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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Emergency post
msauvage purple
Short version: I'm okay. Cullman and Tuscaloosa are not. If you are in Huntsville or elsewhere in northern Alabama, get safe now.

@cnnbrk: Emergency officials believe a #tornado struck a hospital in Cullman, #Alabama. http://on.cnn.com/dOF0yK  

RT @myfoxal: Craziest photo we have so far of the tornado in Cullman as it roars near a Jack's restaurant. http://twitpic.com/4q93rs 

Craziest photo we have so far of the tornado in Cullman as it... on Twitpic

@marcusgilmer: shot from ABC 33/40 of large tornado tearing through Tuscaloosa near Skyland Blvd. http://twitpic.com/4qa3c2  

shot from ABC 33/40 of large tornado tearing through Tuscaloo... on Twitpic

@Brad_Strickland: Dear God! RT @weatherchannel: Tuscaloosa tornado. http://twitpic.com/4qa3bu #severe

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@juliamacbham: http://www.twitvid.com/4W6PU Tuscaloosa by the stadium (video)

RT @AaronSuttles: Out surveying damage. Tuscaloosa around 15th street and McFarland is gone. Total destruction. CVS gone. 15th wiped out.

RT @moirarogersbree: RT @jenniferbarnett: Damage in Tuscaloosa http://plixi.com/p/96546361 #alwx

@Brad_Strickland: RT @SEC_Chuck: Downtown Tuscaloosa:  http://twitpic.com/4qa31x 

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@marcusgilmer: RT @gbdawkins: a gun shop destroyed in Tuscaloossa. Consequently, guns littering the streets of Tuscaloosa. This could end poorly

@moirarogersbree: That is one MASSIVE UGLY storm. And it is going to go north of us, I think. Possibly 1/2 mile wide tornado.

@marcusgilmer: RT @jamonsmith: Alberta's been devastated. People are fleeing it headed to the hospital.

@WBE_Jerry: Not sure what that means, but can't be good RT @weatherchannel: for 1st time, issued TOR:CON of 10 out of 10 for northern AL

@marcusgilmer: @cleolinda jesus, abc 33/40 has live stream of a guy on interstate following tornado towards the 'ham.

RT @MiaRaven: Greatest danger in B'ham: along Red Mountain and points north - LARGE WEDGE TORNADO IS ON THE GROUND! #alwx

RT @BreakingNews: Residents in downtown Birmingham, Alabama asked to take shelter as violent tornado approaches http://bit.ly/kZjqXE

RT @kennysmith: Good. Lord. RT @100WAPI Full shot of the system headed for downtown #alwx http://twitpic.com/4qalh9  

Full shot of the system headed for downtown #alwx on Twitpic

@annejumps: The Nothing now over Birmingham, AL #weather

@juliamacbham: http://twitpic.com/4qaotb this camera is 20 blocks from my house


@juliamacbham: @particle_person @cleolinda http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ABC-33-40-Main we bring the local boys. follow them on the road here

So we went down to the basement. Then, before we'd even sat down, we heard that our neighborhood had gotten the all-clear. I think, like Bree said, it did pass north of us.

Of course, this is not to speak of what passed through earlier this morning.

RT @RickJourney: Birmingham mayor William Bell says "tremendous" damage from west to east #Bham. A shelter will be set up at Boutwell Auditorium.

RT @alabamapower: Nearly 140,000 outages in western and bhm areas. Call 1-800-888-APCO to report outage or hazardous condition.

@WBE_Jerry: !!! RT @SEC_Chuck Downtown Birmingham - what is left of big digital sign in front of BJCC: http://twitpic.com/4q76ch 

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Back to tonight:

RT @BreakingNews: We're posting photos, videos and more frequent updates of the devastating Alabama tornado on http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/alabama-tornado

Sample posts include "Another photo of tornado damage in Tuscaloosa. Witness says this was a Krispy Kreme store - @seefox," "Photo shows a Tuscaloosa mall demolished by the tornado - J. Bryan" and "Photo of the destruction in Tuscaloosa. '15th and Mcfarland looks just awful, loss for words.'" Other things I saw scroll by on Twitter indicate that a couple of news studios were destroyed, and, I'm pretty sure, a mall and hospital in Cullman as well.

