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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Wicked Pretty Update #4: The Prettying
Let's see if LJ will let me post this.

Yeah, this is still going. Last night, pointed me to Twitter:

@SaundraMitchell: Hey @PublishersWkly since Christopher Navratil is upset the authors didn't contact him how about providing an addy? It's not on their site!

@SaundraMitchell: And nice reportage! Extremely balanced. Why didn't you talk to any of the authors involved? @PublishersWkly

@SaundraMitchell: For any author who got the "Please come back to our anthology" letter from R&P I DIDN'T authorize that quote and my story remains withdrawn!

So I'm sitting here going, "letter with unauthorized quote whaaaaaaat," and then I start getting messages from a few different writers. Some of whom are extremely frustrated at the "double dealings" going on and the way Jessica Verday is being treated. So. Some information has been passed on to me. Like a copy of the contract. Read more...Collapse ) 

Just as I was about to hit post: Kaiden Blake talks about why this is important in the first place, plus a story from one of his fans.

ETA: Saundra says, "I am pleased to say that they have retracted my quote from their letter and offered a wholehearted apology, which I have accepted. On that front, at least, I feel that they've behaved admirably and I thank them for that."

I'm in the middle of situation-in-progress emails so I don't have anything solid yet, but things may be headed for a turnaround. More when I find out.

ETA: @francescablock: "f it no more pretty wicked things for me. i'm withdrawing."

ETA: With thanks to : Seanan McGuire's explanation on 3/28 as to why she pulled her story.

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That's much clearer than her FB post which seems to indicate the anthology was cancelled.

I am so glad to hear that.

There was this weird accident of timing, I think, where she announced she'd thought hard about it and decided to stay in and then Running Press covered themselves in inglory with the Publishers Weekly thing, like, immediately following. So I'm glad she seems to have taken their further shitty behavior into account.

Thanks for keeping us updated on this frustrating situation. As someone who hopes to work for a publishing house someday soon (as an editor, copy editor, proofreader—heck, I'll do anything to get my foot in the door), it's good, in an odd sort of way, to see this mess unfolding. Telep and Navratil are definitely examples of what NOT to do to maintain successful and amiable relationships with authors—not to mention the general public.

Didn't Running Press also do the Mammoth Book of Mindblowing Science fiction? With all the ensuing controversy?

They do the Mammoth Books, but I didn't hear about a controversy--what happened?

I was curious, too, so I did a quick google, and apparently the title could also have been The Mammoth Book of Science Fiction by White Male Authors. Not a single woman or person of color in the entire thing.

That was a different editor, Mike Ashley. They sure do know how to pick 'em at Running Press, huh?


Edited at 2011-04-06 04:34 am (UTC)

This? Is a clusterfuck of EPIC proportions.

Have you seen Seanan McGuire explaining why she pulled out: http://seanan-mcguire.livejournal.com/337562.html

I hadn't! Thanks, I'll post that.

ETA: @francescablock: "f it no more pretty wicked things for me. i'm withdrawing."

I've never been a fan of Block's books (her poetry-like writing style just isn't for me) -- but this makes me want to HUG. HER. It's sort of like how I've never read anything by Nora Roberts (or "J.D. Robb"), but she's sort of one of my honorary favorite authors simply because of all the awesome, awesome links to her various online postings that you've put up over the years.

You go, Ms. Block. XD

How does this keep getting stupider and stupider? HOW? STOP HITTING YOURSELF, RUNNING PRESS!

I'm about to put up an ETA that's not much better.

3) And nowhere on this contract does it show that she is a freelancer, not affiliated with the companies, nor does it give contact information AT the companies.

Actually, the mere fact that the contract is between Telep and the author, as opposed to the publishing company and the author, demonstrates that she's not an employee of the company. One doesn't sign a contract with individual employees of a firm, one signs a contract with either a firm or with a freelancer (who then brings the work to the firm).

And of course Telep's "old-fashioned" views are awful and Running Press did not handle the situation properly at all, but those are rather separate questions than the ones about what the contract reveals.