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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Sam picspam
galadriel helpful
I'm not sure whether today is a good day or not to mention this, given that Elizabeth Taylor has passed away; this is either really heartwarming or really sad, depending on how you look at it. To update you guys on Sam... he's mostly blind now (cataracts). We've also realized that he's fairly deaf, although he can hear noises at a certain level; I suspect one ear is worse than the other, because he'll get confused and look in the wrong direction when he does hear something. He's also had a really bad spring allergy/sinus infection business that means he can't smell much, either. It's like Job's dog over here, I don't even know. I've been his seeing-eye human and primary nose-wiper, but the vet's given him an antihistamine, and now he can breathe and smell his way around a lot better. He's been more active and alert since he got it as well, which is like chasing a very fluffy toddler around, before he tries to climb over Shelby or gets stuck in another corner. But mostly, he curls up on his dog bed(s), with his blankets and/or beach towel, and just... smiles. That huffy, panting smile little dogs have, you know? He just sits there and, like... exists in a state of joy. I don't even know what to make of that.

@cleolinda: Sam's happy once he figures out where he is

Sam's happy once he figures out where he is on Twitpic

@cleolinda: He arranged this all by himself.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Checking in with Sam on Twitpic
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic He arranged this all by himself on Twitpic

@cleolinda: Snoring.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Snoring. on Twitpic

@cleolinda: Checking in with Sam

Sam with his new blanket

Checking in with Sam on Twitpic Sam with his new blanket on Twitpic

@cleolinda: Sam is on the move

Sam is on the move on Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

@cleolinda: I can't believe how happy this dog is


@cleolinda: There's something oddly Kermit-like about that last picture of Sam.

I can't believe how happy this dog is on Twitpic THIS IS THE BEST AIR VENT IN THE WORLD on Twitpic

I'm tired from attempting to sledgehammer out a functional draft of this chapter (which is good), so I don't really have a segue from this to anything else. So... "also, this."

@drgrist: Dude threw on scuba gear, jumped into a TSUNAMI, found his house & his wife, & saved her. I mean, damn.

I... I don't really have anything I can follow that up with.

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*Hugs everyone*

Seriously, Sam's adorable. :3 *Prays for him*

And that man sounds so brave. And awesome. I mean...seriously. ^__^

I think the important thing is that Sam's happy. In the end I think that's what really counts.

Well he looks like a happy dog- check out that grin!- and as long as he's not suffering, that's the important part.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but did you hear that Knut the polar bear died?

Yeah, that was pretty horrible--in front of 600-700 people, they said. Something about "brain problems"?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Sam's quality of life goes to 11:)

Sam is such a happy dog. *snuggles*

I am going to STEAL YOUR DOG. ...Except I would have to steal you too, to look after him while I am at work. But I've already told you I have a writing table with a nice view! :P

Scuba Dude is seriously my new hero.

That last picture of him puts a smile on my face. He's such an adorable little dog.

Oh and that dude with the scuba gear went to find his mother, too, and now apparently he goes out every day to look for more people. I was like, "well, damn!"

He looks like such a puppy, it's hard to believe he's aged and infirm. I hope I look so happy and good when I'm old.

Oh wow. Badass of the Week, heck, that guy is Badass of the Decade. Also, I'm going to have so much fun going through the archives.

And Sam is the most adorable dog I have ever seen.

Sam is too adorable for words.

re: the vent pix - HAHA HIS LITTLE FAAAAACE. He is experiencing actual puppy ecstasy.

*responding to some of your Tweets*

To me, there's a big difference between adult fiction and YA, though it's not really the subject matter. I think it has to do more with style and themes - both kinds of lit include violence, sex, profanity, etc., but I've never liked adult fiction because it always seemed too dark and depressing in comparison with YA lit.

For example, YA lit tends to have way more happy or at least satisfactory endings. Or with adult literature, the sex is most often too casual, gratuitous, and oftentimes meaningless, whereas in YA it's usually either an important turning point or a key element of characterization.

Adult lit is also generally way more cynical and unpleasant for me to read...when I read adult lit, I usually get an overwhelming sense that the world is an ugly, depressing, stifling, messy, pointless place, and we deal with it by being mean and whiny and just trying to survive. The endings are also so abrupt. I get to the last page of the book and I'm like, "What? That's it? Why did I just waste [insert time period] of my life on this?!" Whereas in YA lit., the world can be pretty crappy, but there's always hope and light somewhere, you know? Good YA lit makes me feel satisfied and refreshed, whereas most adult lit leaves me feeling icky. That's the main difference I see.

The only authors I can think of whose adult lit feel almost like YA lit are Orson Scott Card and Juliet Marillier.

P.S. Reading about the scuba-diving Japanese tsunami hero was SO GOOD. Thank you for sharing the link to that article!

There's a great discussion going on over here about the YA/adult/childrens divide:

I recommend everyone take a look. Several authors posted there I think. cleolinda, it's right up your alley — a lot of points you've made over the years seem to have washed up on those shores.

Your dog is a happy, happy fellow...and that's all that really matters, in the end. I'm glad he has a good home with you:)

Also--That scuba-guy is the most amazing hero...and I will liberally use the phrase "face-punched a tsunami" in conversation whenever possible, in his honor. What a guy!!

My dog loves to make nests out of blankets and his bed(s), which he stacks. If we let him be, he'll remove all the blankets from the sofa, stack his beds right in front of said sofa, and create a veritable apartment of a dog nest. This is hilarious to watch, as he is a tiny lamb of a dog.

Does Sam like to hide his face under/smush his face into pillows and blankets? I'm wondering if this is a blind dog thing, like the claiming of a safe spot: my dog has a perch on the arm of the couch where he can "watch" the door - if he's there, he's happy.

my greyhound loves to push her bed around too, we call it the 'Zimi mush-and-push'

Aw, Sam. I hope he's as happy as he looks.

*reads Badass report*
... God DAMN.