RT @stormchaser4850: DEVELOPING: RT @RES911CUE: Mayor of Tuscaloosa, AL on TWC saying damage is catastrophic. Says areas of town have been "obliterated".

RT @BreakingNews: Storms knock out 3 TVA nuclear reactors in Alabama - Reuters http://reut.rs/iCOXUa

Yeah. We have those.

I'm going to hit post now--we've still got some strong winds blowing through the backyard trees, but I think we're okay now. It's northern Alabama that's got to watch out. 

RT @whnt Meteorologist Alan Raymond confirms a wall cloud is approaching downtown Huntsville right now.  Take shelter.

Stay safe, y'all.

ETA: Video of the Tuscaloosa tornado. I've seen horror movies that weren't shot with this much tension.

ETA 9 pm: Internet going in and out. Apparently more tornadoes coming through in an hour.

ETA: 9:08 pm: Never mind, we may be clear.

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Good God!!!!! Stay safe, those pics are freaking insane!!! I lived in Kansas and NEVER saw anything like that!

Eek. Glad you're safe.. weather BAD

These pictures are giving me panic attacks. Oh my God. :( :( :(

Looks like the main transmission line from Browns Ferry has been cut; 300k people have no power in northern AL.

I've got relatives (and my late grandma's house) down in southern Alabama, so it looks like they're all safe. But you stay safe, too.

Holy crap! I... don't even know what to say. Mind is officially boggled at the size of that thing. So happy to hear you're safe!

I'm so glad you all are safe.

And I'm sorry, but some of those people in the comments need to be shot, I swear. After having an F6 tornado destroy most of my town, family members' houses, and the school I was going to at the time, I can say for a fact that tornadoes are not funny. And during the middle of all that destruction is not the time to comment on people's IQ's or their haircuts.


Over. And over. And OVER again. *One* instance of being a total assjack wasn't enough?!

(For those not in the know, Tuscaloosa is the home to the University of Alabama college US football team. Their eternal rival is Auburn University [the "War Eagle" mentioned].

An elderly Alabama fan recently killed Auburn's beloved 100+-year-old oak trees with herbicide as revenge for Alabama's losing the yearly football match against Auburn. Sure, punish the trees, that makes TOTAL sense....And apparently the moron didn't even take into account that that shit gets into the groundwater people drink. Here's an article on the sick bastard's actions.)

*LOL* I drifted a bit there. I just can't stand idiocy in any form!

Oh my god, my heart is up in my throat for you whenever I hear something happened anywhere around Birmingham. Stay safe, Cleo, and let us know that you're safe as soon as the danger is completely gone.

Oh, NO. This is the system that plastered North Texas for three days - tornadoes, hail, straight-line winds, the whole nine yards. Praying!

Eeeep. I've got a cousin in Falkville, which looks to me like it's smack dab in between Cullman and Huntsville. Hoping she's okay.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

We heard from her this morning...they're fine, just don't have power. Phew.

Oh my god. Thank you for posting this. One of those pictures is of an apartment building I used to live in. And that video of the stadium was filmed from the building next to another one I used to live in, and if you moved another couple of buildings out of the way you'd be able to see where I worked. God, I'm shaking. I out of the state one year ago, almost to the day, and this is the first time I've been glad to be away from home.

I'm not finding anything about Montgomery on the weather channel and the Montgomery Advertiser doesn't have any urgent updates, so I'm assuming that my grandmother and aunt and uncle are okay. Very glad you're safe. That video is terrifying.

Good Lord. Glad to hear you're ok, at least.

...well damn. D:

Stay safe hon; I'll be keeping you and everyone else in my thoughts and prayers. That video is straight up terrifying.

Also I've totally just been derping around school this evening (I'm in Athens GA) and only just now thought to see if we're in any danger. Apparently we just have a severe thunderstorm alert and we're not under a tornado watch (or warning), although both Watkinsville and Monroe are and they're only about a half hour away or so.

I'm just stopping by to say Athens! I miss Athens!

Also, be safe.