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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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As explained earlier today: SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011 OMG. Well, I've still got internet and electricity, although my sister's already run into some road trouble. Let's have a breakdown of reports from around Twitter:

@BreakingNews: State of emergency declared in Alabama; up to 10" of snow predicted in some areas - Times-Journal http://bit.ly/i0YjcV

This was sometime around 2 pm, mind you, before flake #1 had come out of the sky. The sleet started coming down here around 3:30.

@randomisjen: @cleolinda Schools in North AL are already closing

@randomisjen: @cleolinda All flights ( inbound/outbound) from Huntsville Int. airport are being canceled

@cleolinda: Apparently I-65 is now closed.

@spann: Multiple accidents now reported on I-65 in downtown Birmingham #alwx #bham

@KaraKennedy: From Homewood Police Dept: Hwy 31 is closed and the interstate is closed. Travel not advised #alwx

@Salome: UAB is cancelling classes and suspending university business operations for Monday, Jan. 10, 2011.

@BreakingNews: Auburn University cancels classes, BCS viewing parties ahead of storm - Auburn.edu http://bit.ly/i8z4UL

There's an Auburn (national?) championship game of some sort tomorrow night (this is why I have trouble fitting in, y'all), and if either the power or the cable goes out and people can't watch it? There will be bloodshed. People already call up and curse the news stations out whenever Severe Weather Warnings interrupt televised games. If they can't see a national championship, there will be civil unrest. You think I am kidding and I am really kind of not.

@BreakingNews: Delta Airlines expects 1,400 cancellations Monday as storm disrupts travel in the South - NBC News

@BreakingNews: Snow falling steadily in Atlanta; widespread school closings announced - ajc.com  

@doctoraicha: We've had 2 inches in an hour. Up to four RIGHT NOW. Since 7pm. #snowpoaclypse Atlanta.

@BreakingNews: Wrecks have blocked large sections of highways in the Atlanta region - ajc.com http://bit.ly/eHQUBe

@alabamapower: Favorite this Tweet: If your power goes out , call 1-800-888-2726. http://bit.ly/ejwQBn #ALwx #bham

I'm not entirely sure what the "wx" in that hashtag stands for.

@bhamterminal: City of #bham is closed tomorrow #alwx

The whole thing? You can just... do that? Huh.

@cleolinda: I'm trying to be as ridiculous as possible about this to ward off it actually happening. #magicalthinking

@particle_person: @cleolinda Well if you're expecting 10 inches and you only get 2, I'm not even going to resist the she-said jokes.

Meanwhile, foresthouse eagerly took up her duties as Official Emergency Representative:

@foresthouse: NOT YET :D RT @cleolinda If for some reason I can't communicate any other way, @foresthouse will be in charge of DID CLEO FREEZE OMG updates

@foresthouse: SHE ATE A POPSICLE, THOUGH. #didcleofreezeomgupdates (@cleolinda: you should never have given me this responsibility. HEE.)


@cleolinda: @foresthouse WE DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY SNOW YET! 

@NoelCT: @foresthouse It's good that @cleolinda has a fireplace. But if she runs out of wood, will she sacrifice her dolls for warmth?

@cleolinda: @foresthouse @NoelCT Don't give Anna any ideas.

@Eviey: @foresthouse So... #didcleofreezeyetomgupdates?

@foresthouse: NOT YET WOOHOO. BUT THERE MAY BE RIOTS. http://bit.ly/i2DQ82

@cleolinda: Aaaaaand the hail begins.

@cleolinda: It's like a fine sleet at the moment. But earlier than we expected.

@foresthouse: ALABAMA HAS ACHIEVED: SLEET. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: "FALLEN ICE" (ambush your opponents) #didcleofreeezeyetomgupdates

@foresthouse: .@CLEOLINDA IS PREPARING FOR: THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. GOAL #1: GET ARCTIC TRUCK. (http://tinyurl.com/25m2zug) #didcleofreezeyetomgupdates


Apparently the ice was bad up on the mountain and there were about eight cars pulled over, unable to go any further. Sister Girl is at her place now (according to texts she sent to Mom), although I'm not sure whether she was able to get back in her car and drive, or if she had to walk the rest of the way home.

@foresthouse: WELL NOW YOU'VE SAID IT... RT @Eviey I hope wolves don't escape from the zoo while Cleo needs to go get penicillin off a Russian freighter.

@cleolinda: @foresthouse @Eviey Happily, I'm allergic to penicillin. Possibly also to freighters.

@emokidsloveme: Because it's ice. RT @cleolinda: It really is. RT @Kate_Hart: This snow is very sparkly. It looks like my deck has been glittered.

@cleolinda: @emokidsloveme I was about to say, yeah. I've been listening to it hit the windows and the roof for hours.

@emokidsloveme: @cleolinda Yeah that's ice, not snow, that's why it sparkles. HAHAHAHAHA!

I'm just gonna stand back and let the jokes roll in.

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...You and your husband, you have a habit of accidentally flying past giant storms?

Well, we didn't think it was a habit until now. We apparently just have interesting timing.

We actually flew through Katrina twice--on her way in, as she brushed across Florida, and on her way out, as she was heading back up towards the north.

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