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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple
Just wanted to poke my head out and assure y'all that I am, in fact, alive. For some reason, I have just been really drained and listless the last several weeks, and so... something. I don't know. I'm tired. For no good reason. Not necessarily sad; pretty good mood today. EXCEPT FOR the constant banging and hammering that was coming from somewhere behind our house, but I couldn't see anything through the trees, and it wasn't actually hammering for the first hour, it sounded more like God popping really, really big bubble wrap, and then five hours of hammering kicked in, and right about the time the phrase "Blair Witch Construction Project" got thrown around, I finally spied roofers through the foliage. Oh. Roof repairs. On the house behind us. Great. I'm sure that won't take most of the week or anything.

None of this explains the frequent cries of "Whoo!" and "Wheeeee!," though. At least someone was having some fun.

ETA: OH OH OH also you should see this.

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That video is so genius! The timing is perfect, the kitten is so adorable, WATCHING IT FOREVER.

The shelter I volunteer at has gotten in a cat that looks like Edward Catten's fuzzy brother, down to the "Don't look at me I AM A MONSTER." eyes. He looks so hilariously, miserably sad. At least they've named him Tad and not, like, Jon Snow, or else I'd think I was sucked into a parallel universe.


He really DOES look like Edward Cat. The nose isn't quite the same shape, but he really does. Where is the shelter?

It's the humane society in Fairfax, VA. Yeah, his face shape is different, but he makes up for it with his aura of whomp.

I'm finally getting around to mentioning this. Do you know if he's still there?

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