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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
Just wanted to poke my head out and assure y'all that I am, in fact, alive. For some reason, I have just been really drained and listless the last several weeks, and so... something. I don't know. I'm tired. For no good reason. Not necessarily sad; pretty good mood today. EXCEPT FOR the constant banging and hammering that was coming from somewhere behind our house, but I couldn't see anything through the trees, and it wasn't actually hammering for the first hour, it sounded more like God popping really, really big bubble wrap, and then five hours of hammering kicked in, and right about the time the phrase "Blair Witch Construction Project" got thrown around, I finally spied roofers through the foliage. Oh. Roof repairs. On the house behind us. Great. I'm sure that won't take most of the week or anything.

None of this explains the frequent cries of "Whoo!" and "Wheeeee!," though. At least someone was having some fun.

ETA: OH OH OH also you should see this.

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Do you know, I have actually been sitting around wondering if an actual outside entity is draining the life out of me. I mean, you know, the sooner I figure out I'm in a horror movie, the better.

I should add that some weird things have happened around the house. Like, I left the room, and right as I was through the door, a jar fifteen feet behind me fell over and broke. No animals were around, and I was nowhere near the jar, and it was nowhere near the edge of the shelf. A few days later, an air vent popped off for no apparent reason and scared the shit out of the dogs. Also, random things keep going missing and turning up places we didn't leave them. I'm thinking maybe evil fairies.

They did dig up a potted lily, it's true.

Well you already told us about the whispering, right? So. Maybe it's time to bring out the iron.

The whispering was clear across town, so this is unrelated phenomena. I think. Unless it followed me home. I don't think there's anyone young enough in the house for it to be poltergeist energy. Hm.

Whispering? That sounds very creepy and DO NOT WANT-y. D:

Well, what happened was, my grandmother had been hallucinating, and we kept trying to figure out whether it was dementia or medication side effects or what--and then we found out she had a brain tumor. So last fall, she had it successfully removed, and she's now in a nice assisted living place where she gets to socialize with people instead of living all alone hearing things.

So we went over to her house to start cleaning, packing up some of her things, and so on. She had persistently had aural hallucinations, hearing the neighbors to the left talking in the middle of the night, all kinds of things. Well, she stopped having them after the surgery, so we thought that was it. Then I'm standing in her bedroom, alone, and I start hearing a man's voice muttering. It sounds like it's someone standing in the driveway, a very conversational tone, but no one's there. I couldn't make out the words, but I could hear the rhythm of sentences, you know? So it turns out there's this particular part of the house, three doorways very close together at the end of the hall, by the neighbors' side of the house, and that's where you hear it. My mother and aunt have each heard it once, I think. I'm the one who's heard it multiple times. So I think my grandmother was hearing it and hallucinating "explanations" for it. I don't know if it's some kind of energy imprinted on the house (the conversational sounds just sort of repeat, they don't really move or change) from a previous owner, or what. We did check, and there's no radio in the house or the basement that could be picking up sounds, turned off or not. So I have no idea what that was.

Wow. That's really damn creepy. Even creepier that your poor grandma really DID have something wrong with her, yet the problem persisted outside of her own head too. That shit is, like, being stuck in a bad dream where you never know when you're awake and when you're asleep. D:

Dude. Cleo. Find an exorcist. HURRY.


Edited at 2011-05-17 06:29 am (UTC)

But that might make it angry! It seems mostly okay right now.

Evil fairies must be here too! Or ghosts. Or roving earthquakes. Saturday, I was at a friend's house. As we were all standing around exchanging pleasantries, one of the friend's action figures (Slimer from Ghostbusters) fell off a counter a few feet away. Just fell. With no one stomping around or even standing nearby. A few hours later, we were watching--by sheerest coincidence--Ghostbusters. And one of said friend's Star Wars figures randomly fell off a different shelf, about twenty feet away from the first one. I'm wondering what would have happened if we'd watched Star Wars that night instead of The Last Starfighter....

I find this more intriguing than anything you have written yet in this journal, and I find nearly all of what you write at least fairly intriguing! Have you been doing emotional exercises based on that empath stuff? Maybe instead of building your walls up you have actually brought them down and now a ghost is taking advantage of you. I wish that I was kidding in suggesting that, but I'm not, and maybe you now think I am crazy. Hope not!

maybe you now think I am crazy

Heh, no. I feel like the paranormal is possible, if not necessarily likely in most situations. In a given situation, I'd go out of my way to explore every possible explanation, which includes the supernatural, if you end up going that far down the checklist.

I don't really have any empath exercises to do, although I feel like I've been doing better in terms of setting boundaries.

Do you have your pistols nearby, Cleo?

No, but I really do have a sword in the bedroom. Because that is where you keep swords.

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