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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Okay, I want to run an experiment here. But first, a semi-unrelated explanation:

It's a personality test! Everyone loves personality tests!Collapse )

ETA: "Hey, you know those Myers-Briggs tests?"


"Wow, okay. So I took one again, I'd forgotten what I was, and I'm an INFP."


"See? I'm saying."

MY MOTHER: "I AM AN ENTJ! I am like the epitome of an ENTJ. And that's why I work in HR."

"Oh, well. Okay then."

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I am an INTJ (and have been since high school apparently, since that was the last time I took an MBTI test). Which makes me a . . . Mastermind!

Little Miss INFJ says: Be super cautious of any science pieces you read on HuffPost without corroboration from other sources.

Also, "They have an orderly view toward the world, but are internally arranged in a complex way that only they can understand." I HOPE THAT'S NOT A PROBLEM FOR YOU, WORLD. STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF.

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Heh. I've seen four or five different lists, but somewhat hilariously, they all seem to be ripped off some mysterious ur-article, because they share a lot of phrasing. I'm also not considering it to be "science," per se.

You make me feel better, in a piss-myself-laughing kind of way. I'm pretty sure Jesus was funny, also, it just didn't go with his image. So.

I don't know how to answer those questions; I used to be the person who assumed Everything Was My Fault Ever but now I'm more of a hardass about letting people twist in the wind for their own BS. I'm selectively empathetic. I have good firewalls, but the tendency is still there, you know?

I'm ISTJ. Unsurprising, considering that's what I've been scoring since I was 14 years old. However, in the past few years I will randomly get the result ISFJ if I'm in a "social justice" mood and I find that the Protector sounds much more like me compared to the Inspector.

Also, I went through every single one of those empath articles and none of the points were things I could relate to! Apparently my firewall is ROBUST. :P

(Deleted comment)
I actually have a little piece of snowflake obsidian I really like--I wonder if that does anything similar.

I appear to be INFP, but bordering INFJ. I got a few hits on the empath list, but I don't know that I am--I can "read" a few people (I almost always know how my mother's feeling, and a few of my friends) and I definitely get overwhelmed by TV characters or news tragedies and stuff, but I don't think I pick up on the general public or whatnot. I do find crowds exhausting, but that's more because I have social anxiety and I'm convinced they're all ~judging~ me.

Apparently I'm precariously balanced on the fine line betweem extroversion and introversion; when I tested at work (on a break) via my mobile phone, I was like, 2 points into Introvert. After retesting at home this evening I was one point into extroversion, but I'm apparently relatively intuitive, somewhat judgmental -- err, judging -- and EXTREMELY feeling. So I'm E/INFJ... and also pretty empathic. Crowds scare the breath out of me, literally.

Apache Tears are very good; citrine does not absorb negative energy and may help repel it. Kyanite does likewise but is harder to find and less inexpensive. There are several crystals that are good for shielding; it helps to find one that works for you.

Of course, there's nothing that helps as much as practice with building shields; I'm still working on it after *mumble* years. Breathing exercises and meditation are good methods as well. We need more days off in the week...

(Deleted comment)
Whoops! My girlfriend took this under my name. For the record, I'm an INFJ, and I have, I think, 6 of the listed empath traits? (Interestingly, I have the ones she's missing and v.v. Which works out.)

I think the one problem with this is that empathy and the ability to empathize, wanting to go home early, etc, is expressly asked about on Meyers-Briggs tests (at least, that one), so it's going to skew the results a bit anyway.

My personality test has chanced over time, I just to be an INTJ, and now I'm an ISFP. Or, the more likely thing is I'm tired, depressed, and my face aches from crunching too many lifesavers.

If being around people drains you, you might consider wearing hematite jewelry. It's claimed to block negativity, and I find that can drain me faster than anything. On the flip side, I live with someone who would qualify as an energy vampire, and feeds best of negativity, so I'm always around it.

I've always identified as an empath, from teenage years on, so I can relate. A shield can help. It's a pain to find what works for you, but once you find it, get it going, and can keep it going (the tough part), it helps.
I'm not totally trusting of Llewellyn (they're published some bad books in the past), but that gives a variety of shielding options, or firewall, as it were. Keep in mind it's from a pagan perspective, but you might find something that works there. And, since you're drawn to stones, you might be able to work something out with them, and some of the information in the article. Just keep some grains of salt handy.

Yeah--I think it's going to involve me learning to meditate or visualize things. Collecting pretty rocks is a bonus.

Just wish to add, I have several traits of the empath, but not the depression isolation part. I may have a better firewall and/or environment though. And I am a nurse, so there ya go.

I have an entire tag in my LJ devoted to the hell that is being an Empath. It's no accident that my physical health went downhill as soon as I lost control of my carefully organized outer world.

All I can offer are hugs, 'cos damn, I can relate. And it makes it hard for some people to be around us, I think.

The weird thing about being an INTX is that a lot of people who fiddle about with the details of such things tend to insist that I can't be both, they entail much different approaches. All I can say is, I score consistently as a most definite INT, and my J/P tends to flip depending on whether I'm under the gun or have time to daydream.

I always get a frustrated with Myers & Briggs and other personality tests, since other than consistently being a strong introvert, I tend to flip-flop or come out borderline on everything. So whatever personality type hates having to simplify things into Yes/No answers, that's me!

I used to test as an INFP, but it was because I sort of fudged the answers based on the kind of person I wanted to be. I rejected my orderly and logical sides because I wanted to be some kind of super artsy, sponataneous free spirit. Now I've learned to be more honest with myself. I don't have to be the kind of artist who constantly needs to splash paint on a canvas in a frenzy of self-expression. I learned to embrace my love of process and realized that it didn't mean I couldn't be creative. I've found a lot of satisfaction in process-heavy art media - photography, printmaking, embroidery, weaving, etc. Now I test consistently as INFJ, and I feel the type description fits me more closely.

The interesting thing is that I've had to develop a lot of logical or creative processes to cope with being a complete space cadet. I college, I hung out with a guy who was a painter, and meanwhile, in my creative writing workshop, we were experimenting with various verse forms and rhyme schemes, and I was enthusing about this, and he suddenly blurts out, "I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW YOU CAN LIKE PICASSO SO MUCH, YOU'RE SO INTO RULES!!!" And then there were a couple of girls who "didn't believe in" revision, like revision is Tinkerbell or something. So I'm an INFP, and even I think that "free spirit" business is kind of crap. Art is work--it's just that it's really fun work, and a lot of the time it doesn't feel like work. But yeah, be honest, don't fight it. :)