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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Okay, I want to run an experiment here. But first, a semi-unrelated explanation:

It's a personality test! Everyone loves personality tests!Collapse )

ETA: "Hey, you know those Myers-Briggs tests?"


"Wow, okay. So I took one again, I'd forgotten what I was, and I'm an INFP."


"See? I'm saying."

MY MOTHER: "I AM AN ENTJ! I am like the epitome of an ENTJ. And that's why I work in HR."

"Oh, well. Okay then."

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I am ENFJ. Always have been, the only variable is my sociability from time to time. But I'm definitely empathic. I used to think I was just particularly intuitive but then things like -- well, for example, two nights ago I met a girl at a party who was obviously deeply unhappy and trying not to be, and it bothered me so much that I spent all of last night crying without being able to articulate what was wrong to my poor, poor boyfriend. It's damned inconvenient.

I put that I am neither, but you know what? I honestly don't know. I have noticed that I have a ridiculously strong reaction to some situations that are brought to my attention. Heck, even fictional situations can overwhelm me now and then. I'm not sure specifically because I'm more inclined to feel empathy over the troubles of strangers rather than close friends. Family, however, I do feel. I don't feel drained by crowds, but my nerves can get frayed with noise, smells, talk, etc. I am sensitive to issues, but my feelings aren't easily hurt-- except when concerning my husband.

What I'm saying is I'm kind of all over the place with the questions, so I don't know. I guess I am though.

ETA: I should read things closely. I guess I count as at least part empath. Heh, maybe this explains my constant anxiety related illnesses.

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Yep. INTJ for more than a decade now. I remember I was wee when they had us take my first one, and no sooner were the results in my parents' hands that the local military academy started knocking on the door going "OH HAI, ur Daughter is robot, yayz?"

So somehow this Mastermind (of what??) became a commercial artist/painter for a living. Joke's on you, military!

I also test consistently as INTJ and my primary hobbies are painting, making music, reading fantasy lit, RPing and writing crackfic. I just... what?

I'm so NT it's not even funny. I've taken this test multiple times, and usually came up with INTJ, with the occasional ENTJ.

This time I came up with INTP, and I can't help wondering if it'd due to the higher anxiety I've been feeling lately. It's hard to be decisive when you're either fighting off a panic attack or medicated to avoid same.

I'm definitely textbook INFP, but while I'm pretty intuitive, I don't think I can claim to be truly empathic. I sometimes get a general sense of where peoples' thoughts and ideas are coming from, and how they're feeling even if they're masking, but really, I think I do it instinctively based on body language and 'atmosphere', rather than through any touch with psychic phenomenon.

I do experience irregular but fairly frequent instances of Deja Vu, however.

And, because I like to think of myself as my claimed Hogwarts house first and foremost, I found that Keirsey has a page about Hogwarts houses and temperaments.

I was just pleased that, according to that, I'm still a Hufflepuff. *g*


I even thought that Hufflepuff was my next most likely house! Not Gryffindor!

I tested INTJ and that does describe me quite well, except for the self-confidence bit. I'm also on the cusp of INTP. That description is scary accurate.

A major concern for INTPs is the haunting sense of impending failure. They spend considerable time second-guessing themselves. (From http://typelogic.com/intp.html)

Architects prize intelligence, and with their grand desire to grasp the structure of the universe, they can seem arrogant and may show impatience with others who have less ability, or who are less driven. (From http://keirsey.com/4temps/architect.asp)

I suppose I'm also an empath, although it might just be social awkwardness. I get really tired when I'm in groups. I get irritated when I come in to work and hear my coworkers talk about their kids and exercise programs first thing in the morning. Small talk is definitely not one of my strengths. So all in all, I seem like a great person to know! ;)

This may have already been mentioned in the 150+ comments, but it is pretty interesting that the (current) largest section of the poll is INFJ, which is supposedly one of the rarest types. So either the test is way out of whack, with that few questions not impossible, or INFJs have a very much out of proportion block of your readership held down.

I tend to think it's the latter--that a large number of the rare personality types are on the internet, perhaps specifically using LJ.

I have been an INFP on every test I've taken until today... when I was an ISFP. So I think I'm still N, not S.

I have some empathic tendencies, since I pick up other people's emotions really easily and oh god it's so easy for the media to tug my heartstrings, but I can't really ever... tell what people are feeling.

I suspect that may be my own mental block, though.

I'm the *least* empathetic person I know, and I still answered yes to four of the empath questions.

Questionnaire, I am not an empath...I'm just easily irritated.

I am an ESFP. I lean extrovert because in some ways I am an introvert...but I fit more of the ESFP model and I'm considered an extrovert.

It's interesting that there were only 5 ESFP's...I guess those with more "E"'s are out having a party. LOL

I always land between ENTJ and ENFJ. Today apparently I'm a ENFJ, but last time (in the past year) I was an ENTJ. Heh.

Also, I don't think I am an empath, based on that article, though #4 and #6 on the 7 signs list are definitely true for me. But if the other signs have to accompany the trait, then I am a...something else. Hee.

I got INTJ; I remember taking the MBPT in high school but not what I scored. I also got a high score on the empath thing, but I always knew I was very sensitive, I just always thought it was a...not a failing, per se, but a quirk or something. I was extremely emotionally sensitive when I was younger-- I cried when bugs were squished, if someone on TV was sad,and so on. I always felt like this was more because I was very good at recreating those feelings in my own mind and still had to learn how to control my feelings, though, rather than getting Vibes or something.

Now that I'm older I've gotten much better at being less emotionally sensitive by training myself to think things through in a very logical, step-by-step way. The act of focusing on the steps rather than what I'm feeling or what's bothering me is what helps, and I think that's why I got this super-logical result. I still am very sensitive to touch, taste, lights though. I hate strobe lights-- I had to close my eyes for that one part in Black Swan where Nina was in the club. And I did actually have to stand in the bathroom with the lights off for a little bit while at a party last year because I felt so overwhelmed by everything.

I dunno, it seems very difficult to separate nature & nurture in these types of situations. I can think of instances in my life that pushed me towards being more logical, for instance, but maybe that sort of dispassionate rational "ok, I guess it's better to be logical, I'll be logical" thinking is a sign of being naturally logical? I feel like I'm going in circles!

INFP sister here, I distinctly remember the first time I read about it in college: and the heavens owned and a choir sang. Because that's why almost nobody seemed to get me. I never found the need to retest myself, it just resounded within. Even more fascinating is the enneagram, someone posted about it on page one or two. However, on the Enneagram I'd hovered between 2 and 4: Am I a creative Helper? Or a helpful Artist? I could never fully commit to either one and then last month I came up 9: Peacemaker, the primary fault being failure to commit. Now I read empath and wonder too, how I managed to develop progressive eczema, a staph infection ontop (literally), acid reflux and plantar fasciitis and have them all peak in the same week as of course, personal and relational crises also peaked.
What i do: Yoga. I often dedicate an evening yoga session to a friend in need. I like to think it helps them, but also it helps ME 1) do it and not skip, 2) concentrate my empathy within a defined time and action so that my emotional sensitivity doesn't drag me down all day.
Also 10-20 min massage twice a month.

Apparently, I am the Mastermind. *sceptical look* Okay then.