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Well, as sure as I go on about it, it won't happen. BUT. We're being advised that Birmingham may be hit by an ice storm tonight. Right now, I'm less sure that we're going to really get some Laura Ingalls Wilder shit up in here because originally the weather forecast had a low of 10°F (-12 °C), and now the lowest low is... 30. We're going to have to do better than "just barely below freezing" to get the snow to really stick. Well, it's supposed to get down to 22 late next week, but it's only supposed to be sunny then. But that's the thing--the weather could just as easily get worse. And we've still got three days of snow and/or ice predicted. So obviously, there are riots in the streets. My parents went ahead and got the week's grocery shopping done Friday afternoon because, obviously, there will be neither a loaf of bread nor a jug of milk nor a single battery left on the shelves for a hundred miles once a good panic gets going.

I've tried to explain this before, but the South really does not get this kind of weather very often (although we've been getting more of it in the last few years. Thanks, Global Warming Trufax Climate Change!), so we are just not prepared to deal with it. It's the treesCollapse ) 

Basically, I'm outlining all this because, as sure as I do, none of it will happen. However, if I disappear for a few days, this will be why. I'm going to try to conserve battery power on my phone and laptop, since I won't know how long the power might be out if it does go, so I'll probably check in on Twitter, since it's quicker. If for some reason I can't post anything myself, I'll probably call foresthouse, who (as my Literary Representative and Internet Lawyer) can then update people on Twitter. But this is an "Oh my God, it's been three days, where is Cleo?!" scenario. I'm hoping it's just going to be all of us snowed in with lots of electricity and internet and, apparently, football. Because if people can't watch Auburn tomorrow night, I am pretty sure there will be civil unrest.

Oh, and now my friend David reports,

@griner: Birmingham: Winter storm update from @abc3340: Going to be a craaazy night.


ETA: State of emergency declared in Alabama; up to 10" of snow predicted in some areas.


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