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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Okay, I want to run an experiment here. But first, a semi-unrelated explanation:

It's a personality test! Everyone loves personality tests!Collapse )

ETA: "Hey, you know those Myers-Briggs tests?"


"Wow, okay. So I took one again, I'd forgotten what I was, and I'm an INFP."


"See? I'm saying."

MY MOTHER: "I AM AN ENTJ! I am like the epitome of an ENTJ. And that's why I work in HR."

"Oh, well. Okay then."

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I was pretty much strongly an ENFP. I've had to take this test for class once or twice, and for fun a few times, too, lol.

Perhaps you could look up techniques for shielding? I know Sookie in the Southern Vampire Mysteries envisions a wall around her, but I'm not sure how well that would work in reality.

Clearly, what I need is to get myself a vampire.

I'm an infp, too, and an empath at the core. but my life experiences have been pretty harsh on that aspect of me, so i've built myself a firewall, I suppose, to use your metaphor. I still get easily overwhelmed, but I don't let myself get as close to people as I used to, because it is so difficult to separate my emotions from theirs. it's not fun and it's not something I like about myself, but it's there.

I think part of it is the antidepressants, honestly. they've numbed me to things a little bit. part of it is the extreme anxiety I've been through. when I'm really anxious, I come up infj, because when I get to a certain point in my anxiety I start wanting everything to be orderly and super-organized, whereas my normal state is one of random chaos.

I'm an INFP and empath also (7 for 8 on the little test). As a teenager, I was on antidepressants because I had no clue how to deal with all the emotion and energy I absorbed from other people, so instead I isolated myself. I'm still quite solitary, but something I've discovered that has helped me cope is finding as many outlets as I can. I write, I perform music, I run, I clean, I try to help people. I just do something with my mind and hands, and there is a kind calming quality to it all. It's worked well for me; I haven't been on antidepressants for going on five years now.

So, at least for me, it isn't about blocking all of it out. It's about finding a way to become more of a channel- allowing these things to come to you, but finding a way to express your reaction to it, if that makes any sense.

So I just took the test, twice. As with every Yes/No test I've ever taken, some questions were rather tough to answe, because it depended on the situation or a more specific context for the question. As other commenters have stated, it also depends on how I've felt on a given day & how different versions of the test have been worded, but usually I've scored close to ENFP, with only the percentages changing or one inawhile, one letter being different. I'm now interested in taking other online versions of the test to see how wording of questions & my results vary.

The percentages across the four areas were a bit different each time, but the results were the same tonight: INFJ. I can definitely see how I have become significantly more introverted over the last year or two of my life, but when I regularly scored as an ENFP (sometimes J) previously to that, I found I could relate far more to the archetype of Champion than to the INFP archetype of Counselor. I don't really feel that Counselor is accurate for me at all, but I guess knowing that I am in a strange, stressful, and very uncertain time of life sort of puts the results into perspective. I'm wondering what I will consistently score as once some of the BLARGH in life calms down.

Late to the party here-- I took the test 4 times and came up INFP each time. I am... kind of shocked. I thought I was an extrovert, because I can be. (And compared to my husband, I definitely am). Not everyone needs to escape to a quiet room with a good book after Christmas dinner or an office party, I know, but I scored HIGH on the introvert scale. (More borderline on the P/J). A bit surprised INFP is such an uncommon combination in the human scheme of things. I would describe myself as a 'selective empath'. It's a coping mechanism-- I don't allow the moods of some people to affect me, while I absorb every vibe of the people I love. Is that what a shield is? The ability to block bad vibes?