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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Okay, I want to run an experiment here. But first, a semi-unrelated explanation:

It's a personality test! Everyone loves personality tests!Collapse )

ETA: "Hey, you know those Myers-Briggs tests?"


"Wow, okay. So I took one again, I'd forgotten what I was, and I'm an INFP."


"See? I'm saying."

MY MOTHER: "I AM AN ENTJ! I am like the epitome of an ENTJ. And that's why I work in HR."

"Oh, well. Okay then."

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I'm borderline on two axes (*N*P), and I have strong empathic tendencies. I find other people's unhappiness troublesome, I get people opening up to me, etc. But generally it's not to an unmanageable level. So I would say I'm an empath *with* firewalls.

If I had any idea how it worked, I would totally share.

(And I don't buy into the 'psychic healing' woo on a non-psychological level, but apparently I'm very good at giving advice.)

I'm an INTP, though occasionally I'll come up as INFP, but I don't think I'm quite... nice? enough to cound as an INFP.

I used to be rather proud of my Meyers Briggs type -- it's super rare! (except on the internet) It's intense and quirky! Then I got to a stage where I thought "it's rare because it's a COMPLETELY FUCKING STUPID TYPE OF PERSONALITY." None of the bits go together properly! I like everything to be logical and rational but I don't like making plans. I intuit stuff about other people, and also rather like figuring them out, but half the time I will have no idea what to do with my intuitions because the response required isn't an intellectual one. And meanwhile I can only work out my own feelings if they make what I consider logical sense, and if they don't then I won't notice they're there at all. Which means I sort of identify with parts of what you're saying -- the getting overwhelmed by other people's feelings and needing to be alone part. Also, people tell me all about their lives for no reason. But it sounds as if people identify you very easily as a source of emotional support, whereas I think I come across as more self-involved and chilly than that, but it's like I have no middle ground between "I am politely indifferent to you," and "OH GOD I CAN SEE YOUR MIND. I CAN FEEL ALL YOUR FEELINGS. I WILL HAVE NO PEACE UNTIL I TRY TO SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS."

(Uh, not that I SAY that to people.)

Anyway, now you've recognised some parts of yourself in this stuff, I hope it helps with your health and stress issues.

My entire morality and life ~philosophy is essentially based on empathy, so um xD

Also I long ago came to the conclusion that if I was an X-Man, I'd want my mutant power to be teleportation, but actually I'd end up being an empath. Because the former would appeal to a) my laziness/impatience with travel inefficiency, and b) my need to touch people but horror of initiating touching for no reason other than said need (because most teleports I've seen in fiction require contact to bring others with them); whereas the latter would match up pretty well with my experience of basically the kind of thing you're talking about.

And I did get INFP, although with relatively low introversion and feeling, so my alternate is ENTP The Inventor, which I find very suitable since that's basically what I'm like on the low end of my anxiety curve.

As for shielding, I tend to avoid it because my natural method is kind of... cold? It basically just involves slipping into the objective cynic and thinking about everything as just stuff that happens, everyone's problems as transitory, most actions and reactions as ineffective. But it's really easy to overshoot into the contempt zone, so like I said I sort of avoid it. I haven't really thought about it conceptually before, though. Maybe maths would work as a shield. I should try that next time.

I do know how to dump my browser cache though! It involves not speaking to anyone for at least 24 hours! And kittens!

Also I long ago came to the conclusion that if I was an X-Man, I'd want my mutant power to be teleportation, but actually I'd end up being an empath.

You might be me. :) I concluded the same thing, except I was unsure between "empath" (which I have sporadically anyway) and "healer" for what I'd actually end up with.

Teleportation, I think, was my INTJ impatience. However, I also have a strong preference for "global mental librarian", which might be my INTP.

INFJ here.

I guess I can give you great advice about stuff, but I'm also going to be all judgey?

(looks critically at myself in the mirror and begins to judge)

Huh. I hit every checkpoint in that article.

It is, however, possible that I hit them because I'm bipolar. Or perhaps I think I'm bipolar because I'm empathic? Or... something.

It at least bears thinking about it, I guess.

INFJ here. I always kind of chuckle when I see those tests because they say "INFJs are the rarest personality type! Only 1% of the population!" Only...that 1% seems to be the entire freaking internet.

(and, apparently, Professor Dumbledore. Who knew, right?)

Also, I'd thought about being an empath before, but never thought it would explain why being around people is so draining for me or why I like being able to come and go as I please from situations. I wonder if being an empath, too, is related more to being an introverted personality type...and I'll bet that relates, as well, to why so many people on the internet have an I at the beginning of their MBTI profile.

Every time I've been tested, I've come out as an INFP. I get the "vibes" and it is the main reason why I absolutely cannot go to funerals. That much pain and I get overloaded very quickly. My parents don't understand. Next time I have to go to one, I'm taking my own damned car and leaving when I want to.

Wow, everyone does love personality tests!

I am always and forever IN(F/T)J, with the I and J through the roof. This one gave me F by 12%; I think I'm actually a T, though. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but when I get upset about stuff (frequently), the easiest way for me to make myself feel better is to logic out the best possible solution...

