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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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More things that happened
As of yesterday, The Lovely Emily now has a Baby Em, yay! She has a very pretty, classic name with a very cute nickname that I am not going to tell you because I love y'all, but this is the internet.

So... it's been an interesting week.

@cleolinda: My aunt just found a girl wandering around my grandmother's yard. Called the cops. Turns out girl is a known scout for a burglary ring.

@cleolinda: Pink stripe in jet-black hair, "brightly colored top," tall fringed suede boots. I would definitely case a joint in this outfit.

@Eviey: Personally I'd add a neon colored jacket to that ensemble, but that's just me.

@umetnica: Well her black catsuit and matching ski mask were probably in the wash.

@cleolinda: When my aunt came down and busted her, attack puppy in tow: "Will you pay me to walk your dog?" "YOU DON'T NEED TO WALK MY DOG."

What my aunt did, upon seeing random-ass twentysomething girl wandering around my grandmother's backyard in broad daylight: went across the street from her own house to my grandmother's, my cousin's dog Milo with her, and asked the girl what she was doing. Fringe Boots said she was "new to the neighborhood" and was looking for a way to get across the street to the street behind this street without going all the way to the end of the street. My aunt recognized this for the incoherent bullshit it was, particularly since you can look down through the backyards and easily see that it's nothing but chainlink fence all the way down, no way to cut through, and also GET OUT OF HER YARD. Fringe Boots then offered to dogwalk for cash. My aunt told her to leave.

@sallamandersam: Your aunt sounds awesome.

@cleolinda: Imagine my mom, but less patient.

Then my aunt went back across the street, called 911, reported the girl to the police, and then called my mother. By the time Mom got to the house, four police cars were screaming down the street (her words) looking for the girl. One of the cops talked to Mom, and apparently they recognized the description off the bat--she's (say it with me) a known scout for a burglary ring. Someone drives her up to an area, parks, and waits for her while she strolls around, presumably to see who, if anyone, is home and how one might break in. So the police were looking for her, the getthere/getaway driver, and/or anyone else with burgling on their mind.

@cleolinda: My mother just evacuated nine boxes of stuff in case they come back. "If they CAN make off with the couch, they can HAVE IT."

She and my sister are going back tonight--"Before dark, if we can"--to get anything else not intended for the yard sale. (As you may recall from earlier this week, my grandmother is now at an assisted living home and we're having to sell the house.) I'm not real happy about this, although it obviously has to be done. The police have agreed to swing by while they're there, just in case.

Meanwhile, my cat bites are much better; I think we may be upgrading to the cocoa butter stage of scar management for at least two of them. I got a ton of work done yesterday, and jack shit today. I'm hoping I'm just tired from (successfully!) fighting off infection, rather than actually coming down with my sister's Tubercular Death Blarg (I'm not sure whether we're on the third or fourth wave of Blarg now).

A few links:

Worm Moon, Yoshitoshi and Last Unicorn series 2 scents are live at BPAL and BPTP. Additionally, those Japanese-themed scents will benefit Doctors Without Borders, which was the first aid group to go into Japan after the earthquake.

@david_carter: The MST3K book is now CHEAPER THAN BEFORE. Plus free shipping! David's a college friend of mine (how did it work again? He was my roommate's future husband's roommate? But not the roommate who brewed beer under his bed, that was a different roommate), and he interviewed me for his part of the book, so I believe I am mentioned somewhere in it.

Lionsgate confirms Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss in 'The Hunger Games,' read what Suzanne Collins has to say‘Hunger Games’ director Gary Ross talks about ‘the easiest casting decision of my life’ — EXCLUSIVE. Katniss, 17, has dark hair and olive skin and an Appalachian background (based on where District 12 is located); Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence is three years older, blonde, and not half-starved yet. People are... divided... over this. She wasn't my first choice, but then, they didn't ask me. I'm going to wait to see what she looks like in character.

Late-breaking ETA: Jennifer Lawrence talks ‘The Hunger Games’ — and her love of Peeta.

`Wonder Woman’: First look at Adrianne Palicki in costume — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO. (Apparently Entertainment Weekly gets a lot of EXCLUSIVES.)

(Maybe they should throw this one back.)

@Movieline: Which Wonder Woman is a Halloween costume, and which is Adrianne Palicki? #funwithgames #weave

@kitalita: Whoa, scary boobs.

@cleolinda: I'm just... mesmerized.

@kitalita: The cleavage goes AROUND her boob!

@wonderella: Someone just suggested I start wearing blue vinyl stretchpants. This person has been incinerated. Let that be a warning.

As a palate cleanser: POTC4 character posters (scroll down for more). 

And, most disturbingly:

@beyondimensions: @cleolinda They're organizing again! Angry squirrel terrorizes Vermont town.

