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A lazy New Year's Eve
msauvage purple
Those of you who have been reading for a while now, you know how I spend my New Year's Eves, because I am both fond of traditions and possessed of little social life: the Sci-Fi SyFy channel Twilight Zone marathon. 5:30 CST is when the real classics start up, beginning with "It's a Good Life" ("WISH IT INTO THE CORNFIELD!!"), although I am also very fond of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street," "Third from the Sun," and, of course, "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" Among others. Unfortunately, 7-9 pm is wrestling, because God forbid we go a single day without that. On a sci-fi channel. I don't even know.

Meanwhile, have purchased the three Hunger Games e-books. Will start on those after I have gotten some work done--probably not before Sunday. I'm getting a little worried about how high expectations are getting--mine for the books, and y'all's for my reaction to them--but I've also been spoiled for the end of the series, so my experience reading them will probably be different from a lot of people's anyway.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, I have also taken down the last of the Christmas decorations (I left the ones up on the Shelf; we stripped our Big Person Christmas tree the very day after Christmas, since it had been up since the beginning of the month) and am getting to take down my calendars, because I have a deep superstition about these things. (Of course, I always have to change the calendar on the first day of the month exactly anyway--or even just take it down on the last day, if it's been a really bad month. You want the changeover to mark a fresh start.) You should do things on New Year's Day that symbolize how you want the rest of the year to go--I've heard you shouldn't take out any kind of garbage or trash because it symbolizes fortune leaving the house instead of coming in. Unless maybe you want it to symbolize dumping all the baggage out of your life. It's all magical thinking, of course, so it's whatever you need it to mean. So I would like to do or write or post something useful tomorrow (but not read or watch anything grimdark). We'll see.

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I give you my traditional New Year's Gift: Bill Mumy.
Also? I've read the first Hunger Game. It was pretty good.

My calendar is in the mail and it's bothering me so much that it might not get here before the end of today.

I'm superstitious about my calendars or at least very specific about them: no photographs, must be colorful, and so help me the picture on November (my birth month) has to be good. That last one is a tall order, because I feel as though they always toss the ugliest picture on that month (usually in a nasty orange/brown "Thanksgiving-y" color scheme).

Unfortunately, 7-9 pm is wrestling, because God forbid we go a single day without that. On a sci-fi channel. I don't even know.

Probably for the same reason wrestling tropes are so big on TVTropes. Who knows, the people at SyFy may be big readers of TVTropes and got the idea of showing wrestling from there.

My cynical side knows exactly why 'wrastlin' is on SyFy, it's for cheap, lowest-common-denominator ratings; exact same reason channels like G4 have such intectually, or even entertaining, shows like Cheaters.

I do wonder just how they would have sold the idea of wrestling if some exec had actually cared about channel branding over at Syfy...

Seriously, what is with the block of wrestling in the middle of the NYE Twilight Zone marathon? They never used to do that.

Yeah, what is with wresting on SyFy? Unless the Mega Shark and Giant Octopus are going to throw down in that ring, I do not care.

I think you'll mostly enjoy The Hunger Games. It's good that you've got all three on hand, because they move very fast. If I'd read them with more critical eye, I'd probably have a lot more negative things to say, but I kind of just jumped in and let the craziness wash over me, which was fun. Fun like a terrifying roller coaster that makes you want to throw up is fun, but still.

I know! I mean, we all know the syfy rebranding was to try and distance themselves from the nerd demographic....but why would you interrupt a marathon? Do they not know the meaning of the word marathon?

I've been meaning to pick up the Hunger Games books myself.

I like the The Yarn Harlot's idea of having a clean house to start off the new year. (I paid someone. Like I have the time or energy? Shyeah.)

Trash was taken out this morning so I'm good on that front too.

And in honor of my Jewish roots, there is something sweet to start off the new year too--chocolate chip pumpkin bread muffins, which I'm taking to work with me. I leave at midnight, but not before my fabulous coworkers and I toast with sparkling grape juice and save some lives.

Happy New Year! I wish things would improve for you this year. And I wish you more Pallas cats.

I read The Hunger Games because SO MANY of my friends kept telling me how amazingly fantastic they were. I thought they were ok, but nowhere near the hype they're getting. Mostly I'm glad that I read them because now I can participate in the dialogue about them, not because they were such good books.

An early Happy New Year to you. I hope this new year brings you many great things.
So do you have anything light and happy ready to read / watch?

Interesting about doing something that symbolizes how I want to rest of the year to go... so the puzzle I am putting together can symbolize putting the scattered unstructured pieces of my life together to make something beautiful?

And maybe I can throw in reading a romance novel...

You should do things on New Year's Day that symbolize how you want the rest of the year to go

That explains a lot... last year at 12:00 am January 1, I was with my family celebrating the new year. In the midst of all our "ringing in the New Year" antics, my 11-year-old cousin (accidentally) poked me in the eye really hard. It took me a few minutes before I could see straight. Looking back, that was rather indicative of things to come... This year, I will steer clear of any children's wayward fingers (that's my only New Year's resolution ^_~)

I think you will enjoy "The Hunger Games." It's a very fast-paced story, one that I found rather satisfying, so I'm excited for you to read it.

(And I LOVE "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" - I was in a one-act play based on that episode in high school and it was so much fun. I'm a sucker for psychological thriller-y stuff like that).

I'm moving tomorrow, which will probably involve a lot of dumping of trash. I'm viewing it as an opportunity to start the New Year with a new home and throw out all the baggage and bad mojo of 2010 (it hasn't been all bad, but there's been enough bad that a fresh start sounds nice).
But as long as I don't spend the first 24 hours of 2011 bewilderdly fending off a friend's PTSD flashback, or vomiting because of a sinus infection, it'll be an improvement over some of the New Year's Eves I've had in the past 5 years.

"Willoughbyyyyy! Next station stop Willoughbyyyyy!"

That's my particular favorite. Also the one with Telly Savalas and the DOLL.

Ahhh the Hunger Games. Interesting books, but I wasn't blown away by the 3rd like I was by the first two. Though I was happy with the ending. =) Happy reading!!

It's SCI-FI wrestling. OF COURSE. ;P