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So. Much of my online life takes place on Twitter these days because I am often accessing the internet while away from my computer, and it is near impossible to tap out an entry on a phone. This is because, as I have mentioned, Sam is now mostly (but not entirely) blind and deaf, and he requires more care (help getting outside, to the water bowl, back to his blanket-bed) these days. He's happy, but he needs a lot of attention--and now that Scout has gotten really jealous and can't understand why Sam keeps bumping into him and reads it as aggression, he's started snapping at Sam. It's only gotten bad this last week, once Sam stopped sleeping most of the day and got active again. In fact, he rambles around way more than he did when he could see. So theere's a lot of watching and refereeing and wrangling that goes on if all three dogs are in the same room, and we're still working out how to handle that. We're to the point where I'm going to have to crate Scout and Shelby for a few hours sometimes, let Sam ramble around, and then tuck Sam away in the bedroom and let the big dogs out. If they can all doze peacefully in the same room, that's great. If they can all chill on the deck in dogly harmony, awesome. But if they can't, I'm going to have to put one or the other up somewhere, because I'm unable to get anything done and I'm near the point of hysteria from trying to micromanage them for eight hours at a stretch. Even my mother said, "You cannot sacrifice your life to these dogs."

But yesterday and today, I pretty much agreed to, because we're selling my grandmother's house, as she agreed (she's in assisted living now, as you may remember), and we had to have a yard sale to clear out the things that weren't divided among the family. (I'm not sure why specifically, but my grandmother was thrilled that I wanted this old-fashioned silver lamp with a white hobnail glass shade.) And it's emotionally tough to see someone's life broken up and sold like this, but it's also physically hard to make it all happen. I don't know why my mother's decided all this has to be done NOW, practically on a dime, but so help me, she has made it happen by the sheer force of her will. In fact, we were going to put the house up for sale on Monday, and now we're postponing that. For, you know, A WEEK. So dog-wrangling while she works a yard sale from 5 am to noon seems like I'm getting the better end of the deal, quite honestly.

My point here is, Twitter is a lot easier to deal with on a daily basis, under the circumstances.

I don't have any Wicked Pretty Updates. I do, however, want to take a chance on discussing an ongoing process of trying to create diverse characters without making an ass of yourself. I have a lot of questions to pose that I don't precisely have answers to. But I think there's already too much going on in this entry, so I'll put that off for a separate discussion.

@cleolinda: Sam is obsessed...

@cleolinda: ...with going outside.

@cleolinda: Just so he can hang out.

Sam is obsessed... on Twitpic ...with going outside. on Twitpic Just so he can hang out. on Twitpic

@cleolinda: Welcome to House of Bark. All bark, all day long.

@cleolinda: Hello, House of Bark, this is bark, how may we bark you?

@cleolinda: At House of Bark, operators are bark bark bark

At House of Bark, operators are bark bark bark on Twitpic

@cleolinda: Yard sale going well. I am on eternal dogwatch/referee duty, so I am relying on dispatches from the domestic capitalism front.

@cleolinda:  House of Bark is available for surveillance jobs

House of Bark is available for surveillance jobs on Twitpic

@cleolinda: Sam has retired from the HOB

Sam has retired from the HOB on Twitpic

@cleolinda: I would really like a lair. RT @io9: The 10 sickest underground lairs in scifi and fantasy 

@daisy_razor: Tell the House of Bark to start digging! @cleolinda I would really like a lair.

Meanwhile, I have gotten enough questions about this that I feel like I should address it: Yes, low-quality pictures of sex scenes (tons) and the birth scene (a couple) were leaked from Breaking Dawn. No, I will not be posting them.

@Twilight: Filmmaker Statement Regarding Breaking Dawn Leaks -
The word "heartbroken" is used. Oddly, they seem less concerned about the content of the images and more concerned about the quality, as if there is any amount of cinematography that is going to make these concepts less disturbing. But I digress.

@cleolinda: My statement on the leaks: RT @cleolinda: I just... I can't. Salome just showed me something I can never unsee. I can't link it. Jesus God.

I initially found out from Chris Weitz's Twitter, and while he's had nothing to do with the movies since New Moon, he said he felt bad for the Breaking Dawn crew who had worked so hard, and... come on, you guys! I can't be the kind of person who would make Chris Weitz sad! Lyra would be so disappointed in me. (This is a man, by the way, who has the patience of a saint. He takes questions from a parade of Robert Pattinson icons every single day, no matter how horrific. "do you like to fap?" "I do not know what this is. Therefore, I fear and hate it." "have you pooped today?")

In summary, I feel too much sorrow and embarrassment for the way these people get treated to make them any sadder. Also, I feel like getting on Summit's bad side by posting stolen material would not be one of my better life choices.

@not_tragedi: Most of the sites with the large batches of Breaking Dawn pictures have had them pulled. Won't stop the fangirls but still.

@cleolinda: That's why I'm not posting any. I don't want to be on Summit's radar in that capacity.

Particularly since various industry people are already aware that I exist.

@particle_person: Damn journalists ruin all the fun.

@cleolinda: Ironically, [articles citing my recaps are] not even why they know about me. Fans told them. #whywecanthavenicethings

My favorite reaction, by the way, was one fangirl wailing that Summit might "cancel the whole thing." Dude, that's like saying someone would cancel money. I'd worry about the world supposedly ending this month before I'd worry about that.

Meanwhile, the two links of greatest interest:

@SmartBitches: Have a look: think it's Poe fiction plagiarism?

@McDougallSophia: @cleolinda could you maybe link to Genre for Japan charity auction? Proceeds to BRC Tsunami appeal

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