The test in general is amusing me a lot, since I'm a chemistry grad student. As far as I can tell, pretty much everyone I work with is NT, but you can tell pretty much instantaneously who in my research group is J (me, the other female grad student) and who is P (notably my boss, who loves to pull all-nighters on papers and grant proposals). Maybe this will help me be amused rather than irritated when group meeting starts 15-20 minutes late, as usual.

Re: Wow, everyone does love personality tests!

Everyone loves tests where they can't fail! (:

Mostly I just wanted to say that you have the greatest icon ever! (:

I think it's possible that I was an empath, but I've built up emotional barriers which make it difficult for me to feel anything. I have a tendency to shut people out and even shut out my own emotions, or rationalize them away (i.e. "I shouldn't feel this way because it doesn't makes sense." or "I can see where these emotions are coming from and I just need to get over it.")

I've experienced quite a bit of loss in my life through the untimely deaths of my mother when I was 14 and several friends throughout the years (murders and suicides, mostly, and an unexpected heart attack which took one of my very close friends a week after her 18th birthday). In the process of distancing myself from that hurt and trying to heal, I've shut off a lot of the world. If I ever let my guard down, it's quite overwhelming and I fall into a debilitating depression. When huge natural disasters happen, I feel a clenching feeling in my chest as though my heart is in a vise, as if every one of those deaths hits me one by one. I get all Kenobi, "as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced." But these days, it takes me reading about the event to feel that. I no longer feel it at the time it happens. I only have one person that I'm unable to block out and she and I even have dreams in sync at times.

As I became more aware that I was receiving "things" from others, I got increasingly self-conscious about what I might be sending out that others could pick up. I don't like the idea that someone else could read me as clearly as I can read others. Again, I attempt to shut off what goes out as much as I do what comes in, which is incredibly unfair to my loved ones.

So I guess what I'm saying is, for me, it's all or nothing. I don't know how to filter what's coming in or going out, so I just shut off all ports in my firewall. If I feel the need to open up my firewall for any reason, the results can completely crash my system. I am not in any way saying this is a viable solution for anyone. I feel very inhuman and guilty for not feeling and/or not sharing my emotions with the people I love. I think it's sort of funny how you use the firewall metaphor, because I feel very much like a machine at times in the way I process emotions.

(Deleted comment)
I apologize in advance for the length of this comment.

Wow, okay. I got ISTP, a Crafter. I think I've gotten INTP in the past, but I'm fascinated that it came up Crafter, because I am a crafter. I knit. I make things. I have always been interested in making things. My worst subject in school was Social Studies because it didn't involve creating anything or figuring anything out.

I also am an empath according to the quiz. Having taken it, I'm inclined to think that being an empath is one of the reasons people are introverts. It makes social situations too much. I could be wrong, though. I was surprised to come out as an empath myself. I want to connect with people, but whenever I'm out with people, I don't know what to do or say or think or feel and I don't like people looking at me and I don't like people touching me and I wish everyone would just GO AWAY so I can have a moment's peace. In short, it's sensory overload and I don't know what to do with it. I'm also kind of afraid that people will hate me. Sometimes, I just don't understand people, and there is even a deep, dark part of me that is afraid that I don't actually like other people. I want to know people and I want to like them and I want them to like me, but what if I can't?

On a related note, I notice that my opposite is the Fieldmarshal and sounds a lot like my mom. She teaches a leadership program at our karate studio that she's always trying to get me to participate in. It teaches people to attain their goals and puts them on the path to being karate instructors. My last belt test was six years ago, and I can never test again unless I become an instructor. And believe me, I've tried. I've just always felt that doing that would mean becoming the opposite of who I am.

I am in no way surprised at all the INTJ's around here. This is, after all, the Internet.

INFJ clocking in. I do believe I've taken this test before, possibly several times, and gotten the same result--even the time I took it in my high school intro to psychology course. XD So I suppose it fits rather well?

That said, I also identify with everything on the various Empathic lists you linked, which surprised the hell out of me. I never considered that to be a "real thing." Strange, as I do believe in the concept of psychic vampires (my sister is one).

Those tendencies, though, have only gotten stronger and more over-whelming as I've gotten older. I didn't used to cry at the drop of the hat, but I now find myself bawling over just about every book, movie, or personal story someone tells me. It's rather embarrassing (though not so much so that I don't share it on the internet, I suppose). The advice in these links is something I fully plan to try out, and thank you for sharing them.

I used to be INFP and then I was getting more INTP/J and now I'm apparently ISTJ which, from the description, makes me sound boring and hidebound. Not sure I like that very much and I'm not sure it's an accurate reflection of who I am. I do like rules, but I also understand the need to break them and/or branch out. Creativity is very central to who I am even if I'm not charting new routes home on a daily basis.

I think I'm probably also an empath as I can be VERY sensitive to emotions, but I've also built up solid defences against that; so much so that it seems to be skewing my results. LOL!

I feel boring and brown, now. I think I will go out and do something interesting.

Thanks so much for this test!

I'm an INFJ and an empath.

isfp, and apparently an empath. though, i guess the s/n part of me vacillates. i'm not extraordinary. but the typing and such fits.