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So I saw whichever X-Men movie we're on now
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So I got my hair did, and I am woozy from chemicals and not really textually or bloggatively coherent, so I say unto you: discuss X-Men: First Class, which I thought was fun but kind of a mish-mash of story, but with some great looking actors speaking many languages (one of my favorite things) who put in far better performances than they had to, and also January Jones. Who wasn't bad, just kind of... there. In many undawears. Also: Prologue Nazi Kevin Bacon. Because why not.

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Off topic: Where'd you get your icon?

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From what I've heard, I'm not sure I want to see it. I'm so tired of kick-ass female characters being turned into something else--what they did to storm and Jean Grey in the first movie made was appalling, and now they're doing the same dumbing down of Emma and the other ladies of Marvel? Not in my comic books! :P

I saw it and I was pissed at what they did with Mystique. Emma Frost could have been better if January Jones didn't play her. She was so stiff and dull. Emma Frost from the comics is cold and snarky not a blank eyed beauty.
But Mystique...I don't want to ruin for you so I'll just say she came off as childish and weak even though she's supposed to be as old or older than the professor.

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Fassy looked like Christopher Plummer to me.

When Hank McCoy took off his shoes for the first time, all I could see in my head was this: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/9/1/

It lead to much unseemly snort-laughing in the theater.

I thought it was loads of fun, and the chemistry between the characters made up for a tooon. McAvoy and Fassbender especially, but Jennifer Lawrence was also pretty great, and Beast was adorable.

Bacon as Shaw was pretty badass but sadly a bit one-note, and I've already forgotten everything January Jones in that movie. She was poorly cast (although not, I think, poorly written - a more capable actress could have managed less neutered and more coming-to-realize-her-power-and-how-Shaw's-using-her, the script had those moments).

I have no idea why they tacked the name 'Moira' onto that character, but ignoring canon, I liked her pretty well.

Love the scenes of them training and slowly coming to realize that they aren't alone. And figuring out ways to be badass with their mutation. Those are the best pieces of X-Men!

My biggest complaint in retrospect (though I didn't have this reaction at the time because I was so caught up in it) is that we're supposed to have seen the entire span of the Magneto/Xavier friendship in that brief flicker, which makes it hard for it to be as momentous as it ought to be. McAvory and Fassbender made me forget it while watching because they had such fantastic, fantastic, fantastic chemistry, but it's a little sad in retrospect, to see them go the gambit so quickly.

Agreed. When the movie ended with them parting ways I was heartbroken, I was expecting so much more than that. Especially since the previous X-Men films talk about Erik helping Charles build Cerebro and things like that. I don't know X-Men comics so correct me if I'm wrong, but I always assumed they didn't become enemies until after years of knowing each other.

It was such a weird whiplash movie. I kept going "awesome!" "what the hell?" "awesome!" "really, that's what you're going with?"

The whole Kevin Bacon thing- he was a glorious ham and cheese sandwich, but there was just all this unexplained Stuff going on all around him. And then JJones just disappears, not that she was doing much than looking killer in her undawears, but just poof?

And I kind of love how Magneto incorporated Shaw's helmet into his ensemble, but was it necessary to emphasize realism by making it two sizes too large on Bacon? He looked like a kid wearing a potlid on his head.

I did like the meta carry-through from the earlier movies that Magneto is the Bad Guy, but he kinda makes sense, and Xavier is the Good Guy and also kind of a self-righteous dick most of the time.

On balance, I left the theater going "hmm," which is much better than the "RAGE!" of X3 or the "meh" of Wolverine.

It was such a weird whiplash movie. I kept going "awesome!" "what the hell?" "awesome!" "really, that's what you're going with?"

That's a really good way to describe it. "That's pretty cool--THAT'S the character you're killing off? Really?"

Magneto is the Bad Guy, but he kinda makes sense

I have always loved how Magneto (in the movies, I haven't read the comics) does harmful things, but they are based on experiences he's had and justified fears. They have to stop him from hurting people, but you understand his train of logic. Whoever it was said, "They were just following orders!" and I was like, well, shit, now you've done it.

Hugh Jackman cameo for the win!

I spent the entire movie slightly weirded out by the fact that Kevin Bacon was in it. Not that he was bad, just...he's Kevin Bacon.

Now I'm actually interested in seeing The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence was a little too blah for me as Mystique; Mystique beats up a man with her FOOT in the X-Men trilogy and Jennifer Lawrence didn't really display that seed of badassery as a teenaged Mystique. To be fair though, she kept that vulnerability that Morgan Lily displays as young Mystique.

But my favorite part of the movie? Nicholas Hoult. Sexy, smart, and hot, he was definitely my geek girl's fantasy come to life. I was worried about how he was going to pull off Beast and oh man, he managed to make Beast hot too. Yum.

Hugh Jackman's scene was AWESOME.

Kevin Bacon weirded me out too. He was awesome, but it was one of those situations where the enormity of an actor's reputation makes it hard to believe him as a character.

