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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
Just wanted to poke my head out and assure y'all that I am, in fact, alive. For some reason, I have just been really drained and listless the last several weeks, and so... something. I don't know. I'm tired. For no good reason. Not necessarily sad; pretty good mood today. EXCEPT FOR the constant banging and hammering that was coming from somewhere behind our house, but I couldn't see anything through the trees, and it wasn't actually hammering for the first hour, it sounded more like God popping really, really big bubble wrap, and then five hours of hammering kicked in, and right about the time the phrase "Blair Witch Construction Project" got thrown around, I finally spied roofers through the foliage. Oh. Roof repairs. On the house behind us. Great. I'm sure that won't take most of the week or anything.

None of this explains the frequent cries of "Whoo!" and "Wheeeee!," though. At least someone was having some fun.

ETA: OH OH OH also you should see this.

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I feel your pain on the constant hammering noises. They're redoing the pool right in front of my apartment. This apparently involves pretty much stripping the entire thing of its concrete which means constant hammering/jack-hammering noises for me!

Several days of jack hammering noises is making me want to hit things. I wish it would stop.

Anyways, I hope things go better for you! I totally understand the "Nothing is wrong but I don't feel like do anything" feeling. Im currently stuck in one myself.

Clearly you're the victim of a wamphigher!

Do you know, I have actually been sitting around wondering if an actual outside entity is draining the life out of me. I mean, you know, the sooner I figure out I'm in a horror movie, the better.

I should add that some weird things have happened around the house. Like, I left the room, and right as I was through the door, a jar fifteen feet behind me fell over and broke. No animals were around, and I was nowhere near the jar, and it was nowhere near the edge of the shelf. A few days later, an air vent popped off for no apparent reason and scared the shit out of the dogs. Also, random things keep going missing and turning up places we didn't leave them. I'm thinking maybe evil fairies.

I love that video so much. I'm still trying to figure out how they got the music to synchronize with the kitty. Maybe something dragged on a thread? I just have a feeling the cat wasn't reacting to the ball.

I sympathize. I remember when our neighbor had her roof done a few years ago.

The started at eight in the morning. And they had a boombox.

That video was the just the highlight of my day. I've never seen a cat do so much "LOOK AT ME I IS SCARY KITTY U FRIGHTENED YET?" dancing, and I've had cats my entire life.

The neighbors, whose roof is only about 10' from mine (if that), decided to redo their gutters earlier this spring, right in the midst of my worst headache outbreak in a while. Needless to say, 5 guys yelling Spanish cusswords at one another, much table-sawing on METAL, and regular nails and hammers, for a WEEK sucked so bad I almost killed them all.

Yellow can be VERY scary!

Ha! The kitty is obviously a Green Lantern in training.

Oh my gods, I could write a dissertation on how adorable that kitten is.

I love how it only touches the scary ball once, and this is repelled as though by a force field, which is of course a perfect explanation for why the intrepid kitten never touches it again. Then there's the part where it looks away, then back, and then it's like "OH SHIT IT'S STILL THERE."

Such a scary, scary fuzzy yellow tennis ball.

Eeewwww, hammering. >:(

Glad you made it through the storms okay! And I feel you on the hammering - my bedroom window is right up next to my neighbor's roof, and a couple months ago I got up at 7 a.m. every day for a week because it was impossible to sleep through the whirring and banging and general industriousness.

Loving the cat video! My rabbit skips around just like that, so it was weird to see a kitten do it...

That video just made my month. :-D

That video is so genius! The timing is perfect, the kitten is so adorable, WATCHING IT FOREVER.

The shelter I volunteer at has gotten in a cat that looks like Edward Catten's fuzzy brother, down to the "Don't look at me I AM A MONSTER." eyes. He looks so hilariously, miserably sad. At least they've named him Tad and not, like, Jon Snow, or else I'd think I was sucked into a parallel universe.


He really DOES look like Edward Cat. The nose isn't quite the same shape, but he really does. Where is the shelter?

I know someone mentioned it in jest, but other than the OMGBANGINGWTF noises, it almost sounds like a psychic vampire, or someone deliberately draining your energy. That and things going missing/falling over etc, sounds like a mischievous spirit.

For the first, you can imagine a bubble around yourself thinking, 'This is my space, nothing can get in', or something to that effect.

The second.. well, it's probably just bored, laughing and thinking it's a good ol' time. As long as it's not hurting anyone, I wouldn't worry (my mind automatically goes to the supernatural, I can't help it).

OMGKITTEH!!!! I've seen that video linked at least four places now and omg it's precious. What's even funnier is it looks like my Alyss when she was itteh bitteh, but she loved to play with tennis balls.

Feels better.

~growls that her edit button is missing~

Though if it's not just because of all the noises you're tired all the time, I'm not sure why anyone would want to 'attack' YOU, cause you are teh awesome.

Whatever evil spirit's bugging you, it clearly needs a kitten to drive it away. Because if I were that tennis ball? I?


(Also, re energy loss--have you had your potassium/thyroid levels checked lately? Those are the BIG ones if I get draggy. Also if you're taking some supplements, they can fuck with your energy. I tried vitamin D capsules because the PCOS experts say it's good, and I was limp as a dishrag for a month until I read that too much is as bad as too little. Apparently I was getting the right dose in my multivitamin all along. Well, phththththt, science!)

I haven't, actually--that does make me feel better about taking a pass on the vitamin D supplement, though. I just use a regular multivitamin.

Check your backyard, particularly by the fence, to see if anything is hopping up and down in a rather pathetic attempt to get over it.

This is bizarre, but I get NO allergic symptoms in the spring except drowsiness. Serious, extreme drowsiness and lethargy. It took years to figure out it was related to the seasonal change. I don't know if that ever happens to you, I'm just throwin' it out there.

Huh. That is a distinct possibility, then. (I have been sneezing a ton as well, though.)

That is an awesome video.

Feel better soon. :)