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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Oscar liveblog #1
yahoo oscars green

Ahhh. Here we are again.

My personal bets, by the way, are mostly safe: Christian Bale (although John Hawkes did just win at the Independent Spirit Awards yesterday, and Bale may have worn out his welcome with the drunken acceptance speeches?), Hailee Steinfeld (or, failing that, Helena Bonham Carter) in an upset over Melissa Leo after her strange ad campaign,* Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, David Fincher, and The King's Speech. Up until the Producers' Guild Awards, right before the Globes, The Social Network seemed to be the leader, but suddenly everything started going in the other direction; however, I have not seen any indication that a third movie has enough support to jump in, but who knows. I'm guessing The Social Network and Inception for screenplay, based on previous awards, although if The King's Speech gets a good juggernaut going, they could take Original Screenplay as well. Even so, Colleen Atwood will probably win Most Best Costume Design for Alice in Wonderland, because: Colleen Atwood. Also, I am hoping Exit Through the Gift Shop wins Best Documentary and there are Banksy shenanigans--last I heard, the producers were denying that they'd forbidden any acceptance speeches in disguise and they were like, "Sure, come on up." Probably because they realized that they shouldn't look a ratings horse in the mouth. Anyway.

* You know what the strange part was? Not that she campaigned for herself, but that all the fur coats and Glamour Shots photography seemed to say, Consider... that I should be a MOVIE STAR. It's just... weird. I would have gone with shots of myself from the movie, or at least styled with a similar look, the way all other For Your Consideration ads do. The implication, intended or not, is that she deserves the Oscar because she is or should be a glamour queen, and it seems that voters have found that off-putting. And the really stupid part is that she was already the front-runner and had won both the SAG and the Globe; there was no need to splash out for a campaign at all.

@JohnFugelsang: At least 25 people in the background on the Red Carpet are Renfields begging Master for a Drop of The Blood. Watch.

Speaking of which,

@hollywoodcrush: 'Twilight' musical moment happening about half-way through the Oscar ceremony http://ow.ly/44pAO

@cleolinda: This statement fills me with terror. And chagrin. Definitely chagrin.

So far my favorites on the carpet are Mila Kunis, Helena Bonham Carter and her fan purse, and Hailee Steinfeld WHO IS A PRECIOUS PRECIOUS PRINCESS and now I really hope she and her headband win. I can't decide if I like Cate Blanchett's dress or not, but it kind of doesn't matter because it's just... so her. 

@coheny: @fuggirls Helena Bonham Carter has a garter with the UK flag on it!!!!

@sydk: @cleolinda If I ever went to the Oscars, I'd just show up in jeans, a t-shirt and Chucks. People'd NOTICE, man.

@cleolinda: @sydk I believe that is what Bryan Adams wore when he performed in '92.

@sydk: @cleolinda AND YOU STILL REMEMBER. See?!

Okay. I am running behind schedule here, so I'm going to go grab drinks and Tagalongs and such and meet you back when the show starts.

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So glad to read this. I scrambled for my laptop as soon as my husband turned on the tube, exclaiming that I had a date with Cleo's liveblogging.

Helloooo, everyone!

I'm really glad that you're liveblogging. I always enjoy reading them.

I'm with you on Mila Kunis and Hailee Steinfeild. I'm watching on ABC so the star order is different and I'm not really sure where people are watching, but whatever.

I was hoping you were in the mood for the Oscars!

thanks for and please continue to use lj-cut. if I wanted to watch oscars I would.

I always use it for liveblogging.

Aw, that pic of Hailee Steinfeld actually made me say "n'aaaaw" aloud. She's so freakin' adorable.

Heeee, "Most Costume Design".

I haven't decided if I want to head downstairs and watch the show or not, yet. I'm home with the flu and moving seems efforty - and your exceptional livebloggery has sufficed for years now. OTOH, I'm home for the Oscars, and I'd normally be at work. So.

Yeah, Melissa Leo's whole thing there was weird and kinda embarrassing. I think she might have jinxed herself.

Poor Nat Port looks lovely, but also like she needs to hurl.

'Twilight' musical moment happening about half-way through the Oscar ceremony WHAT? *sob*

I love HBC's fan. Love it.

And Cate Blanchett is so BLANCHETT! (to quote the Fug Girls) right now, I can't even. She is working that dress.

I really want to know who made HBC's fan purse.

Goodnight all from the coverage-deprived homeland of King Colin (no channel is showing the ceremony! None!), where it is 1am. This liveblog will be my first internet stop in about seven hours' time. :)

You throw the best Oscars party on LJ.

Best Oscars party ANYWHERE. You think they've got snark like this at those L.A. viewing parties?

I'm from L.A., and I used to watch Oscar nominated films at the Motion Picture Country Home. The answer is no. It could ruin one's career.

I just came back from an L.A. Oscar viewing party, and the snark flowed freely. :D
Not as much as here, but still, pretty good. :)

Thank GOD you are liveblogging this; I completely forgot the Oscars were tonight!

Sorry. I can get carried away. So glad you're doing this.

Uh-oh, there goes the pan flute.

I was reading through this whole entry, just going along, having fun, and was going to comment on Oscar-y things like Hailee's dress, or where's the picture of Helena's flag, or whatever, and then I got to the last line and ALL I could think was:


I need help.

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