Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Kind of a mixed bag, here

@Tonnerdirect: 2011 TOY FAIR RELEASE IS NOW LIVE!!!

Twilight: The official reveal of Tonner Jasper (which I grabbed pictures of last week). The more I look at this, the more I am convinced that this will actually be a good likeness in person. As opposed to...

The Vampire Diaries: What. What. What is this. What. I don't even watch the show and what. What is this. Terrifying, is what this is.

I guess the Elena's good. I keep meaning to watch the show but haven't, so I wouldn't know.

Harry Potter: Blue School Uniform Fleur. I've also heard that a Viktor Krum is on the way. No plans for a Cedric, AFAIK, which baffles me. I mean, since it's a larger scale doll, I guess they'd have to go back to a certain very beleaguered actor to get his permission for the likeness again, and he may have decided that he is Done With All This. Because I have to imagine that Tonner knows how well it would sell. They can't just be like, "Nah, we already have a lot of dolls, we don't actually need the money."

DC Stars: A new Catwoman (goggles!), Wonder Woman, Raven (I'm not familiar with this character?), Dove (ditto?), Black Canary, and... Starfire. That's... quite an outfit there.

Disney Princess Collection: Pink Dress Ariel, which you don't usually see; a Jasmine that looks incredibly, incredibly off. Yeah... that is not going to be approved.

Freedom for Fashion: A line of Japanese fashion dolls ("Explore the fast-paced streets of Tokyo"). Tonner's usually so good at putting out a variety of skin colors and ethnicities (the Mei Li fashion doll sculpt is clearly different from the Japanese dolls' features, even), so I absolutely cannot explain that Jasmine face. Although the fact that the Jasmine reuses "the Snow White head sculpt" might be our first problem.

Meanwhile, I am sure you are all aware that this is a very important day.

@bestforfilm: Silence of The Lambs 20th anniversary is TODAY - pop open a nice Chianti with your lover & watch that romantic fear blossom

@cleolinda: @bestforfilm I confess, it is my favorite movie.

@bestforfilm: @cleolinda glorious film. Glorious. Anthony Hopkins' Maniacal Stare: Be my Valentine.

@cleolinda: @bestforfilm I first saw it when I was about 14. Clarice Starling (and thence Dana Scully) rapidly became my model for life.

I am unusually at peace with the occasion, actually. Also, do not forget Discount Chocolatemas tomorrow.

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