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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Many things to mention
Such as:

There is a new Made of Fail podcast up!

Foresthouse is in an American Gods contest, and if she can stay in the top 20 until May 2, those 20 entries will go to a panel to be chosen for a part in the audio book! You can vote for her here.

The Liz Miles LGBTQ-inclusive anthology that Saundra Mitchell was talking about (and is in) is now out for sale (Amazon link)! Yes, it is a Running Press anthology. However, people said they wanted to support inclusiveness, and this isn't a Trisha Telep anthology. I leave it to you.

Speaking of that whole businessI am not entirely sure what's going on, but the comments on the Publisher's Weekly soapbox "article" went missing, and maybe all soapbox entries have the comments removed eventually, or maybe they're going to a new comment system. Maybe all the comments are hidden on the second page, with only one new comment on the first. I don't know. All I know is that you can't escape the screencaps. And since Publisher's Weekly provided no context or additional reporting on the original piece, there's no other way to know that the claims in the editorial are easily disproven, as all the statements in question, on both sides, are public posts. 


BPAL has a new RPG line of scents! And they're layerable, so you can have, say, your Good/Elf/Paladin combo.

Many people have been cast in The Hunger Games movie!

Elizabeth Banks Joins The Hunger Games. Effie!

EW: 'Hunger Games' casts Thresh and Rue -- EXCLUSIVE. Well, it appeared on the official Facebook first, but sure.

'Hunger Games' Sets Leven Rambin For Glimmer Role.

No Haymitch yet, though.


Jack Quaid and Leven Rambin Join The Hunger Games. 

... Huh.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to try to write. Shhhh. Don't wake the Petite Lap Bear.

Shhhhh. on Twitpic

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That's a seriously cute lap bear. ^__^

Wow, a lot of casting for The Hunger Games. I'm going to have a really tough time with the movie, because I've listened to the audio books twice, and so I have the narrator's voices in my head. And, the voices don't match the appearances of the people I've seen so far.

i have listened to them too! I love the lady who does the narrating she is awesome. i love her voice for prim!

My best friend and I had such perfect dream-casting going for Hunger Games and now it's all falling apart. Why don't filmmakers listen to our opinions (you know, the opinions of college students)

I've liked Rue, Thresh and Effie so far. I like Jennifer Lawrence in general; I'm waiting to see what she looks like in costume, since I'm pretty sure she's not a natural blonde. (Of course, I had been rooting for Hailee Steinfeld, but what're you gonna do; they don't listen to bloggers, either.) I suspect that Cinna, Haymitch, and--later--Finnick are the characters that'll really make or break it for me at this point.

(Deleted comment)
Aw. What's the link to your entry?

I can see the PW article and all the comments (assuming nothing has been deleted) as of this moment?

I checked right before I posted this, and there was one comment on page one and the old comments on page two--it says, "go to page two for comments under the old system." At one point, there were no comments at all.

I think they did an excellent job with the casting for Thresh and Rue - I'm excited to see them in action. Jennifer Lawrence, she could do it. I'll wait until I see pics or clips of her all done as Katniss.

I need them to cast good people for potentially my favorite characters, Cinna and Finnick, though.

Also, I just spent about five minutes staring at the Tiny Lap Bear, going "who's the cutest puppy? who is?" I want to hug him.

I can't wait for Cinna and Finnick either. I keep rooting for Armie Hammer as Finnick, even though that has like... no chance of happening. (But he's a good actor! And he probably looks excellent without a shirt on!)

On the Publisher's Weekly article, you can still see comments if you click through to the next page, and they are now using a different commenting system, so I think that's what's going on there rather than removing comments. Which, thank God, because I do not think the world can take any more idiocy where that whole disaster was concerned.

This is more of a question than a proper comment - but I recently spent an embarrassing amount of time looking at bpal's PANACEA and SALON offerings and I'm curious about their aromatherapy. You've been refreshingly candid about discussing depression and creativity/mind blocks and I wonder if you would recommend trying scents in either of these lines?

I really want to try Moxie and Detox; I have Safari, and it's relaxing, but I have issues with sharp lavender. With Somnium, I didn't really like the smell of either Temple of Dreams or Oneiroi, and they mostly seem to be based around lavender, so I haven't tried the others.

Now, the ones I really use for aromatherapy are the Conjure Bag and Twilight Alchemy Lab blends.

http://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/bb.html (bottom of page)
http://www.twilightalchemylab.com/ (spinoff site)

You can get an idea of what any of the Panacea, Somnium, Conjure/voodoo, TAL, etc. blends smell like or what effect they have on the BPAL review board-- http://www.bpal.org/forum/3-reviews/ . Personally, off that first main-site page, I like Wolf's Heart, High John the Conqueror, and Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo (although I've run out of that one). I have a few samples of the others that I need to try again--some of them worked, but I didn't actually like the way they smelled on me. (Van Van in particular.) Water of Notre Dame really worked on a migraine, but the scent was just all right for me. Basically, Wolf's Heart and High John got me through writing the Fifteen Minutes book back in the day once I started going over deadline(s); I was wearing one or the other most of the time. I'm trying to wear them again now, along with a couple of regular bergamot or ginger blends. Heavy florals give me headaches; I tend to stick with scents that are fruity or foody, and so ginger and bergamot are the most focusing/energetic notes for me.

A lot of the TAL blends are like that, working better than they smell at times. On that page, though, I really like White Light, Milk & Honey, and Blinding Glory of Love. White Light has actually helped a lot with panic, although I try to use my sample sparingly. Blinding Glory of Love is really interesting (smoky rose and mint), although I haven't had much opportunity to see if it works. And there's a ton of others I'd like to try. I have samples of Peace and Anthelion, but I've heard they're both pretty strong on the lavender--I should probably try them again. Apparently the TAL version of Wolf's Heart is a bit different. And Bastet's Laughter sounds really awesome.

(Deleted comment)
MTE. I can't picture them in either role. :S

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Have you seen the Hobbit videoblog that Peter Jackson put up a few days ago? It's got some nice glimpses of the rebuilt sets.

Why hello there, person I don't know at all.

I'm kind of excited to see who they cast as Haymitch. He is kind of the best character.

Thanks for linking me! :) Every vote helps!

Also: PLB! PLB! *kidnaps*

Okay, I'm not a dog person, but the petite lap bear is the most adorable dog ever created. He's so happy! And petite! Hurray Sam!



...ahem. I like that ComingSoon.net's got the known-so-far casting in a "choose your player" style layout.