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Occupation: Girl

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SAG Awards liveblog #3
yahoo oscars bronze
Ladies and gentlemen! Amy Poehler in... very shouldersome black. Huh. "Real... warm... generous... kind of cheesy... heavy on the meat. These in my opinion are the qualities of a good sandwich." But also, these nominees!

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series

ALEC BALDWIN / Jack Donaghy - “30 ROCK” (NBC)
CHRIS COLFER / Kurt Hummel – “GLEE” (FOX)
ED O’NEILL / Jay Pritchett – “MODERN FAMILY” (ABC)

"And the best actor, in this category, according to some people, as of tonight, is..." Alec Baldwin! I guess! Maybe a jury of his peers is not so much into Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer as I thought they would be! (Oh, hey, Tina Fey is in red. From the elbows up, it looks better than many of her award-show choices! We do not know what it looks like below that.) Baldwin goes on about how Melissa Leo is basically playing Amy Poehler in The Fighter? "Thank you to the Teamsters, it's very nice to have these people to drive you to work every day. I'm going to wrap it up and say thank you." He said a little more than that. But not much.

Please welcome! Jon Hamm! Who looks a bit nervous! Something about getting the best female actor in the business to present so they got him! I am beyond trying to figure out what's going on here. This whole internet not-outage business just completely threw me.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series
EDIE FALCO / Jackie Peyton - “NURSE JACKIE” (Showtime)
TINA FEY / Liz Lemon - “30 ROCK” (NBC)
JANE LYNCH / Sue Sylvester – “GLEE” (FOX)
SOFIA VERGARA / Gloria Delgado-Pritchett – “MODERN FAMILY” (ABC)
BETTY WHITE / Elka Ostrovsky – “HOT IN CLEVELAND” (TV Land)

"And the best actor, according to Amy Poehler and the Teamsters, is..." Betty White! Who is shocked! This actually seems to be both the first time she's been nominated for a SAG and won, although, to be fair, this is only the seventeenth time they've had them. Betty White has TV shows that ran longer than that. "I--I cannot believe this! And they had to get the old broad up those stairs, and that wasn't easy! I am so lucky, to be, at this age, at 89--" (huge cheer) "You didn't applaud when I turned 40!" She totally loves her cast and it's really sweet. "But to have this happen, on top of--" She stops to touch the SAG statuette, realizes it's a naked man: "Ooh." She is milking it even during an acceptance speech, y'all. God bless.

Please welcome! Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter are here to present a clip from The King's Speech, which is about George VI (HBC: "That's him"). I seriously cannot express to you how unexpected HBC's hair is. It's brushed and rolled and curled and done. It looks like hair. I don't even know how to handle it. Presumably, she was also wearing clothes.

Ladies and gentlemen! Angie Harmon in feathery pink (it's... uh. Like, it could go right, but it could go so very, very wrong. It could maybe go to Tutuville, I can't tell from here) and LL Cool J in total black!

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series






Modern Family wins, second nomination, first time. Steve Carrell looks a bit nonplussed. Hee, the kids are giggling. Ed O'Neill tells us that once he found out he would be delegated to speak, "I said, I hope we don't win." IN YOUR FACE, WINNER! Commercials.

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HBC looks so pretty and normal, Im almost disappointed....

Agreed about HBC's hair - not sold on the part of the dress I saw when she was standing, but you can't have everything. And is it just me, or does Winona Ryder (I think that's her in the front row?) look like she's attending her own wedding? There's a fine line between white dress, and Where's My Veil, and I think she's on the wrong side of that line.

Also, thanks for wrestling the internet into submission and liveblogging!

Does anyone actually watch Hot in Cleveland? I had to actually look up what channel it's on.

Also, I don't know how to deal with HBC not being the craziest looking person at an awards show. She looks so...normal. On her, that's actually kind of unsettling.

This lifetime achievement award segment is soooooooo long and soooooooo boring.

It's brushed and rolled and curled and done. It looks like hair.

Are you SURE it was her?? Hee.

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