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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Emergency post
msauvage purple
Short version: I'm okay. Cullman and Tuscaloosa are not. If you are in Huntsville or elsewhere in northern Alabama, get safe now.

@cnnbrk: Emergency officials believe a #tornado struck a hospital in Cullman, #Alabama. http://on.cnn.com/dOF0yK  

RT @myfoxal: Craziest photo we have so far of the tornado in Cullman as it roars near a Jack's restaurant. http://twitpic.com/4q93rs 

Craziest photo we have so far of the tornado in Cullman as it... on Twitpic

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I'm going to hit post now--we've still got some strong winds blowing through the backyard trees, but I think we're okay now. It's northern Alabama that's got to watch out. 

RT @whnt Meteorologist Alan Raymond confirms a wall cloud is approaching downtown Huntsville right now.  Take shelter.

Stay safe, y'all.

ETA: Video of the Tuscaloosa tornado. I've seen horror movies that weren't shot with this much tension.

ETA 9 pm: Internet going in and out. Apparently more tornadoes coming through in an hour.

ETA: 9:08 pm: Never mind, we may be clear.

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Does anyone here know if there are any organized fandom relief efforts going on, where you can offer up fanwork like fics, vids, art, if people make donations? I'd love to organize something like this in my fandom, but it's real small, so I was thinking about trying to find an existing effort and having interested members go contribute there.

I am in Huntsville and Wednesday was unreal. We still don't have power and water and won't until next year but at least my house is still standing. Tuscaloosa....my God. I am so glad you are OK, Cleo.

Oh goodness, my bad- typo.

As of this morning, we are slowly powering back up. Huntsville and Madison has some working stoplights now.

Oh, no problem. I was just like, MY GOD.

Do you have water yet?

According to our next door neighbor, yes. They powered up the water treatment plant this morning, I think. We are in West TN, and plan to head back in the morning. The Arsenal is still dark, though.