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Emergency post
msauvage purple
Short version: I'm okay. Cullman and Tuscaloosa are not. If you are in Huntsville or elsewhere in northern Alabama, get safe now.

@cnnbrk: Emergency officials believe a #tornado struck a hospital in Cullman, #Alabama. http://on.cnn.com/dOF0yK  

RT @myfoxal: Craziest photo we have so far of the tornado in Cullman as it roars near a Jack's restaurant. http://twitpic.com/4q93rs 

Craziest photo we have so far of the tornado in Cullman as it... on Twitpic

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I'm going to hit post now--we've still got some strong winds blowing through the backyard trees, but I think we're okay now. It's northern Alabama that's got to watch out. 

RT @whnt Meteorologist Alan Raymond confirms a wall cloud is approaching downtown Huntsville right now.  Take shelter.

Stay safe, y'all.

ETA: Video of the Tuscaloosa tornado. I've seen horror movies that weren't shot with this much tension.

ETA 9 pm: Internet going in and out. Apparently more tornadoes coming through in an hour.

ETA: 9:08 pm: Never mind, we may be clear.

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Holy carp - please stay safe.

Oh wow! And here I thought hurricanes were scary!

Stay safe everyone!

My grandmother, who lived through the Dust Bowl, moved from Lubbock, Texas to the coast right before Hurricane Bret hit near Corpus Christi. She called us to tell us she was all right and then added, "And I don't know what the fuss was about, the wind was only up to about 100mph an hour and there wasn't even any sand in it!"

One of my mom's friends just lost his house today (he lives in Athens), he and his wife were inside when a tornado destroyed it. They're okay, and at the hospital, but this was about the last thing they needed.

I live about 45 minutes north of Huntsville and we got a lot of rain, thunder and lightning, but other than that we lucked out. :/

45 mins north of Huntsville... are you talking Fayetteville, TN by chance?

I am very glad all we are getting is, like, rain. They said maybe hail but I haven't seen any yet.


(Deleted comment)
And after it hits you, it'll head in my direction. >.<

And then it's not long until the start of hurricane season!

* in a very flat tone * Joy.

(Deleted comment)
Yeek. Take care. I'm glad you're okay.

So glad you're okay- my prayers to every who got hit!! That is one thing I DO NOT MISS about living in Tornado Alley.

Oh hey that's the power plant that demonstrated foam covered plastic is not a good firestop and one should not use candles to check for air leaks, ah the 70s.
So long as those backup diesels keep running it will all be fine.

Holy bejeepers. Stay safe, Cleo!

Holy shit. We were under a tornado warning here in northern Virginia, but it was nothing like this. The last time I remember seeing so many tornadoes at one time was when I lived in Cheyenne where it was flat everywhere.

I do believe we are still under a flood warning. The Potomac and Occoquan are way over capacity with the amount of rain we're getting.

I'm going to have to prepare myself for the standard "15 tornadoes at once that you can't get away from" nightmare tonight... Jesus Christ.

having just got home and checked the weather alerts I found out I've got a wind advisory going from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. a tornado watch until 3. Based on the watch experience from last week, I'll lose power, and have the sirens go off and well just generally kill two hours waiting for something, anything, to happen.

I'm sorry to hear that Alabama was hammered by tornados. The south isn't coming out too pretty in this weather mess.

You stay safe, woman!! Hang in!!

Phil Campbell seems to be where the majority of the deaths are. However, it's not getting much major media coverage.