. I am actually kind of hyperventilating with TOTAL RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE over this. Your doctor is a bad person who does bad things and should feel bad for her badness. Despite her apparent horribility, plz plz call her asap.

The only thing I can think is that she does not realize that I am OUT, and that possibly (very slightly possibly) she called me and my phone did not get it. I mean, I had the phone ring once yesterday around 7 pm; I looked down, and it informed me that I had a voicemail... left at 4:45 pm. There's a possibility that there's been some misunderstanding? I don't know?

This version of this video of this song makes me want to christmas party with these people.

Mostly I like humor in my Christmas, though. Song of my childhood:

Doctors can be bastards sometimes. Hope yours gets their head out of their ass soon.

Little Dealer Boy, from the Colbert Christmas special. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend finding it.

(Deleted comment)
As a kid, I had a vague awareness of Burl Ives for Christmasy music, but in reality, when I think of him, my first thoughts turn to him railing against mendacity. Which doesn't really fit with the Yuletide festivities. ;)