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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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twilight lolcat

ETA: You guys. viorica8957 showed me this. I can't stop laughing. The reactions in the notes aren't helping, either.

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Appropriate music is appropriate.

I'm not so sure Jesus would even want to take the wheel on this one...

I think Jesus is busy requesting to be taken out of this trailer ASAP.

rofl, ok I actually laughed when they showed the bedbreaking scene.

The trailers for these movies are always so shiny and dramatic.

...The bed breaking scene. I CANNOT. xD

Oh god it's really happening.

I hope RPattz and KStew went out and got wicked drunk after filming wrapped.

I shrieked with laughter when Bella pulled her shirt up to check the baby lump. Oh my god, can you imagine the trailer for the next part? This is going to be AWESOME.

Hell, if they'd shown up to work every day drunk out of their goddamn minds, I wouldn't have blamed them a bit.

Well, you're listening to the perfect music.

I could only watch it with the sound down. And even then I was still kind of embarrassed?

I admit to doing the same thing. Even considering, I just keep shaking my head and laughing. I can't believe this is really truly happening.

I watched it once and now I kind of want to watch it again just to see what I missed in the initial trepidation and horror. But I can't bring myself to press play again.

Why is it that I'm a big girl who can deal with sex scenes and violence and whatnot in other media, but seeing Edward with the headboard skeeved me right out of my skin?

Well, because you know what actually happens, which is that it knocks her unconscious and she wakes up covered in bruises and chewed-up feathers all like MOAR! This isn't about being a mature adult, this is about knowing how fucked up it is.

Oh my goodness let's not go there.



why do I want to see this. what is wrong with me.





My thoughts exactly! For some reason, even though I could barely stand watching the whole thing, the worst part for me was that totally inappropriate epic fantasy music going on....

CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! I can't imagine a more perfect trailer for this, though.

It is exactly what I imagined it would be, yeah.

About ten seconds in and we get shirtless Jacob. And then Edward leering at the altar and then headboard breaking. Am I sick because I clapped my hands with glee and barked like a seal???

Whatever you have may be contagious.

I'm gonna need a LOT of popcorn. And my purse flask, filled to capacity.

Purse and boot flask, this movie is likely to be 2+ hours.


laughing so hard


it hurts