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Golden Globes #4

BA DUH DUH BA DUH DUH BAAAAAA. Please welcome! Michelle Pfeiffer in dark blue! Maybe purple? I can't tell! She sounds completely dead inside as she introduces the Alice in Wonderland clip. It's okay, bb, you're done. You can go hit the bar now. WHOA! Helena Bonham Carter's hair is UNPRECEDENTEDLY LARGE. It goes without saying that it is also in charge.

I have no idea what Ricky Gervais was saying about Eva Longoria and the bathroom, and I think this is probably for the best. She is in a black dress that manages to be 68% good tastes and 32% boobs. Here is the president of the HFPA and he has just told Ricky Gervais to go find someone else to certify his movies. (Certify? I'm not sure. This guy talks like an unwrapped mummy.) (What? Mummys are good people, I'm not disrespecting anyone here.) LET'S MOVE ON. Milla Jovovich is dolled up in a--silvery beige? Kevin Bacon needs to comb his hair.

Best Actor — Drama
Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Hugh Laurie, House M.D.

Big cheer for Bryan Cranston, who has no hair. Hugh Laurie looks grim, which could mean anything. Winner: "STEVE BUSCEMIIIIII!" screams Milla Jovovich. Wow, you got a fan up there. Table 14, he informs us, has got it goin' on. "I'm going to try to talk fast before that sad music comes on..." And they try to tell him to wrap it up right as he gets to thanking Kelly Macdonald. "Already?!"

Hey, Bacon and Jovovich are still up here. Kids, don't forget to recycle.

Best TV Series — Drama
Boardwalk Empire
The Good Wife
Mad Men
The Walking Dead

Winner: Boardwalk Empire. Show me what Kelly Macdonald's wearing! Huh. She'll be taking challengers in the Battle of the Beiges arena after the show. The Man Who Speaks for the Group: "I think I speak for everyone on this stage when I say HOLY EFFING CRAP we just won a Golden Globe award!!"

Mingling: Jake Gyllenhaal is laughing; I think that is Sandra Bullock in very dark, straight, banged hair; Angelina is fixing Brad's neckwear. HOW IS IT NOT EVEN 8 PM YET? Commercials.

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