Bennington Banner reporter Keith Whitcomb, Jr., interviewed East St. resident and squirrel-mauling victim Kevin McDonald, who said he was shoveling snow outside of his house, when he felt the animal's razor-sharp claws tearing into his back and shoulders. McDonald managed fend off the squirrel and flee into his house, but not before the the ill-tempered rodent lunged at him twice more.

The following day, McDonald saw his neighbor across the street battling the squirrel with a metal pole and a blanket. Later that day, he learned of another woman on his street that, like he, had been attacked from behind. That woman is being treated for rabies.

In a completely unrelated comment, one of y'all reports, "Today, my dad called me outside to show me a squirrel sitting up in a tree in our backyard, chewing the living daylights of a stick... and sharpening it to a point. Into a spear."

I'm going to have to get reinforcements for this.

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Oh hey, there's my name.

"Divided" is a gentle term, lol.

You know that I was clearly rooting for a different actress to get the part, and I was initially like "oh noooooo" to the first Jennifer Lawrence rumor, but the moment people started getting ANGRY about it, my ability to feel concern just kind of shut down. I mean, people can feel however they want, but I personally am backing away from this. Slowly.

I don't understand why I care so much about the Katniss casting, I haven't even read the books! Hailee Steinfeld just looked so freaking adorable at all the red carpets that I want her to get all the roles.

Possible Hunger Games spoiler in comment

Never saw Winter's Bone, but it's obvious that actress isn't really blonde, if that's what many people are worried about. Check out those roots, dude.

Though, saying Katniss "leads" a revolution is a bit of an overstatement, methinks....

Re: Possible Hunger Games spoiler in comment

I think people are more worried about her skin colour than her hair colour, given that she's described as olive-skinned, dark-haired, possibly biracial; the hair colour is really only a part of it.

Also the casting call specifically stated that the actress must be caucasian, so no matter what kind of an actress non-caucasians were they were not in the running - clearly they were determined to have someone who is white, and not to have someone who is not, not matter how qualified. So that made a lot of people unhappy to start with.

I had to leave for school after I sent the squirrel link to you. Glad you got it. :3

Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress, and I'm sure she'll be fine as Katniss, but I just don't see how these movies aren't going to be a disaster if they're going to stick with the PG-13. I have a feeling they're going to really emphasize the romance angle in order to make up for everything they're going to have to cut and, just, bleh.

That Wonder Woman costume looks like something you'd find in a Party Warehouse bargain bin the day after Halloween. Yeesh.

"That Wonder Woman costume looks like something you'd find in a Party Warehouse bargain bin the day after Halloween. Yeesh."

YES. This exactly.

in squirrel related news, I have about 30 holes in half of my front yard. The ground feels all mushy. We're suspecting moles or voles but the official pest control came by and proclaims that SQUIRRELS are the culprit.
They're taking over!

YES. This is happening in my yard too. Plus, we put up one of those squirrel-proof bird feeders. Little squirrel bastards had it emptied within 24 hours.

Because when I think Wonder Woman, I know I think latex.

She's not your average superhero, ask her about her other project.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Argh, please lend me your link-fu?

I don't know the blog you mean, but this link might help: http://inkmesh.com/free-ebooks/?start=0&site=kindle

Photoshop hell first look of the WW costume, oh well at least its pants and not the bathing suit.
Appalachians are mostly descent from Ulster Scots so this too white business is odd.

Jennifer was actually my pick just because of how amazing she was in Winter's Bone. I think she'll completely transform herself into Katniss, so I AM EXCITE. I trust the guys making this movie, I do.

Lol, my main reaction to the Wonder Woman pic was how weird the pose looked. I mean, it might look alright in comic book form... but in real life it's just... strange. XD

(Deleted comment)
May it be so. But I'm not holding my breath, 'cos Burbank can find a way to make anything look tacky.


I saw three very suspicious squirrels today. I didn't know that squirrels could look suspicious, but they totally did. Sort of like they were having some sort of secret squirrel conference and they saw me coming so they were nonchalant and would be whistling if squirrels could whistle.

Squirrels used to attack us back at Shakespeare Camp all the time - the leader was called Greyback and showed no mercy. Stage combat training and our wooden swords came in handy more often than might be considered believable; something about preforming in an outdoor amphitheater roofed by high trees/GB's lair.

PS: Shakespeare Camp was awesome.

The Wonder Woman costume isn't bad, really.. except that it looks like it is made of cheap-ass plastic. I've seen better corsets than that in the 20-dollar section of shitty 'alt' stores.

The squirrel thing is kinda.. strange. I am, for the first time ever (I like squirrels) just a little glad I live in a country where they don't exist.