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SAG Awards liveblog #2
yahoo oscars bronze
Ladies and gentlemen! Sofia Vergara in extremely busty blue and Taye Diggs in bowtie. Also, my internet just went out. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series



DEXTER (Showtime)



Boardwalk Empire wins, and Steve Buscemi has lost his other speech. More importantly to me, Kelly Macdonald has an excellent shiny black dress. "Now I have time left, and I have to keep talking!" moans Buscemi. Paz de la Huerta takes over and thanks Scorsese and a couple of other people and seriously, I don't know what's not working with this posting process but something is not working here.

Here's SAG president Ken Howard, who thanks various unions (UNION! UNION!), and says (ominously?) that we will hear more in future months about SAG and AFTRA uniting.

Ladies and gentlemen! Dennis Haysbert! I wish I had bought interwebs insurance with you, Mr. Haysbert. Wait, is this going to be a montage? About--commercials? Because.... ohhhhhhh, I get it.

Blessedly, the montage allows me to scream at the internets long enough to make them work.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
AMY ADAMS / Charlene Fleming – “THE FIGHTER” (Paramount Pictures)
HELENA BONHAM CARTER / Queen Elizabeth – “THE KING’S SPEECH” (The Weinstein Company)
MILA KUNIS / Lily – “BLACK SWAN” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
MELISSA LEO / Alice Ward – “THE FIGHTER” (Paramount Pictures)
HAILEE STEINFELD / Mattie Ross – “TRUE GRIT” (Paramount Pictures)

Everyone in this category, so far as I have seen, looks great, by the way. Even Helena Bonham Carter is unusually fancy! Hailee Steinfeld's stripy dress is precious! I saw Mila Kunis in passing on a red carpet thing and her dress looked well-fitted and with no horrible tulle parasites on it! Amy Adams is in white that is dangerously skirting beige. Maybe white is going to be the go-to color tonight? Melissa Leo wins, of course, but even Christian Bale (who is patting her shoulder) seems to have trimmed back the Jesus. She's is in a very nice sparkly-goldy yet tasteful sort of number (this is why I don't have a fashion blog) and she is a mess, emotionally. I think she's even more shocked to win the SAG than she was the Golden Globes. She brought--six of the seven girls who played her daughters? I haven't seen The Fighter yet, I don't know if this makes any sense or not. Also: UNION! UNION!

Commercials. THIS BETTER WORK.

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The family in "The Fighter" consists of seven girls and two boys, the boys separated by some years. (By coincidence, this is also the composition of my family, so I remembered.)

Yes, Leo's character has seven daughters in The Fighter (plus her two sons). Those girls are like a Greek chorus of Hairspray Harpies.

Yay, you're here! I'm not actually watching the SAGs so your liveblog is my only connection to same. It's kind of nice, actually.

I wish Betty White was my Grandma!
(Omg....did she just molest the statue?)

I am actually paying attention to award shows (sorta...) for the first time in my life solely because of these liveblogs. They're lovely.

But what moron decided Mattie Ross is a supporting role? I just saw that movie, and how in the hell is it anyone else's story but hers?

We had discussion about the Mattie Ross thing when the GGs were going on and when the Oscar nominations were announced. I am told that often it is decided based upon billing, and Jeff Bridges got top billing for that movie, so he gets the Best Actor nom for it, while she gets "supporting". Also some people were making the argument that it is traditional for the Academy to give child actors supporting nods. (With the theory being that the GGs and the SAG follow the same pattern as the Oscars?)

Or something. I don't know. All I know is that neither explanation feels satisfactory to me. :P If it's a billing matter, I don't mind them giving Bridges the Best Actor slot so much, but don't see why there cannot be a Best Actor and a Best Actress from the same film, and by all measures she should be recognized at that level for that film. (I personally would put Bridges' role in the Supporting category, myself.)

Hmmm. That only really raises the question of "WELL WHAT MADMAN GAVE HIM TOP BILLING." Because I agree, Bridges's character is really the supporter here; it's all Mattie's story. Her initiative, her goals, her narration, her vengeance, her... everything. Seeing that listed elsewhere is just ridiculous. You'd think having her do the opening and closing narration both, and talking mainly about herself in both of them, and having her be the first and last person seen, would all be a hint.

Sorry to vent all over the comment thread, but I just - yes. Not good explanations.

Well, top billing is often given to the most famous actor in the movie, regardless of the screen time. This may be a really egregious case of bumping a younger actor down to supporting, but honestly, I'm not sure she would have had a chance at a nomination otherwise, just because the Best Actress field is so crowded this year. A lot of times studios campaign for one slot or the other for a better chance at winning.

Ah. I suppose in some ways that make sense, but on the other hand, there are so few action movies with women as the protagonists rather than as 'lead' romantic interests.

Ebert said this (about her Oscar nod):

Although she obviously played the lead in "True Grit," 12-year-old Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for best supporting actress. Academy rules say if you receive votes for both categories, your nomination comes in the category where you have the most votes. Paramount encouraged voters to choose the supporting category, where Steinfeld becomes the front-runner, and not the top category, where she didn't have a chance.

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