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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Kind of a mixed bag, here
@Tonnerdirect: 2011 TOY FAIR RELEASE IS NOW LIVE!!! http://fb.me/VxYR6S1D

Twilight: The official reveal of Tonner Jasper (which I grabbed pictures of last week). The more I look at this, the more I am convinced that this will actually be a good likeness in person. As opposed to...

The Vampire Diaries: What. What. What is this. What. I don't even watch the show and what. What is this. Terrifying, is what this is.

I guess the Elena's good. I keep meaning to watch the show but haven't, so I wouldn't know.

Harry Potter: Blue School Uniform Fleur. I've also heard that a Viktor Krum is on the way. No plans for a Cedric, AFAIK, which baffles me. I mean, since it's a larger scale doll, I guess they'd have to go back to a certain very beleaguered actor to get his permission for the likeness again, and he may have decided that he is Done With All This. Because I have to imagine that Tonner knows how well it would sell. They can't just be like, "Nah, we already have a lot of dolls, we don't actually need the money."

DC Stars: A new Catwoman (goggles!), Wonder Woman, Raven (I'm not familiar with this character?), Dove (ditto?), Black Canary, and... Starfire. That's... quite an outfit there.

Disney Princess Collection: Pink Dress Ariel, which you don't usually see; a Jasmine that looks incredibly, incredibly off. Yeah... that is not going to be approved.

Freedom for Fashion: A line of Japanese fashion dolls ("Explore the fast-paced streets of Tokyo"). Tonner's usually so good at putting out a variety of skin colors and ethnicities (the Mei Li fashion doll sculpt is clearly different from the Japanese dolls' features, even), so I absolutely cannot explain that Jasmine face. Although the fact that the Jasmine reuses "the Snow White head sculpt" might be our first problem.

Meanwhile, I am sure you are all aware that this is a very important day.

@bestforfilm: Silence of The Lambs 20th anniversary is TODAY - pop open a nice Chianti with your lover & watch that romantic fear blossom

@cleolinda: @bestforfilm I confess, it is my favorite movie.

@bestforfilm: @cleolinda glorious film. Glorious. Anthony Hopkins' Maniacal Stare: Be my Valentine.

@cleolinda: @bestforfilm I first saw it when I was about 14. Clarice Starling (and thence Dana Scully) rapidly became my model for life.

I am unusually at peace with the occasion, actually. Also, do not forget Discount Chocolatemas tomorrow.

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Yay, Discount Chocolatemas!

Oh my god, I can't decide who is more terrifying: doll!Stefan or doll!Damon. At least doll!Damon looks vaguely like Ian minus the MASSIVE FOREHEAD and weirdly shaped face. Doll!Stefan is just wrong in all ways.

And Elena and Jasmine both look like they have the same weirdly stretched wide face.

On the plus side, cheap chocolate soon YAY.

Silence of the Lambs anniversary! I know what I'm watching tonight. :-)

I love, love, love that the studio made a special effort to release The Silence of the Lambs on a Tuesday. For personal reasons, mid-February 1991 remains well-remembered by me, including how aware I was of that film. Which remains one of my favorites.

*starts playing Howard Shore's score*

Wow. They, uh. They either made Jasmine's painted on face way too small, or they made her have a very chubby face. I can't quite tell.

My God, that is an awkwardly worded sentence. Good job, self.

Ah, Silence of The Lambs. It's in my top 20 favourite movies ever somewhere. I read the books before I saw the films when I was about 14 and fell in love with Clarice, she was so kickass and inspirational. We should all just pretend that the book Hannibal never happened. Bless you Ridley Scott for changing the ending and not fucking up one of my literary heroes for life.

How do the books end? (I am okay with spoilers.)

Oh man, the Vampire Diaries dolls are terrifying.

OMG the Raven and Starfire dolls. No. Just no. All sort of NO. There is not enough NO in the world to express how NO that is. Dear god.


(Deleted comment)
I am abjectly terrified by the Stefan and Elena dolls.

Raven is from Teen Titans... I think... she's a magic user, and sort of emo in the cartoon. (What an incredibly geeky first post ._. )

This Raven is from the original Comic Book series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raven_%28comics%29 As a heavy comic book reader back in the day, I'm not overly fond of what they did to her in the cartoon series.

Starfire...um.. hair's not poofy enough and she's not built enough Dove.

From the Hawk and Dove series. I...uh.. looks like she went anorexic... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hawk_and_Dove2.jpg

Doll!Elena reminds me of the Bride of Chucky. And I could've gone my entire life without seeing Doll!Stefan. (I confess, it's so much more interesting when Tonner doesn't nail the likeness.)


Also, re: the DC Dolls . . . Starfire needs to reconsider her hair & makeup decisions. Never have I seen a leotard and frosty lipstick clash so mightily with impossibly colored hair. Good lord that's an awful combination.

also I deleted this comment before because I accidentally posted it under an RP account, sorry!

Bright purple clothes and bright red hair doesn't look like a horrible combination to me *at all* (bright pink hair/bright green clothes, on the other hand, would make me want to scream), but the choise of lipstick colour seems wrong, I agree.

I'm not a huge fan of Tonners, TBH, but I like the DC Comics ones. Although I think perhaps I'm not alone in thinking it's a good thing Wonder Woman had a Brazilian?

I think one of the problems with Jasmine is she looks like her face is fat. And also the wrong color, of course.

I saw Silence of the Lambs when I was about thirteen and it scared the hell out of me. I seriously could not sleep and was seeing stuff from it for a long time afterwards. I really really want to watch it now as an adult, but I'm really scared it'll freak me out again. Tell me it'll be ok and I should go for it?

It will be OK and you should go for it.

(One of my favourite movies ever, incidentally.)

Ok, seriously, how does Dove rate a Tonner Doll?

I barely know of her, and I'm hardcore into DCU. So... couldn't tell you.

At least Raven and Starfire are Teen Titans.

I foresee a plethora of Hannibal "Be My Valentine" icons now. :D