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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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The Tonner Toy Fair preview is up
galadriel tonner
And it is here. Keep in mind that this isn't the entire spring line, but still, I was hoping to see an Eowyn; no luck. And no preview of the Marvel character figures, either. Instead, what we got was... well.

The Vampire Diaries: Tonner Ian Somerhalder. This is a thing that's happening.

Harry Potter: Baby 12" Hermione! Actually, it does kind of look like her in the first movie or so, IMO. Well, the face needs to be thinner and chinnier to look like Emma Watson (this is a problem all her likenesses have had), but the hair's pretty accurate.

Alice in Wonderland: Aw! There are three new Alices, including the one in the awesome coat and rickrack skirt! And they're all different heights! That is pretty awesome. And... a "Futterwacken" Hatter, which is... less so.


Clash of the Titans: THEY MADE AN IO WITH A MUPPET CLOAK. YOU GUYS. DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME THIS IS TO ME. I'm not saying I have the space or money for it; I'm just saying that it makes me happy.

Prince of Persia: Yes, that is supposedly the same actress as the Io likeness (to be fair, we're not seeing them from the same angle). I don't even know how to begin to talk about the "painting Gemma Arterton brown" business.

Disney Princesses: Rapunzel, "pending licensor approval." Yeah... unless it looks a lot better from the side, they need to send that sculpt back to the drawing board.

And a ton of fashion dolls, of course, but I consider them less Relevant to My Interests. I'm not seeing anything in this update that is going to affect Secret Life, either--and speaking of which, we may have another delay on a new update. I've been sick again this week, some kind of weird stomach problem that's made it hard to eat, which in turn has left me pretty weak. So I'm doing the best I can, but things are going slowly.

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Hope you feel better very soon, Cleo.

The Ian Somerhalder is SLAYING me.

Man... I'm really hoping they come out with a Lost line. And then I can buy Juliet and pet her hair. And then buy Sawyer and bonk their mouths together and make kissy noises.

Maturity - I have it in spades.

Edited at 2011-01-07 05:50 pm (UTC)

That is an excellent idea, and I would do the exact same thing. It still burns me how Sawyer and Juliet ended up on the show.

(Deleted comment)
I am kind of falling in love with the Alice in the coat, yeah.

The sculpt of Damon in that stock picture legitimately terrifies me. O_o BUT - to be fair - there are other male Tonners I have said this about, and when actually realized, they turn out awesome. So it could be a flaw in the prototype picture I would hope. His outfit is a little too boring, but that may just be because the only way Vampire Diaries dolls would make me squee and flail and want them badly is if they were in their Civil War era costumes. :c

One that terrifies me and will never be anything but made of nightmares is the Hatter. Oh god. *hides* I LOVE all of Alice's different dresses, though.

Every single version of Rapunzel that I've seen is hideous, I'm sorry. D: Have you seen the ones the Disney Store has made? BLEH. Her animation looks so cute, what are they thinking with these things?

I hope you feel better and get some strength back soon, Cleo. <333

Well, and it's also true that Tonners just do not photograph well. You have to see them in their full three-dimensional glory sometimes. I actually think the Damon might look pretty good in person. It's like--you start to be able to tell whether a Tonner face is just totally off or it's the picture. The Io/Gemma Arterton looks like it might look pretty good in person as well, for example.

(Deleted comment)
Well, I guess there is a lot more coming out in February so maybe that's when Eowyn and the Marvel dolls might be unveiled. I hope so, anyway.

Re: Alice in Wonderland

Is there anyone in the world that is going to pay $374.99 for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?

Re: Alice in Wonderland

I had this same thought.

I laughed out loud when I opened that lj-cut.

My first thought when I saw that Damon was that someone had screwed up their vampire series and gave him a Vamp!Face from the Buffy/Angel Universe.

You just absolutely hit what was bothering me so much about his brow. That is precisely it.

Hermione's head is disturbingly square. It freaks me out.

I looooooove the Alice dolls though. The costumes are gorgeous and she actually looks kind of right.

Feel better soon!

Rapunzel: Meh. Shouldn't it be easier to make a doll based on an animated character?

It must be, since there are already (much more affordable) dolls that look more accurate.

(Deleted comment)
Near as I can figure, Jessica's there because Disney owns Touchstone. I mean, Touchstone Pictures (or whatever they may call themselves these days . . .) is the Disney property started for their more adult/grownup movies.

I'm hoping that she's just suffering from ugly-prototype syndrome, though, because I would have assumed a Jessica Rabbit doll would be much cuter. :/

Eowyn as Dernhelm. Is that so very much to ask? No, I do not think so!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Rapunzel's cute, (though the face is... weird) but I'm jarred by the inaccuracy of her costume. Why are the colors so off? Bleh.

Also, she doesn't have her signature-gravity-defying hair part, but what can you do.

I like the freckles, though.

(And the wig gives me hope that they'll be making a short hair version! PLZ TONNER.)

Feel better soon!

Oh dear. The Damon doll kind of scares me... and I think I want it.

More Alices!! Squee!! (I think I'm finally wanting the 'original' they put out ages ago. As if I need another Alice doll. But hey! She can play with Re-Imagination Alyce! I need help, sigh.)

That Hermione looks freakishly like Emma, only the face is... off. But soo cute.

Rapunzel: No. Just... No.

Feel better!

Edited at 2011-01-07 07:32 pm (UTC)

How can so much of that stuff already be sold out, if they only just now released it??? Does it really sell that fast?