Mystique was not one of my favorite parts-- I loved the interaction between her and Erik, which helped to turn her into the kind of ferocious badass she'll be later, I guess-- to give her that confidence to be less insecure.

And Nicholas Hoult FTW.

I missed the first trilogy of movies, so I come into this purely as a guy who read the comics in the 80s and 90s.

I am still torn on the film. It kept coming close to awesome, and too often didn't GET there. In the end, I kept thinking, "Okay, keep some of the same casting -- Magneto and Xavier have amazing chemistry, don't let them go at all -- but let's rewrite some of this, and seriously, WTF is with Kevin Bacon as a Nazi-Sebastian-Shaw?"

Yeah, as someone who only knows the movies, I pretty much had the same reaction, by and large. It kept coming really close to awesome, and then being like... wait, what?

I refuse to see this film based solely on the fact that they Americanized the characters of Dr Moira MacTaggert and Banshee (who are supposed to be Scottish and Irish, respectively). I hate when movies do that to long well-established characters. I mean, just... why? What is the point? The whole ideal of the X-Men is that they are people from all different places and backgrounds united for a common cause. Why ruin that?

Moria wasn't even a doctor she was a CIA agent. Yeah, go figure. I have no idea why they did that, they should have just had her as an original character.

I actually really, really loved this movie.

Although I did giggle at the gratuitous fanservice-- Charles holding Erik on the beach? Like, what? I was cracking up and I actually have no idea what was said in that scene because all I could hear was the sound of a million fanfictions being born.

Also I laughed at the Hanukkah flashback, because I am a bad person who is not touched by sentimentality. And Charles's Big Wise Man dialogue is trite and dumb, and the fingers to the head thing-- like, I get that it's an institution and all, but... stupid.

That said, I LOVED seeing him hit on girls with the same speech about mutation all the time. He was hysterical. I found the whole thing really well done.

I found it a compelling movie. And very enjoyable. Although I will always, always mourn the loss of Nicholas Hoult's pretty, pretty face.

I'm not a big comics person, and so I had no idea about the less mainstream/ more peripheral characters, and so I do not know how their handling of them was-- but I LOVED Alex. As a viewer.

AND. Another thing. WTF is Moira McTaggert doing in a garter belt on surveillance??? Although the way the actress handled that was very good, I thought-- when she walked around, she LOOKED LIKE she was walking around in her underwear, as opposed to the rest of the strippers, who walked around looking like they were in clothes which just happened to be underwear.

if this is not on the DVD I am going to call the national guard

my entire reaction can be summed as Erik/Charles OTP4eva. And Erik in Argentina.

Please and thank you.

(Ok, fine, and Erik busting in on any date Mystique ever went on, ever, and dropping better pick up lines than any of her dates.)

Erik busting in on any date Mystique ever went on, ever, and dropping better pick up lines than any of her dates
Haha yes. At the time I resented him for crashing the Hank/Mystique party, but in retrospect...

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If you get one F word to drop, that is who you give it to. Awesome.


The hanukkah memory scene. Being Jewish, and being close to people whose family were Holocaust victims and survivors, it really touched me. Beautiful. Sad, and beautifully done by Fassbender. Wonderful.

Loved me some sexy young Prof. X. HAWT! Also, a little bit of a badass, with a roguish streak. "Wanna see another magic trick? Get in the car." "Ok, sounds good."

Hugh Jackman cameo for the WIN. Nearly coughed my lungs out laughing at that scene.

Hank McCoy = ADORBS. LUV.

Banshee = RON WEASLEY swallowed a megaphone and he can so fly now!

Did anyone notice that Mr. fassbender seemed to acquire a strange accent on the beach at the end? Almost a trace of Scottish. But certainly different than he sounded before.

Didn't care much for the way they treated women - but - then again, it is true to life, considering that the movie is set in the 1960s. Mad Men and all that. Seemed like they tried to feature Moira McTaggart as the one progressive and assertive woman character - but it didn't really work quite as well as it could have. She ended up being spunky girl sidekick more often than not.

I LOVED the 1960s styled sets and costumes. (I hate to think that the Mad Men connection was the only reason they cast January "Betty Draper" Jones. But why else? She didn't do much.). Seriously, they gave us PLENTY of gorgeous sixties sets to look at. They even were careful to add in 1960s slang. Prof X. saying "groovy" like it was a sexy, cool word - and Mystique coming up with "Mag-Neat-o" and having it come across as something a teenager in the sixties would think was cool.

I noticed Fassbender's accent on the beach, too. Sounded kind of Irish to me. And after a quick trip to IMDB, I found that he was raised in Ireland. Makes me think that maybe they filmed the beach scenes early in production, before he had a chance to fine-tune his accent.

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The theater I was in also was hugely disappointed about there being no extra scene. Every single person at that showing stayed until the end of the credits and then yelled, "Frack you, Marvel" (or some equivalent thereof).