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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checking in
Huh. I had no idea I hadn't posted in more than a week.

1) So... here's Tonner Jasper. Or rather, the page seems to have gone up too early and is now down. (I think the Toy Fair 2011 reveal is supposed to be on Monday.) Too bad I'd left the "click for larger image" tab open! MOO HA HA.

What? Someone on Facebook posted pictures of it on display at IDEX last week. It's already out in the wild! 

2) I am feeling a lot better, although still busy and kind of winter-sluggish.

@cleolinda: After three days of fresh fruit intake, I feel much better. Maybe this whole time the Death Blarg was scurvy...?

@cleolinda: Yarrrr, we be at snow for three months, unable to reach the produce aisle. Two days ago, the salty dogs raided a Super Bowl parrrrty.

@cleolinda: Strangely, no one missed the fruit plate. Arrrrrrrr.

What I have been doing with my Feel-Bad Down-Time, besides feeling snerfy and/or lying in a quasi-tubercular cold-medicine coma, is reading. (Mostly research, a few classics, a new YA.) Writing is also going slowly but well. I was drafting a big "let's discuss all these books" post, but then I realized I ought to dole it out a couple of books at a time. And also, we need some more Varney.

3) I also saw True Grit on Sunday, but didn't mention it because--well, the Super Bowl. Which I spent curled up in my room reading Victorian vampire stories, but I figured no one else would be around. Feel free to discuss here if you want; I didn't really know what to say afterwards. The last fifteen minutes or so take the movie beyond what I had expected, and it stuck with me for a couple of days afterwards. I don't know. Oh, except that I officially endorse Hailee Steinfeld for Katniss in The Hunger Games.

4) Also, this:

Site Meter

is she up for Katniss? OH MY YES.

She's the rumored front-runner, but I don't know that anyone's confirmed anything. She may be rapidly taking over as the fan favorite, IDK.

Have not seen True Grit yet but the book is fantastic. Mattie Ross may be one of my favourite narrators ever. Hope the movie does the book and the character justice.

I went through Wikipedia when I got home, and apparently it's much closer to the plot of the book, particularly with the snake bite and... what happens afterwards. And you do have an Adult Mattie narration at the beginning and the end.

(Deleted comment)
It's weird in a few places--male Tonners seem to get weird around the jaw a lot--but you can see what they were going for. Like, "okay, that one feature there, they nailed that." It's a little... unsettling.

The hair on that doll is better than the hair in the movie. This is the world we live in now.

Leif Garrett is in the Twilight movies?

A man's gotta eat, okay?

Been reading The Proud Tower, as background for co-writing the murder mystery scenario at a steampunk convention. We're going with a Great Game/Spies sort of thing, so a quick read through what REALLY happened will make our background better-grounded. Thank you.

Oh, awesome. And yeah, the fact that it goes in-depth on more than one country helps. You get a comparative sense of history that way.

I had a similar experience with True Grit. I don't tend to get emotionally involved with Coen Bros. films; this one had me wrapped up so tightly that I had trouble coming out of it. I haven't had a character and a performance grab hold of me like Mattie Ross did in a long time. And beyond that, it's a truly excellent work of filmmaking, beautifully and meticulously put together.

Yeah. What the Coens do with the camera is the kind of thing I was complaining Tom Hooper didn't do in The King's Speech, as good as that movie was otherwise. There were so many shots that I could have just hung on my wall like a painting. Not that all movies should feel like paintings, but--you get the feeling that they know entirely what they are doing, and they have great things to show you.

(Deleted comment)
Awwww. *hug*

Some of the lesser-known stuff from later in the century. Blackwood's "The Transfer," Benson's "Mrs. Amworth" and "The Room in the Tower," Braddon's "Good Lady Ducayne," De la Mare's "Seaton's Aunt," and Watson's "The Stone Chamber." I was going on the advice of litgothic.com, and the "vampire" connection was only tenuous or metaphorical at best with some of them.

Dammit. Now I simply HAVE to get Tonner Jasper to go with my new Tonner Alice. Plus, since I have the both of them in the NECA figures and I'd like them to match. Yes. I'm weird that way.

He doesn't look too hideous either.

Glad you are feeling better!

So I thought you would appreciate that every single one of my coworkers thinks Valentines Day is the most godawful holiday ever invented. Half of them are female too, so it's not like this is just a male reaction. (I'm actually kinda meh on it, except I like the chocolatey aspects.)

Heh. I mostly have terrible associations with it because of my parents' divorce. You know what a fantastic holiday is, though? February 15th: Valentine's Day Chocolate Discount Sale.

I think there needs to be a cleolinda recap of the slomo kitten video!

I agree heartily with this!

Cleolinda, I could not resist, I tried to read Varney. 1) You did not exaggerate. 2) I give up. Please post more Varney, take one for the team, and let me know what happens so I never ever have to read anything the Admiral has said myself again.

Oh Jesus, I know, right? The Admiral business was funny for, like, the first 50 words. I cannot tell you how tiresome it gets by a hundred pages later.

Which YA novel are you reading?

Can I just say, without being spoilery, the end of True Grit nearly destroyed me.

Cleopatra's Moon. Someone gave me an ARC--I don't think it's actually on sale yet.

That video, oh my god, that video is all kinds of hilariousness and cuteness.

I love the perfectly-timed little BOMP at the end.

that doll.... is slightly unerving

the last time I saw a tonner male doll look that good was the Terminator chronicles John connor one. (the one with the really good facial hair)

in this case it's borderline creepy what a good job they did

and good to know you're feeling better! the weather is foul enough without the evil blrgh sickness settling in

Tubercular? Perhaps you should rename this journal "Camille"! (just kidding!!!!!)

Also, I started this comment by typing “@cleolinda”. I think I'm on twitter too much.