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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checking in
Huh. I had no idea I hadn't posted in more than a week.

1) So... here's Tonner Jasper. Or rather, the page seems to have gone up too early and is now down. (I think the Toy Fair 2011 reveal is supposed to be on Monday.) Too bad I'd left the "click for larger image" tab open! MOO HA HA.

What? Someone on Facebook posted pictures of it on display at IDEX last week. It's already out in the wild! 

2) I am feeling a lot better, although still busy and kind of winter-sluggish.

@cleolinda: After three days of fresh fruit intake, I feel much better. Maybe this whole time the Death Blarg was scurvy...?

@cleolinda: Yarrrr, we be at snow for three months, unable to reach the produce aisle. Two days ago, the salty dogs raided a Super Bowl parrrrty.

@cleolinda: Strangely, no one missed the fruit plate. Arrrrrrrr.

What I have been doing with my Feel-Bad Down-Time, besides feeling snerfy and/or lying in a quasi-tubercular cold-medicine coma, is reading. (Mostly research, a few classics, a new YA.) Writing is also going slowly but well. I was drafting a big "let's discuss all these books" post, but then I realized I ought to dole it out a couple of books at a time. And also, we need some more Varney.

3) I also saw True Grit on Sunday, but didn't mention it because--well, the Super Bowl. Which I spent curled up in my room reading Victorian vampire stories, but I figured no one else would be around. Feel free to discuss here if you want; I didn't really know what to say afterwards. The last fifteen minutes or so take the movie beyond what I had expected, and it stuck with me for a couple of days afterwards. I don't know. Oh, except that I officially endorse Hailee Steinfeld for Katniss in The Hunger Games.

4) Also, this:

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Hey, Cleo! I was hoping you could spread the word via LJ and/or Twitter about a fun and beneficial fundraiser I'm involved in.

I'm raising money for 826 Valencia, which provides writing workshops for students from elementary school through high school as well as resources for teachers. They offer one-on-one tutoring for everything from fiction to college application essays. They even publish their work in books, which does wonders for their self-esteem and confidence. They also run the pirate store in the Mission, and I try to support them when I can because I believe in their mission to promote the literary arrrrrrts.

On February 17, 826 Valencia is hosting a Spelling Bee for Cheaters. I am on a fundraising team of LIBRARIANS (Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe), and the more money we raise as a team, the more we can cheat in order to beat such luminaries as Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Chabon and the inimitable Lemony Snicket, not to mention Adam Savage from Mythbusters, John Vanderslice, and Tracy Chapman. Of course, the real reason we're raising money is to benefit the children. Every little bit, from $1 to $100, helps keep these programs free for students.

Here's my donation page.

It's a great organization and a fun fundraiser that I think would be relevant to your readership! I'm trying to raise $5,000, and I think I can pull it off with everyone's help. Thanks!

Sure thing, I'll put it up tonight.

Thanks! I'm past $5,000 now, but I'm trying to get over 200 donors and retain my spot as Top Fundraiser, so any support is appreciated! It's a great cause, after all.

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